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Item#: 326-KO
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Currently, SCP-326-KO is in mutual containment due to the anomaly of SCP-326-KO and the anomaly of SCP-326-KO-2. In the name of environmental conservation, the entry of civilians is controlled. In order to prevent irritation to SCP-326-KO-2, activities that may accompany strong shocks and vibrations such as explosives or heavy equipment within 1km of SCP-326-KO are prohibited. Personnel entering SCP-326-KO for any reason must enter with a rope attached to avoid getting lost and avoid staying in SCP-326-KO for more than 1 hour. Once every 12 hours, check the extent of SCP-326-KO's reality-adjusting inhibition field and SCP-326-KO-2's biodynamic energy level. When SCP-326-KO-3 appears, Mobile Task Force Xy-52 (“Nepenthes”) is focused on reducing the population of SCP-326-KO-3. Disposal of SCP-326-KO-3 is done once every 24 hours, and it may change depending on the frequency of appearance and the rate of population increase. Mobile Task Force Eta-21 (“Dragon Killers”) is also to be stationed nearby in case SCP-326-KO-2 has breached.

If SCP-326-KO's anomalous properties persist after the containment of SCP-326-KO-2 is breached, in order to prevent the expansion of the reality-controlled containment field, SCP-326-KO will be classified as Thaumiel and other reality-manipulating anomalies Additional containment measures have been attempted. Because it was judged that it was impossible to proceed in the same way as a general structure due to vibration and noise problems, a plan was established to transport and assemble 30cm thick prefabricated steel plates and supports and fix them using surrounding features. Currently, a method to prevent abnormal symptoms in SCP-326-KO is being studied, although limited. Following the weakening of containment for SCP-326-KO, this plan was canceled. Incident: See SCP-326-KO Weakening of Containment

Description: SCP-326-KO is a █-square-kilometer birch forest located in Jirisan, South Korea. The birch trees that makeup SCP-326-KO are non-anomalous with no genetic difference from the nearby common birch (Betula platyphylla). As a result of cutting and observing one of the trees, it was confirmed that a yellowish stem rises along the inside of the tree, and this light stem is connected to the leaves. It has also been revealed that all trees making up SCP-326-KO are connected by intertwining roots. These trees have taken root deep within SCP-326-KO-1 through non-anomalous soil at a depth of 3 to 4 m.

SCP-326-KO-1 is a rock layer that forms the ground on which trees that makeup SCP-326-KO grow. The composition component of SCP-326-KO-1 The composition component of SCP-326-KO-1 has a completely different component and structure from the surrounding bedrock layer, and radiation from uranium contained in SCP-326-KO-1 is converted into ██ particles through Kuiper-Scranton collapse. In addition, unknown particles formed through other decay processes were identified. The depth of the SCP-326-KO-1 is estimated to be approximately 1 to 1.5 km. It has not been revealed how SCP-326-KO-1 came to have a different chemical composition than its surroundings. As a result of measurement with Kant counter, in SCP-326-KO, a reality adjustment inhibition field that prevents reality manipulation is naturally formed throughout the forest, so reality manipulation objects are neutralized within SCP-326-KO.

Personnel entering the area of ​​SCP-326-KO's effect suffered from the following symptoms of unknown cause after approximately 10 minutes. It was confirmed that the symptoms became stronger with time.

  • Headaches
  • Mild dizziness
  • Disorientation
  • Decreased function of the five senses
  • Lethargy

SCP-326-KO-2 is a large entity found inside SCP-326-KO-1 as a result of X-ray imaging. The length of the object is estimated to be about 900 m, and it has the same shape like a dragon. SCP-326-KO-2 shows signs of vital activity by periodically increasing the biodynamic energy level measured, during which time the range of the reality-adjusting deterrent field generated by SCP-326-KO decreases by an average of 15%. it turned out to be The degree of shrinkage is proportional to the increase in the vital dynamic energy of SCP-326-KO-2, and when the vital dynamic energy of SCP-326-KO-2 decreases again, the reality-adjusting suppression field begins to expand.

According to the residents of nearby villages, there is a story associated with the forest designated as SCP-326-KO.

Once upon a time in this village, there was an Imoogi who wanted to become a dragon, but he failed to become a dragon because he was too greedy and became Kang Cheol-yi. Angry, Cheol-yi went around the villages and was grumpy, causing a constant famine, and the villagers held a ritual to the sky so that Cheol-i had to withdraw. Then the sky became cloudy and thunder and lightning struck, and a very large lightning bolt struck Cheol-yi, and Cheol-yi was curled up and fell into the forest.

The legend suggests Kang Cheol-yi1, who is trapped in a forest with unknown energy. As a result, the force of the expansive reality-bending suppression field generated by SCP-326-KO and the force of SCP-326-KO-2 is balanced, so that the reality-bending suppression field of SCP-326-KO no longer expands, and at the same time as SCP-326 -The hypothesis has been suggested that the inactive state of KO-2 continues, and in a similar model experiment conducted with samples of SCP-326-KO-1, in the original case, the suppression field was created and the rate of expansion was previously generated. This proved to be true when it was confirmed that the deterrent field was weakening and dissipating faster than it disappeared.

Incident: SCP-326-KO-2

The Foundation succeeded in constructing a containment chamber to further contain reality-manipulating anomalous entities, and several entities were introduced into the containment chamber to test the stability of the containment procedure. However, around 11:00 AM on █/█/████, SCP-326-KO's reality-controlled containment field began to contract at a rate approximately 30% faster than normal. The speed progressed faster the more reality-manipulating anomalies were put into the field, and when it was reduced to about 50% of the original, an earthquake with a magnitude of 3.5 occurred. At the same time, the vital energy level and body temperature of SCP-326-KO-2 began to increase rapidly, showing signs of activity. The Foundation promptly transported the put-in entities to the inside of the field, and the earthquake subsided when the size of the field was restored to about 70%. Subsequently, it was then decided to abandon the plan to further contain the anomalous objects.

From my point of view, SCP-326-KO's state is like pulling the chains that hold the monster out of the chain. When we bring other reality-manipulating anomalies into the field, we're putting more strain on the chain in the direction the monstrous is headed. The force that pulls the chain is constant, but as the load on the force on the chain increases, the isolation inevitably weakens. We must not put any reality-manipulating objects inside it. - Dr. ███

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