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Item #: SCP-3309-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Under the current circumstances, the prevention of SCP-3309-JP is extremely difficult. When an SCP-3309-JP occurrence is confirmed, relevant responses such as the use of the an appropriate cover story and the fabrication of a dummy replica of the subject's head are to be carried out.

Description: SCP-3309-JP is a phenomenon where the heads of corpses spontaneously disappear. SCP-3309-JP occurs primarily within Japan and in 98% of recorded cases occurred to personnel who were students at the time of death.

No pattern has been found in the injuries or maintenance of corpses affected by SCP-3309-JP; to demonstrate this, the following is an excerpt from the list of cases. To view the full list, please request clearance from Dr. Tajimazaki.

Date Deceased Notes
2022/05/18 Maita Gen At the ████████ Prefectural Hospital, following his death due to heart disease, Maita's body was moved to the morgue, at which point SCP-3309-JP occurred.
2022/08/05 Nakayama Yōta Corpse discovered in a severely decayed, nearly unidentifiable state on the 5th following Nakayama's disappearance on the 1st while fishing at ██████ river. Despite the advanced state of decay, SCP-3309-JP had already occurred.
2022/12/21 Hiiragi Aoi Following her suicide by fall on the 18th, Hiiragi's funeral was held on the 21st. However, no part corresponding to her skull was found when her ashes were inspected. It is thought that SCP-3309-JP happened during cremation.

Addendum: In the class photos in the 2022 academic year graduation albums of schools with students affected by SCP-3309-JP, it was discovered that at the top right of some photos, the entities thought to be the heads that had disappeared as a result of SCP-3309-JP (SCP-3309-JP-1) were shown. As such, the Special Containment Procedures have been amended to include the collection of graduation albums and other memorabilia from affected schools and editing out SCP-3309-JP-1.

The external appearances of the SCP-3309-JP-1 in each photo have not degraded from when SCP-3309-JP occurred. In addition, SCP-3309-JP-1 that had not decayed enough to make discerning their expression impossible were shown to be smiling. However, it should be noted that most personnel who viewed the images of SCP-3309-JP-1, regardless of what form they were in, stated that they were "smiling unnaturally" or "forcing themselves to smile".

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