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SCP-324-FR before its anomalous properties appeared.

Item #: SCP-324-FR

Threat Level: Green

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: After SCP-324-FR was captured near Compiègne, France, a cover story involving a hot air balloon deployed by a local religious sect was propagated. Amnestics were administered to the most convinced skeptics and all mentions of the affair in local media were removed in the following months.

The disappearance of Amaury Martel is to be presented as an unresolved, unrelated case.

Description: SCP-324-FR is a floating structure composed of a portion of land covered in grass and topped with a small Gothic chapel. It can hover above ground by unknown means at a speed of a few km/h, and flies above Compiègne and the surrounding area most of the time. SCP-324-FR is able to speak, and appears to be sentient. Most often, SCP-324-FR wanders above population centers and addresses bystanders below to proselytize.

SCP-324-FR was discovered on 2011/11/19 by local police forces while floating above a village near Compiègne, preaching its religion. After a 7-minute chase punctuated with vigorous protests, SCP-324-FR was eventually captured and brought back to its original location. Since SCP-324-FR cannot generate strong forces, a few straps sufficed to keep it on land. Below is a transcript of a video shot by an eye witness using his cell phone in the town of █████.


(SCP-324-FR is hovering a hundred meters above the ground and is ringing its bells. A small crowd is gathered.)

Witness #1: What's that? An airship?

(SCP-324-FR lowers closer to the ground.)

Witness #2: No, it's way too small.

Witness #1: It's very realistic either way. How do they do that?

Witness #2: I read something in Life & Science about magnetic levitation, maybe that's it. Hey, look, it's getting closer.

(SCP-324-FR stops a dozen meters above the ground. It rings its bells thirteen times then begins to speak.)

SCP-324-FR: Good day. Do you have a moment for Satan, our Lord and Savior?

(Audible laughs)

SCP-324-FR: What now? You need to embrace the truth, naive and clueless crowd!

Witness #2: Hey, how do you do it?

SCP-324-FR: …what?

Witness #2: Well, levitation and all.

SCP-324-FR: I… don't know, I've always done that! Look, do I ask you guys why you walk around?

(Audible laughs)

SCP-324-FR: So, I came here to speak the Lord's words. The world, spoiled by the artificial rules imposed by Christianity, cannot live on. Humans need to focus on their own spirituality instead of blindly accepting foreign restrictions.

Unidentified witness: And when are you gonna summon a demon?

(Audible laughs)

SCP-324-FR: Please focus, this is important. If we wish to establish a durable belief system, we need to follow Anton LaVey, who created, along with the founding fathers of Satanism, something wonderful.

Unidentified witness: A death metal concert?

SCP-324-FR: How dare you… this is an absurd narrow-minded stereotype. The Satanic Church never condoned this sort of things. Their message is most dissonant from the Satanic Bible.

Unidentified witness: But then, do you not think it would be dangerous to expose our youths to such writings? After all, they inspire the obscure rituals of the most violent cults…

SCP-324-FR: Oh my, those are extremists! They are few, no reason to make me your scapegoat.

Witness #2: Will we get to sacrifice the scapegoat?

(Audible laughs)

SCP-324-FR: Okay, you know what? If you're going to be so stubborn, keep your obsolete conformism and your useless stoicism. I'll pray for you.

(SCP-324-FR hovers away.)

Witness #1: Wow… they must spend a lot on advertising.

Witness #2: Gotta admit, that completely changed my view of Satanists. I thought all they did was worship demons or sacrifice animals…

Witness #1: That's such an old-timey view. Didn't you read the latest Life & Science? They talk about it.


SCP-324-FR was identified as a small chapel normally close to SCP-298-FR that had been reported missing. This location with thaumaturgical properties is owned by several persons of interest, notably PoI-1281 (otherwise know as "the Templar"). Below is a transcript of an interview of PoI-1281 with the aim to clarify the origin of SCP-324-FR.

After the object was captured, Dr. Vicat and PoI-1281 lead a rather unsuccessful interview. Transcript below.

Following this interview, Dr. Vicat and PoI-1281 used a thaumaturgical method to reunite Amaury Martel's memory, believed to be split between his remains and SCP-324-FR, into one vessel, in this case D-3536's cadaver. After half an hour of the procedure, the operation was a success: Amaury Martel was interviewed and SCP-324-FR was no longer anomalous. Below is a transcript of the interview of D-3536's cadaver after the procedure.

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