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Item #: SCP-335-FR

Threat Level: Green

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-335-FR is a single-use object; therefore, recovered used instances are to be considered neutralized. The joint efforts of the SCP Foundation and the French National Gendastrerie are currently focused on locating and dismantling functioning SCP-335-FR manufacturing networks, as well as confiscating and censoring any photo, video, or memory evidence of the existence of SCP-335-FR.

As SCP-335-FR has so far only been used in situations involving clashes between demonstrators and police forces during riots and demonstrations in metropolitan France, the apprehension and management of SCP-335-FR in the field are to be conducted on-site by the National Gendastrerie, who are often present and trained in the neutralization of the object.

Description: SCP-335-FR refers to a series of PLMP tear gas grenades, models 7B and 7C, produced by Nobel Sport and modified by hand to confer abnormal properties. It seems that SCP-335-FR instances are created from used tear gas grenades, and that their anomalous alteration originates from several isolated stakeholders rather than a single individual. In addition, it has been observed that SCP-335-FR instances no longer contain their original tear gas capsule, but instead contain a mixture of 2-chlorobenzylidene malonitrile1, silver nitrate, incense and bone powder. The inner walls of the grenades are frequently engraved with seals similar to those used in esoteric Islamic practices.

When SCP-335-FR is used, it produces a cloud of silver gas. This gas has the same irritating properties as standard tear gas and can cause respiratory, ocular, and dermatological burns as well as nausea and spasms when inhaled. In contrast to standard tear gas, the smoke does not dissipate naturally and will instead agglomerate to form a semi-tangible humanoid entity, hereafter referred to as SCP-335-FR-1. Once this entity is formed, it will take between eight and fifteen minutes to dissipate into the surrounding air.

SCP-335-FR-1 is generally composed of a humanoid bust, arms, and head, two to three times the size of a standard human being. Some records of the National Gendastrerie also mention entities with disproportionate extremities in several cases, and in one case an unusual head. SCP-335-FR-1 corresponds to the standard description of a djinn; however, the Union of Djinns, Genies and Associated Wish-Granters denies any knowledge of SCP-335-FR-1 and states that these entities are not listed in their Ethereal Register.

SCP-335-FR is primarily used as a diversionary tool by demonstrators against law enforcement officers who are unaware of the existence of the anomalous. To date, it has not possible to determine with certainty whether the distraction SCP-335-FR causes is due to an anomalous effect or simply the bewildering nature of the phenomenon.

The following effects were observed across twelve uses of SCP-335-FR:

  • 28% of targets witnessing the phenomenon withdrew (fled, requested reinforcements with the intention to return).
  • 25% showed disbelief (believed SCP-335-FR to be fake, or displayed Filbuson Syndrome) and continued their operations normally.
  • 6% lost consciousness (vague discomfort, anxiety attacks, fainting).
  • 41% attempted to contact SCP-335-FR-1 and make a wish, abandoning their operations.

When in the presence of one or more individuals, SCP-335-FR-1 will typically offer its spectators the opportunity to grant one of their wishes. However, its ability to perform such an act has never been observed, and it is currently assumed that SCP-335-FR-1 is incapable of doing so. Once a wish has been formulated, SCP-335-FR-1 will congratulate its interlocutor on their choice of "judicious" wish and will begin a long monologue of congratulation and encouragement, taking up the language and rhetoric elements of several well-known French politicians. This will continue until the total dissipation of SCP-335-FR-1, the requested wish never having been granted.

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