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Item #: SCP-3601-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3601-JP is contained in a Biological Containment Chamber at Site-8190, and is to be raised according to a specialized avian raising manual. In order to protect it, the floor is to be composed of a cushioning mat.

Description: SCP-3601-JP is a type of bird that experiences inverted gravity. It appears similar to a brahminy starling (Sturnia pagodarum); however, its body is vertically inverted.

Because of this, SCP-3601-JP is incapable of flying normally in the sky. However, due to this trait, it has been seen flying with its head repeatedly striking the ground. It is notable that only a few instances fly with their head not hitting the ground, while the vast majority of instances repeatedly strike the ground while flying.

The cause of this habit is currently undetermined; however, many instances suffer injuries to the head from repeatedly striking the ground, sometimes resulting in brain damage. Due to this, SCP-3601-JP is extremely short-lived, and without providing cushioning ground, instances will die within a few days to a few months.

A word in Ancient Greek is engraved on SCP-3601-JP's abdomen. While the meaning of this word is unknown, the inscription is a Class Σ Hellenic Curse, and has been determined to be the cause of SCP-3601-JP experiencing inverted gravity. This effect appears to cease upon the SCP-3601-JP instance's death, as deceased instances fall to the ground normally.

Addendum 1 (Experiment 1): As previously mentioned, a large number of SCP-3601-JP repeatedly strike their heads against the ground while flying. Dr. Kawasaki, who was responsible for this test, theorized that SCP-3601-JP are attempting to reach an area under the earth. In order to confirm this, one SCP-3601-JP instance was released into a 2000 m deep vertical pit previously acquired by the Foundation.

The instance continued to fly to the bottom of the pit and began repeatedly striking its head against the bedrock at the bottom. While this did not provide insight into whether the hypothesis is true, it confirmed that SCP-3601-JP are capable of flying for anomalously extended periods of time and flying in low oxygen environments.

Addendum 2 (Experiment 2): As SCP-3601-JP's inverted gravity is caused by the Class Σ Hellenic Curse inscribed on its abdomen, a member of personnel versed in Hellenic mythological magic attempted to remove the inscription from one instance and succeeded. The instance is designated 3601-JP-Ω.

While 3601-JP-Ω was capable of regular flight, it continued to repeatedly strike its head, only on the ceiling instead of the floor. Seeing this, Dr. Kawasaki released 3601-JP-Ω in a suitable location for monitoring in order to determine how high it could fly.

While 3601-JP-Ω was capable of flying up to an altitude of 8000 m with no significant impairments, in spite of the clear weather a lightning strike of unknown source struck SCP-3601-Ω. At the same time, a flash of light emanated from the abdomen of Dr. Kawasaki, who was standing outside, and he began experiencing inverted gravity. Due to the brightness of the flash, surrounding personnel were unable to react in time. 3601-JP-Ω and Dr. Kawasaki are currently missing.

Of note is that personnel near Dr. Kawasaki uniformly stated that they hallucinated hearing the word ποινή poine "punishment" concurrent with the flash.

Addendum 3 (Mythological background): The Mythology and Folklore Department has investigated SCP-3601-JP and has provided relevant, valuable information as to its identity:

It is suggested that SCP-3601-JP is a type of divine bird known as a Schaerwerfis. Historical documents indicate that the Schaerwerfis flew in "Heaven" high in the sky, and was seen as the messenger of the gods.

However, it is also recorded, albeit sparsely, that SCP-3601-JP had sinned against the gods, and such it is thought that the Class Σ Hellenic Curse inscribed on its abdomen is intended to forbid it from properly flying.

It is thought that the reason for the effect of this curse is to prevent SCP-3601-JP from reaching heaven by flying, while also preventing it from reaching the Underworld, the opposite of heaven, by placing the earth in its path.

It is currently unknown what the exact sin that SCP-3601-JP committed was.

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