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Item #: SCP-345-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Media with SCP-345-KO manifestation is stored in Site-██ media archives. Personnel with adequate security classifications monitor space-related Foundation documents for the manifestation of SCP-345-KO.

Description: SCP-345-KO is an entity that manifests in various space-related media. The entity is described as a young girl wearing a crude imitation of a spacesuit called "Park Ji-Hye". Analyses show that this entity exactly resembles the now deceased Park Ji-Hye, who passed away on ██/██/19██ from leukaemia at the age of nine. The suit the entity wears is identical to what Park got on her seventh birthday.

It is noteworthy that Park hoped to be an astronaut.

Addendum: Below is an abridged list of SCP-345-KO manifestation.

Media type: Movie DVD
Title: 《2001: A Space Oddysey》
Manifestation: SCP-345-KO appears in a video call before Heywood R. Floyd. Analysis proved that the caller is Ji-Hye's father, Park Ji-Han. The call was mainly about the wonders of the cosmos.

Media type: TV Animation
Title: 《The Simpsons》 S5E15 《Deep Space Homer》
Manifestation: SCP-345-KO appears chasing after Homer Simpson, Buzz Aldrin, and Race Banyon. The entity is depicted in a 《The Simpsons》 art style.

Media type: Book
Title: 《Cosmos》
Manifestation: Special thanks include the sentence:
Also, I express my biggest gratitude for our little hero who always dreamt of exploring space, Park Ji-Hye.

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