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Item #: SCP-3401-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3401 is contained in a Low-Threat Containment Locker at Site-8181. Activation of SCP-3401-JP is currently prohibited.

Description: SCP-3401-JP is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), identical to an ordinary SNES with the exception of the following anomalous qualities:

When any game cartridge is inserted into the object and the object is turned on, its anomalous effect will manifest. The person activating SCP-3401-JP will lose all memories related to the game inserted, including memories of playing the game and peripheral information regarding the game. Following this, the subject will be compelled to play the game to completion. This compulsion is not particularly strong, and personnel will often respond to it by playing the game in their free time without altering their usual lifestyle. After completing the game, the subject will be free of SCP-3401-JP's effects.

It has been confirmed that the anomaly will not manifest unless certain conditions are met. The exact conditions have not yet been determined; however, based on analysis of affected personnel, the effects have activated from games that had certain traits, such as being the subject's first video game, the subject having at least 100 hours of playtime in the game, or the subject having played the game since childhood. Based on the above results, it is thought that SCP-3401-JP's anomalous properties only activate when the game inserted is "meaningful" to the person playing it.

SCP-3401-JP was found in its original packaging, which was identical to that of a typical SNES, with the exception of a small note attached to it, which does not suffer from wear and cannot be removed. The note reads "Relive your first playthrough anew", hinting at SCP-3401-JP's anomalous properties. Based on this information, it can be concluded that SCP-3401-JP's anomalous properties were intentionally added, possibly at a later date. The Foundation continues to search for the person responsible for this.

Addendum: Based on analysis of people exposed to SCP-3401-JP, 97% of affected personnel no longer feel as attached to the game after exposure, and 68% of them had not touched the game after clearing it. This is thought to be due to the attachment being formed due to reasons outside of the actual game itself, such as the person's personal and family situation when they first played the game, who they played it with, and where they played it.

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