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2/3211-JP LEVEL 2/3211-JP
Item #: SCP-3211-JP

Special Containment Procedures: The room in which SCP-3211-JP is located has been sealed and equipped with noiseproof walls. Monitoring personnel are not to approach within a 2 m radius of SCP-3211-JP-A.

Description: SCP-3211-JP is the collective designation for three mutually interacting components, designated SCP-3211-JP-A, -B and -C and described below.

Designated #: SCP-3211-JP-A

Former Class: Anomalous

Description: SCP-3211-JP-A, previously AO-2640Z-JP, is a Western-style toilet stall. Personnel who enter within a 2 m radius of the stall will feel a strong urge to use the stall, regardless of whether or not they currently need to excrete waste. This effect ceases when the subject sits down on the toilet seat, at which point once again approaching the stall will not cause any effects.

The object was initially discovered in Wing B of Site-81AM in the D-class toilets on the second level. Of the two stalls, the inner stall (SCP-3211-JP-A) experienced an unusually high rate of use, leading to the discovery of the anomaly.

Owing to the low degree of threat posed by the anomaly, the fact that it does not impede the toilet's intended function, and the fact that the object is internal to the Foundation, it was decided that SCP-3211-JP-A would continue to be used in the D-class toilets.

Designated #: SCP-3211-JP-B

Former Class: Euclid

Description: SCP-3211-JP-B is a Class C spectral entity resembling a young Asian female. If a stimulus, such as a loud noise in the vicinity, is provided, the object will terminate the physiological activity of the person who caused the stimulus.

This is effectively equivalent to apparent death, and although consciousness and motor functions are preserved, the subject will lose their need to eat, sleep or defecate, and their desire for these activities is diminished; however, this state is temporary and leaving SCP-3211-JP-B's vicinity will easily revert the person to their original state.

SCP-3211-JP-B was discovered from the legend of "██████ Elementary School's Hanako-san" confirmed during the Fourth Wide-area Anomaly Investigation Incident in Japan, and was moved to Site-81AM, the nearest Site.

For unknown reasons, SCP-3211-JP-B insisted on locking itself in a toilet stll and remaining inside, and as knocking on the door of the toilet in order to use it will activate the above anomalous effect, it would repeatedly caused anyone who knocked to lose the need and desire to urinate or defecate and thus leave. This behavior is thought to be an instinct similar to that of territoriality, based on the fact that Class C spectral entities lack intelligence but are capable of acting on the physical world.

Designated #: SCP-3211-JP-C

Former Class: N/A

Description: SCP-3211-JP-C is a D-2778, a 27-year-old Japanese male. No anomalous properties were detected in SCP-3211-JP-C, and while he often disobeyed commands and had problems with attention, he carried out Class D duties without problems.

SCP-3211-JP was discovered on 2020/09/23 following multiple simultaneous containment breaches at Site-81AM. Based on the Site's security cameras and reports from employees, the following series of events occurred.

SCP-3211-JP-B escaped its intangible entity containment room and phased through the walls of the Site, following its instincts to the nearest toilet stall, which happened to be SCP-3211-JP-A in Wing B's 2nd floor toilet. At the same time, SCP-3211-JP-C was seen clutching his stomach and running into the same toilet, disobeying orders to evacuate, and knocking on SCP-3211-JP-A's door.

At this point, SCP-3211-JP-C activated both SCP-3211-JP-A and -B's anomalous effects. Due to the compulsion caused by SCP-3211-JP-A, he knocked on the door, activating SCP-3211-JP-B's anomalous effect; however, as SCP-3211-JP-A's compulsion is mental and not related to the physical state of the body, the cessation of physiological activity caused by SCP-3211-JP-B did not affect the behavior of SCP-3211-JP-C.

As a result, SCP-3211-JP-C continues to knock on SCP-3211-JP-A's door without feeling tiredness or dying. Contrary to initial expectations, as of 2022/09/19, SCP-3211-JP-A, -B, and -C continue to mutually interact even after two years. Debate regarding the current containment situation is ongoing.

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