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Item #: SCP-346-TH

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-346-TH is being contained at Site-T121 SCP-346-TH is to be fully free to graze in a designated field, and must always wear a cowbell. Use of SCP-346-TH without authorization is prohibited.

Description: SCP-346-TH is a healthy, white male cattle. Its horns are long with ends that are bent towards each other. In the middle of the forehead there is a light yellow, rectangular birthmark in the shape of a kite. Yellow lines that appear similar to vines protrude from the mark to be coiled around the horns of SCP-346-TH. Examination found no other physical abnormalities.

SCP-346-TH is indistinguishable from other cows in both behavior and instinct. It possesses little interest towards humans unless provoked, and it feeds mainly on grass.

The anomaly of SCP-346-TH becomes apparent when it is in the presence of vegetation. Plants that have withered will immediately recover back to full health, and infertile soil will become fertile. Additionally, SCP-346-TH causes an increase in rainfall within a radius of approximately 60 meters. How SCP-346-TH is able to affect plant life and the weather remains unknown.

Discovery: SCP-346-TH is believed to have originated from the "Hidden City"2 due to being found 20 km away from there. Foundation agents had followed its footsteps towards west of Laplae district in northern Thailand. Personnel observed an abundance of vegetation around the tracks despite some it being located in a dirt field. By the time personnel reached SCP-346-TH, it was surrounded by grass that grew to be 5 cm thick, which it was grazing on until it was transported away.

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