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Item #: SCP-333-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-333-JP is to be contained in a dome-shaped containment facility with no flooring material, which was constructed around its original location. Construction of any structure, including other Foundation facilities, within a 200m radius of SCP-333-JP containment facility is prohibited. Since the internal environment of this containment facility simulates a forest, soil and plants should be maintained. Papers and pens are be placed inside the containment facility to communicate with SCP-333-JP; specific questions must be addressed in accordance with Manual 333-JP.

Description: SCP-333-JP is a humanoid entity whose head appears to be buried in the ground.

While SCP-333-JP's body is visually consistent with a normal human, it does not have any internal organs. Furthermore, it displays visual and auditory perception through unknown means and is able to communicate in writing. Gravitational force on SCP-333-JP seems to act in the opposite direction; the gravity has no influence on its movement, despite the fact that it is physically upside-down. SCP-333-JP can only move where exposed soil exists1, and mainly prefers forest and grassland environments.

When SCP-333-JP encounters a threat that affects itself and the ground within a 30m radius (including underground), it causes supernatural phenomena to occur in its surroundings. Since this occurs independently of SCP-333-JP's intentions, and SCP-333-JP itself is not affected, it is presumed to be a reflexive reaction to protect itself. It is also known that SCP-333-JP enters a dormant state2 following the manifestation of anomalous properties.

Addendum-1: The existence of SCP-333-JP was first confirmed by the Foundation agents who had investigated the phenomenon that a village at the foot of Mt.████████ in ██████ Prefecture was saved from a landslide by trees that suddenly grew enormously. After SCP-333-JP was discovered dormant in a nearby forest, a researcher conducted an interview, which revealed the existence of other instances.

Addendum-2: Investigations after Interview Log 333-JP-1 led to the discovery and containment of four additional instances.

Each instance of SCP-333-JP is aware of the existence of other instances and their approximate locations, and uniformly claims that the Earth is its own head. While all instances have desired to make contact with other instances to discuss the ownership of their "head", they are unable to cross the ocean due to their inability to leave the ground. Therefore, it is currently believed that SCP-333-JP instances are virtually impossible to contact each other.

Currently, SCP-333-JP instances are contained in a form of partnership with us. But we certainly should not let them sit around a round table. Sure, SCP-333-JP instances may find a peaceful and reasonable conclusion through discussion. However, we must never overlook the possibility that they will decide to slice the Earth like a pie. Fortunately, SCP-333-JP instances are all obedient and gentle by nature. As long as we keep telling them that we haven't found the means to cross the ocean, they will believe it. We can effectively contain them at this time; therefore, we should maintain the status quo.
We cannot afford even a single failure. - Dr. ██████

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