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SCP-327-FR-A to -F set up for testing purposes.

Item #: SCP-327-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-327-FR is to be kept turned off at Site-Aleph. The SCP object's activation must be approved by at least one level-4 staff member and is permitted only for testing purposes. During testing, only D-Class personnel are allowed to look at SCP-327-FR screens and they have to continually describe what they are viewing. Research is currently in progress to understand SCP-327-FR better in order to be able to use it safely.

Description: SCP-327-FR is a video surveillance system, including 20 cameras and 5 viewing posts connected to it. The system was originally used in the 5-floor car park (4 cameras per floor) of a shopping center before being retrieved by the Foundation.

On the 20 video broadcasts, 9 show footage recorded by the respective cameras in real time, and 5 have a delay, varying from one camera to another between 2 seconds and 1 minute and 20 seconds. The anomaly is apparent in the video broadcast of the 6 remaining cameras. To this extent, footage from these cameras are displayed on the viewing posts before the cameras are able record them. Cameras affected by the anomaly are referred to as SCP-327-FR-A to -F. Below is the list of the affected cameras and their respective offset:

Camera Time in advance
SCP-327-FR-A 5 seconds
SCP-327-FR-B 17 seconds
SCP-327-FR-C 29 seconds
SCP-327-FR-D 42 seconds
SCP-327-FR-E 55 seconds
SCP-327-FR-F 1 minute and 9 seconds

Tests at Site-Aleph show that if SCP-327-FR cameras are replaced by ordinary cameras, or if the posts to which they are connected to are replaced by ordinary posts, all the relayed footage will be in real time, as for a regular video surveillance system. Replacing a piece of the electrical circuit by an identical piece lead to the same result. However, if the replaced piece is not linked to the electrical circuit, the abnormal effect of SCP-327-FR persists. This result suggests that the anomaly comes from the whole electrical circuit, though it does not seem to display any difference with the electrical circuit of a normal video surveillance system.

Other tests have also shown that the upcoming events announced by the retransmissions are unavoidable, the secondary cameras shooting exactly the same footage with a slightly different angle regardless of the means implemented to prevent what has been announced from happening. Attempts to divert events predicted by SCP-327-FR lead to phenomena similar to reality dissociations in space. It is theorized that the cameras could affect the reality in their field of vision, but it is not yet confirmed. Outside of testing, it has also been observed that SCP-327-FR is able to generate temporal paradoxes, such as by causing an event that leads to its origin (See Addendum-327-FR-2).

Interview log of 07-16-2016

Interviewed: Mr ██████
Interviewer: Dr. Sofalys
Foreword: A sale ad for "farsighted cameras" put online by Mr ██████ called the attention of the Foundation on 07-14-2016. A meeting was established with Mr ██████ using a fake potential buyer profile. Once at the destination, he was taken, with SCP-327-FR, to the nearest site by MTF Delta-0 (“The Men in Black”), who were posing as police agents.

<Begin transcript>

Dr. Sofalys: We have some questions for you, then you'll be free. However, we keep the cameras.

Mr ██████: You don't have my agreement to take it from me, it's theft!

Dr. Sofalys: From where the objet comes from, please?

Mr ██████: I'm the car park manager at the shopping center of ███████. It's the video protection system of the car park in which I work.

Dr. Sofalys: So you put on sale property of the State — which doesn’t belong to you. You will understand, I hope, that you're not in a good position to talk about theft. In addition to this, we're part of the State, so this object already belongs to us. That being said, how did you discover the potential of these cameras?

Mr ██████: (sigh) Well … The other night, the car park was closed and I was going to go home. Then I saw a guy, with the back turned to the camera, wearing the same service gear as me through one of the video post. Of course, since no one was supposed to be here anymore and I work alone, I went to see. There was not a soul out there.

Dr. Sofalys: Do you have any idea of who that was?

Mr ██████: When I came back to my local, I saw myself facing the camera in the video feedback of another post. I was doing the same thing that the guy in the previous video. It took me some time before I understood, but the guy, was me. Lord knows how, this camera knew that I was going to roll in to check if there were someone.

Dr. Sofalys: Did other people besides you see that?

Mr ██████: No, I kept it to myself. Something like that, there had to be a way to make a profit off of it, and I didn’t want it to be stol… well yeah, that was already theft according to you. I also thought to file a patent for it, but I would have been unable to explain how this stuff works. So I tried to be discreet so that someone else more knowledgeable than me would not do these things instead.

Dr. Sofalys: So you do confirm that beside you and the potential readers of your ad, no one knows that you had such a device.

Mr ██████: Yeah, I live alone and I don't see many people every day anyway.

Dr. Sofalys: All right, in that case we're done, we will take you back to your home. Thank you for your cooperation.

<End transcript>

Mr ██████ has been sent back at his home and sedated with Class-C amnesics. The ad has been deleted on the pretext that it was a hoax.


For more informations, refer to the Experiment Log 327-FR.


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