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Item #: SCP-343-DE

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-343-DE's entrance has to remain closed at all times using boulders and earth so that it cannot be located. A team of four agents has been stationed in the area of the entrance and must monitor it for unauthorized entry. Persons attempting to gain access are to be detained, questioned and amnestized unless they prove to be a useful source of information, which are to be dealt with in accordance with standard procedures. In the event of a number of intruders that cannot be dealt with by personnel on site, reinforcements are to be requested from Site-DE10 or Site-DE22.

The responsibility of SCP-343-DE lies with Site-DE22.

Description: SCP-343-DE is a small pocket dimension whose entrance is located in a hill in the Neubürg, Bavaria, Germany. The dimension is roughly cylindrical with no discernible upward or downward boundary and measures approximately 7.5 km across. The room and its boundaries are made of unworked stone, most of which appears to be granite, and has no ceiling or light sources.

The entrance to SCP-343-DE is a circular hole with a diameter of 1.5 m and is located in a wooded area near the center of the Neubürg. It is currently sealed by soil and some rocks, as entering SCP-343-DE has been fatal in all cases. Organisms that enter the pocket dimension suffer spontaneous, painful deformations of the body, which seem to occur randomly and without any form of system, until the victim dies from organ damage due to the suffered trauma. The deformation continues even after death and only ends when all that remains of the victim is a viscous, pulpy mass.

Attempts to explore the site using camera technology and drones failed, as any form of technology instantly fails as soon as it reaches SCP-343-DE and begins to weather at high speed. Investigations by the thaumaturgical department of Site-DE20 were also unsuccessful, as SCP-343-DE does not appear to be penetrable by thaumaturgical phenomena. Measurements at the entrance led to the conclusion that SCP-343-DE emits a very small amount of Akiva radiation, but no other results could be achieved. The O4 Council therefore decided by a vote of 9 to 4 to have the entrance sealed, as the resources spent on researching and containing the anomaly are more needed elsewhere.

Discovery: SCP-343-DE was discovered by the Foundation when eleven-year-old Torsten ██████ alerted the local police that his father, Jochen ██████, had died in a cave. Subsequent events documented by the officers alerted a Foundation web crawler, whereupon the Foundation intervened and took possession of SCP-343-DE. The police officers involved, as well as Torsten ██████, were amnestied and Jochen ██████ was declared missing without a trace.

According to previous research, SCP-343-DE had already claimed seven lives before it was discovered by the Foundation.

Clearance Level DE/343-1 required

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