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Item #: SCP-321-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-321-KO has spread in various forms but all were intercepted by MTF Mu-4("Debuggers"). It is currently stored in a computer in Chamber 2 of Site-13's Containment Sector 4.

Description: SCP-321-KO is a computer virus ███KB in size that causes digital documents infected by it to gradually lose their information. For text files, any text fades away; for audio files, the audio gradually quiets. However, any individuals who come in contact with infected documents do not realize the changes and are not affected otherwise. This is theorized to be due to the information itself remaining intact — only diminishing gradually, in contrast to being fragmented — until the document is completely gone.

Another anomalous property of SCP-321-KO is that it is capable of infecting humans, and being transmissible between humans. The memory of any infected subject also displays the same deterioration phenomena. They often claim that their memory slowly starts to fade away, and will suffer complete memory loss after approximately ██ days. SCP-321-KO is thought to treat the hippocampus and visual cortex as a type of document. Research into this is ongoing.

The spread of SCP-321-KO can be prevented by use of the Foundation-developed antivirus software Adjuster. However, restoration of infected documents is impossible; complete deletion is the only known method of eradicating infection. Due to recovery methods being ineffective on infected documents, a hypothesis that some form of anomalous intervention is present is being tested.

After the initial discovery of the anomaly, all active D-Class personnel used for testing were immediately terminated. Provisions to backup all Site-13 documents were also implemented.

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