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Item No.: SCP-3324-JP

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3324-JP is contained in a small containment cell measuring 5m x 5m x 2.5m. SCP-3324-JP's head is consistently monitored and recorded by security cameras. SCP-3324-JP is embalmed and stored in a cooled storage room for low-risk items.

Description: SCP-3324-JP is the corpse of Makuwa Yurika, who committed suicide on 20██/██/██. An 18-year old student at the time of death, the cause of her death was determined to be hemorrhaging from a severed artery in her home's bathtub. SCP-3324-JP shows no signs of decay.

The majority of SCP-3324's head has been lost, including the eyes, nose, and mouth, and have been replaced with an LCD screen. A video is played on the screen daily at 20:00. This video resembles the credits of movies, television shows, etc., and are believed to list the names of people Ms. Makuwa was close to prior to her death. A transcript of the video's content follows below.

Me Makuwa Yurika

Mother Makuwa Keiko

Father Makuwa Akira

Younger Brother Makuwa Takuto

Obstetrician and Gynecologist Kojima Honami Midwife Doi Mina

Kindergarten Teacher Tsujimoto Rika Pediatrician  Mikami Yoji

Best Friend Since Childhood Okawa Ayaka Kindergarten Friend Fujikawa Sayaka

My First Love Uesugi Shouta Next-Door Neighbor Endo Kaori

«200 names have been omitted from the list due to a lack of relevance.»

Directed By Makuwa Yurika Makuwa Keiko

Costuming  Makuwa Keiko

Special Thanks My beloved mother!

Interview Transcript: The following transcribes an interview with Makuwa Keiko, who discovered SCP-3324 and was Makuwa Yurika's biological mother.

Interviewer: Researcher Takase
Interviewed: Makuwa Keiko

Context: Discussing the circumstances of SCP-3324-JP's discovery and the anomaly's appearance. The interviewer presents himself as a member of the police.

«Begin Transcript»

Researcher Takase: You have my condolences. Now, can you please tell me what happened when you found your daughter's body? I know how difficult of a period this is, so please take your time.

Makuwa Keiko: Yes, the time, when I got home from work, was around 7:30, I think. It was the evening and steam was leaving the bathroom. I thought it was odd, and I looked only to find Yurika.

Researcher Takase: Was there already a change to your daughter's head?

Makuwa Keiko: Yes, I was panicking so I can't remember much, but, um, yes, it was already a black screen. So I had no idea what was happening.

Researcher Takase: So you said, during your panic, the video appeared on the screen.

Makuwa Keiko: Maybe. I was in a daze, and around 8:00, the screen suddenly played something that looked like credits……(She is silent for a few seconds) Well, um, am I guilty of anything if I left everything as I found it for a while?

Researcher Takase: No, you're fine. For our part, this is the first case of our kind like this, and so we don't blame you for panicking and not being able to make rational decisions.

Makuwa Keiko: Good. Thank you so much.

Researcher Takase: I have a few more questions I'd like to ask you. Do you have any idea of the type of screen it was?

Makuwa Keiko: I have no idea about the screen itself, but I'm certain that the names shown were Yurika's friends and family

Researcher Takase: I see. Do you have any idea why your daughter committed suicide?

Makuwa Keiko: No, none, and I'm still in disbelief. She always had a smile ready for me, and talked a lot about her school friends and her boyfriend.

Researcher Takase: I see. That must have been painful.

Makuwa Keiko: Yes, but it's alright. It's hard living without my daughter, that's true. But after seeing the images on that screen, I try not to think about it too much.

Researcher Takase: I see. That's good, but why is that?

Makuwa Keiko: Well, when I found out my daughter killed herself, I thought it was all my fault. But watching the video brought back memories of Yurika and I. I remembered all the names of her friends when she was a child, and the names of the people who helped her. What can I say? I felt like it was Yurika showing me these names and consoling me, telling me it wasn't my fault, that she had fun.

(Makuwa Keiko bursts into tears. The interviewer remains silent for several seconds.)

Researcher Takase: Thank you for speaking up about such a difficult topic. I'm certain that your daughter is still comforting you even from heaven. I wish you well.

Makuwa Keiko: I believe so as well. Thank you…

«End Transcript»

Note: Following the interview, Makuwa Keiko was amnesticized and released.

Addendum: 49 days after containing SCP-3324-JP following its transfer from Keiko Makuwa, its LCD screen displayed an unusual video. Following this, as it has not played any videos on the 50th day and after, and began decomposing as normal, it has been reclassified as neutralized. Below is a transcription of the 49th day's video.

Acting Coach Makuwa Keiko

Casting Makuwa Keiko

Budgeting Makuwa Keiko

Executive Director Makuwa Keiko

Based On
"Makuwa Yurika"

Written by Makuwa Keiko

Based on the contents of the 49th day's video, SCP-3324-JP's research team noticed numerous inconsistencies in Makuwa Keiko's testimony, and again examined the contents of persons listed in videos prior to the 49th day. This investigation revealed that about 70 discrepancies were included in the credits. For example, her "father" Makuwa Akira's true family name was Seta, and was not Makuwa Keiko's husband, but her lover; and the "first love" Uesugi Shouta never met Makuwa Yurika.

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