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SCP-3335-JP-B shortly after its emergence.

Item #: SCP-3335-JP

Object Class: Ticonderoga1

Special Containment Procedures: Although the occurrence factor of SCP-3335-JP is currently unknown, action is on hold indefinitely in view of its low priority due to its harmlessness.

Description: SCP-3335-JP is a formulaic dreamspace transformation process that occurs in patients with severe clinical depression whose symptoms consist primarily of self-abandonment tendencies. The subject is able to perceive SCP-3335-JP in the form of a dream, although the degree of memory retention after awakening varies among individuals. 

More specifically, SCP-3335-JP manifests itself as the image of an extremely large-scale tsunami. Upon occurrence of SCP-3335-JP, the subject's Oneiroi typically attempts to escape from it, but is inevitably washed away and disappears along with the other dreamspace constructs.

Approximately 30 minutes after the occurrence, SCP-3335-JP shifts to the termination phase where the water level in the dreamspace begins to drop; along with this, a humanoid entity holding a watering can (designated as SCP-3335-JP-A) and the drowned corpse of the subject's Oneiroi emerge from the water. The lowering of the water level stops when the entire dreamspace is transformed into uniform shallows, at which point the SCP-3335-JP event is considered to have concluded. Following this, SCP-3335-JP-A begins to behave as the subject's new Oneiroi.

An average of one week after the occurrence of SCP-3335-JP, a single arboreal plant (designated SCP-3335-JP-B) emerges, practically using the drowned corpse of the subject's former Oneiroi as soil. SCP-3335-JP-B rapidly absorbs the water in the dreamspace shallows and begins to grow at a rate exceeding that of arboreal plants in reality. Approximately two hours after its emergence, the water in the shallows is depleted which causes the growth of SCP-3335-JP-B to temporarily cease.

Along with the emergence of SCP-3335-JP-B, the behavioral patterns of the subject and SCP-3335-JP-A undergo a change. When the subject voluntarily acts to satisfy their own desires, in synchronization with that, SCP-3335-JP-A waters SCP-3335-JP-B with its watering can. SCP-3335-JP-B gradually grows by the provided water, and the subject's self-abandonment tendency is progressively subsided accordingly.

Once SCP-3335-JP-B has fully grown into a mature tree, the subject's depression becomes practically cured. Psychological surveys conducted on the subject group revealed the common fact that since the emergence of SCP-3335-JP-B, all subjects had experienced a gradual loss of the emptiness they had felt toward self-affirmation.

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