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Item #: SCP-347-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Safe/Uncontained

Special Containment Procedures: With SCP-347-FR's location currently unknown, an investigation supervised by Dr. Filigan to locate the object has been initiated. MTF Phi-16 ("The Broken Pots") is to be ready to launch the recovery operation for the object and to create a cover story at a moment's notice. The affected "A" sticker is then to be contained in a secured locker in the south wing of Site-Kybian. Experiments regarding SCP-347-FR are suspended until further notice.

Description: SCP-347-FR is an "A" sticker for young drivers1. When affixed on a 4-wheeled vehicle, a humanoid entity (referred to as SCP-347-FR-1) appears in the front passenger seat of the vehicle. Further research with D-Class personnel revealed that the entity takes on the appearance of a person known by the owner of the vehicle who was killed in a vehicular accident. In the case that the owner of the vehicle has never known any person killed in those circumstances, SCP-347-FR-1 will take the appearance of a human corpse in an advanced state of decomposition, which makes the identification of the corpse impossible. It is to be noted that SCP-347-FR-1 is only visible from the outside of the vehicle. Its owner does not seem to be able to see the entity, regardless of the angle of view, including photographs and videos, though pictures of SCP-347-FR-1 can be taken.

Any attempt to sit on the front passenger seat fails, with the subject staying still in front of the opened car door claiming to not be able to engage in the action. The affected subject seems to be in a state similar to hypnosis.

It is possible to drive a vehicle with SCP-347-FR attached to it. However, any driving mistake or non-compliance with local traffic rules from the driver will result in various vehicle malfunctions making driving more complex. Should the driver commit more offenses, additional malfunctions will occur. In approximately 93% of the cases, the malfunctions will lead to an accident. The passenger(s) will always be the only victims and, if they survived, will demonstrate long term psychological trauma and will refuse to enter a motor vehicle. This effect also manifests with subjects who were already involved in an car accident in the past, even if they were not psychologically scarred from it. In 100% of the cases, the vehicle's damages make it inoperable.

After the accident, the "A" sticker no longer has any anomalous properties. SCP-347-FR's anomaly is then relocated to the nearest sticker. To date, SCP-347-FR effects have not manifested more than once on the same sticker.

SCP-347-FR was discovered by the Foundation when a link was established between several traffic accidents. Some investigation reports showed that some witnesses saw an additional person in the car before the accident in comparison with the number of individuals actually involved, while other reports specified that some witnesses saw a skeleton in the vehicle which wasn't found during the post-accident investigation. Several vehicle wrecks were retrieved by the Foundation, but none of those displayed any anomalous properties.


SCP-347-FR-1 during the retrieval of a car affected by SCP-347-FR.

SCP-347-FR was located when the police received a call from ████████ reporting a driver accompanied by a corpse in a car of the █████ brand. The undamaged vehicle was intercepted. The research of the anomaly's origin took 3 days until the "A" sticker was removed, after which the corpse was no longer visible from the outside of the vehicle.

The sticker has been attached to the service car of Agent ████ for testing purposes. A woman, later identified as his aunt deceased in 2013 in a pile-up, appeared on the passenger seat to the personnel who were here. Agent ████ claimed to not see anything. This test confirmed that the sticker was the origin of SCP-347-FR-1's appearance.

Document EL-347-FR:

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