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Item #: SCP-348-DE

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All discovered instances of SCP-348-DE must be equipped with trackers to monitor their position at all times. Should a specimen of SCP-348-DE approach the water's surface, all shipping routes have to be redirected under the guise of naval exercises. All casualties of ships caused by SCP-348-DE must be dismissed as presumed storms via disinformation campaigns.

Should witnesses of SCP-348-DE exist, they are to be given amnestic treatment before dismissal.

Description: SCP-348-DE are carnivorous, eight-armed mollusca inhabiting the family of Vampyropoda that are native to all oceans, mainly the deep sea. Male specimens reach a size of around 950 m, but are sighted rather rarely. Their closest relatives are the common octopods (Octopus vulgaris). SCP-348-DE are considered to be intelligent lifeforms, with their wit equal to chimpanzees.

SCP-348-DE specimens naturally feed on wales and larger sharks, whom they ambush to pull them in the deep with their tentacles. However, smaller juveniles of SCP-348-DE usually hunt wales, which they pursue until they surface for air. At that moment, the juveniles drag their prey in the deep, where it ultimately drowns. SCP-348-DE specimens, however, can survive for decades without food.

SCP-348-DE's moving pattern mirrors that of an octopus. They can both crawl over the seafloor with their arms, as well as shoot through the water by ejecting water from their mantel cavity. It is assumed that SCP-348-DE are not in need of a mate for reproduction. Further information can be found in document SCP-348-DE-Alpha.

Despite their immense size, specimens of SCP-348-DE are shown to move very fast and agilely. Unlike the majority of other squids, SCP-348-DE specimens possess a skeleton. On the basis of its structure, the predecessors of SCP-348-DE are presumed to stem from the ammonites.

Occasionally, juvenile, mostly pubescent SCP-348-DE specimens pull ships into the deep. This is partly suspected to be due to their childish curiosity, but also because they confuse ships with wales.

Currently, approximately 500 specimens are presumed to inhabit the oceans. 256 were already discovered and chipped. Due to the abnormal size and meter-thick, robust skin of SCP-348-DE, The Foundation is unable to neutralize them. SCP-348-DE's population is constantly monitored as a result.


Incident 348-DE-34:

Aggressor: SCP-348-DE-178, (150 m in size)

Prey: Steamboat "Henriette"

Report: On the 4/5/1993, a specimen of SCP-348-DE (SCP-348-DE-178) attacked the steamboat "Henriette". Using its tentacles, the animal turns the boat around, dragging it towards the deep, with the whole crew perishing. The incident was observed and documented by the Foundation cruiser "Pearl" anchoring nearby.

Incident 348-DE-36:

Aggressor: SCP-348-DE-41, (200 m in size)

Prey: The cruise ship "Joharia"

Report: On the 13/1/2004, a specimen of SCP-348-DE (SCP-348-DE-41) attacked the cruise ship "Joharia". The animal grasped over the ship with 3 tentacles and pressed it, causing the whole ship to be crushed. Solely 27 persons survived of the crew and staff. All were amnestitized and released.

Incident 348-DE-63:

Aggressor: SCP-348-DE-222 (76 m in size)

Prey: The USS ███████

Report: On the 12/7/2018, a specimen of SCP-348-DE (SCP-348-DE-222) encountered the navy submarine USS ███████. Said submarine was in the north Arctic Sea at the time, as SCP-348-DE appeared on the radar. The crew initially assumed it to be another submarine, and attempted to establish a connection. However, the unknown object continuously approached at high speeds and was on collision course. The submarine began to fire when they saw SCP-348-DE-222, though did not cause any damage. As a result, SCP-348-DE-222 became aggressive and crushed the submarine with its tentacles. No one survived of the crew. The incident was observed and documented by the Foundation submarine "Crusty".

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