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Archive pohotography of ███████ ██████, from which SCP-361-FR's human form is based on. The link between this person and the entity is unknown.

Item #: SCP-361-FR

Threat Level: Orange

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-361-FR is currently contained in the foundations of the megastructure ██████, located in ██████, in the suburban area of ██████. The building being abandoned and the foundations access points sealed, no particular dissimulation or distancing procedure is necessary.

In case of a re-containment, the entity must be kept contained in a cell of, at minimum, 30 x 30 x 10 meters in order to guarantee as much unlit space as possible. The latter must include an observation laboratory adjacent to the cell, both of them separated by a large glass panel of at least four centimeters (4 cm) of thickness.

It is crucial that the containment area includes a source of light of low intensity, preferably a long distance device, in order to allow the entity to remain partially illuminated while keeping the majority of it's body in total darkness. If it's containment area happens to be overly illuminated (ex: daylight, headlights, streetlight, etc) or, conversely, completely devoid of light, the entity will be able to move freely and will instantly break it's containment. At this point, the entity will leave our reality, making it's re-containment very difficult.
In order to avoid a containment breach, it is imperative to keep this unique light source active at all times through the use of multiple generators ready to relay each other without disrupting the illumination of the containment area.

Considering the instable nature of SCP-361-FR, it's presence in our reality, albeit being related to the illumination rate, cannot be predicted, so, it's containment cannot be guaranteed with 100% certainty even in optimal settings.

Description: To this day, SCP-361-FR's true form remains unknown to the Foundation. This entity isn't capable of completely anchoring itself to our reality, restraining itself to places with little to no light in order to not be seen, since direct sighting greatly affects the entity's nature in our reality. When contact is necessary, SCP-361-FR renders itself only partially visible, in the briefest way possible, with a supposed borrowed appearance.

Indeed, when the entity is observable, the latter will usually manifest itself under a different form, depending on the subject observing it. If the subject is a human of approximately 20-21 years old or lower, SCP-361-FR will take a human appearance, based on the model of a young woman named ███████ ██████, of ██████ nationality, born in ████ and died in ████. The link between this woman and SCP-361-FR remains unknown to the foundation. The woman represented by the entity is usually of caucasian or coptic ethnicit, and dressed in a navy blue ankle-length dress, similar to the clothes worn by educators and orphenage matrons in the years 1950. In some rare cases, the woman represented can be instead dressed in a set of jewelry, linens, and ornaments similar to the ones worn by pharaoh women in ancient Egypt.

If the subject is a human aged of more than 20-21 years old, SCP-361-FR will take an appearance of unknown nature, that has never been fully observed by the Foundation to this day. The only parts of the entity that have been officially observed by the Foundation are:

  • A neck topped with three abnormally large heads, each one respectively representing a ram, a falcon and a beetle. These heads have been described as being in a state of very advanced decay, moist, and emanating a very strong smell of flammable chemicals such as gasoline or kerozene.
  • Two large organic shapes similar to mushrooms and completely riddled with holes, from wich comes out an incolor gas at a regular rythm, in the manner of a breathing.
  • A pair of arms from which the hands and fingers are abnormally long, and whose epidermis seems rough, similarly to tree bark. The moist and smelly aspect is present as well. In this case, the entity was also wearing jewels and ornaments identical to those worn in ancient Egypt, and to those worn in it's human form.

SCP-361-FR shows a deep obsession with humans that haven't finished their growth cycle, similarly to a maternal instinct pushed to it's extreme. Although the entity's attention is often focused on human childs, SCP-361-FR also reacts to any other animal or vegetal specie as long as they haven't finished their growth. A subject targeted by SCP-361-FR is designated by the codename BETA-1, due to the anomalous obession the entity will show towards these individuals.

As soon as SCP-361-FR will get a chance, the entity will enter in contact with the BETA-1 subject(s) in order to interact with them. The entity speaking exclusively coptic, it will usually pretend confusion if it's not understood in order to get some help from the BETA-1 subject(s). Regardless of the strategy employed by SCP-361-FR, it's unique objective is always to gain the trust of the BETA-1 subjects and get them to lower their guard in order to convince them to follow her to the nearest unlit remote location.

If the targeted individual agrees to follow SCP-361-FR to the chosen place, the enity will press the BETA-1 to go deeper in the unlit space, until they are not visible at all. Whereupon, the BETA-1 seems to disappear from our reality. After this event, the BETA-1 become entities designated by the codename BETA-3. These entities are ███████ ██ BETA-█ but ███ ████████ et show an aspect of █████ ████████ ████. The moist and smelly aspect of SCP-361-FR is also present with the BETA-3.

If the subject refuses to follow SCP-361-FR or hesitates for too long, the entity will execute the same process, but by forcing the subject via the intervention of entities codenamed BETA-2. These entities are described as humanoid skeletons with either a calcined or putrefied aspect, with large avian wings in their back, dressed with tattered rags and veils, and wearing a full-head metallic helmet in the shape of a jackal or a falcon, similar to those used during religious ceremonies in ancient Egypt. These entities sometimes appear with one or several additional pair of arms. The same smelly and moist aspect of SCP-361-FR is present with the BETA-2.

In some rare cases, some BETA-1 targeted by SCP-361-FR manage to escape and run away from the entity and the BETA-2 and reach a lit area. The survivors of this phenomenon, however, showed an abnormally accelerated aging cycle, ending up at an extremely advanced age by the time they reach a lit area or a light source. These survivor usually have a life expectancy inferior to few hours after the encounter, making it extremely difficult for the Foundation to question the BETA-1 survivors.

SCP-361-FR seems to be generally very hostile towards adult female human individuals, considering them as rivals and obstacles. When possible, the entity will try to immobilize the adult then cover them of a liquid similar to gasoline, but with a blackish tint and much superior combustion capabilities. How SCP-361-FR secretes this liquid is unknown. When the adult is fully covered of it, the latter will undergo a spontaneous combustion, quickly consuming the victim. When the reaction stops, the charred remains will undergo a serie of mutations and come back to life shortly after, thus transforming the remains of the victim into a BETA-2 entity.

The Foundation i do not know to this day if SCP-361-FR is capable of affecting the human mind or if it is truly independent physical manifestations controlled by the entity. Multiple cases of visual and auditive hallucinations, supposed nocturnal intrusions, impared judgement and somnanbulism were noticed with staff personel working on the entity for a long period of time. Complementary tests are required in order to prove if those phenomenons are of psychological or physical origin.

Recovery Note: SCP-361-FR was contained the ██/██/████ following a report of multiple families in the neighborhood of ██████ having all gone missing in unexplained circumstances. The MTF-███ "████████" has been sent after that a child belonging to one of the missing families has been sighed in the megastructure now dedicated to the containment of the entity. They tried to find the child who went deep in the building's foundations, now curent place of containment of the entity. The MTF-███ "████████" then sighed the entity and would have started suppressive fire in order to distract it while the rest of the team deployed a temporary containment, aiming to hold off the entity until a containment team is sent on site.
When the containment team arrives, escorted by reinforcements, the temporary containment was deployed, but all the members of the MTF-███ "████████" were missing, at the exception of the agent Catherine Bohers. The agent was found in a altered state. She had thrown away her weapons, equipement and armor, and was dressed in the same clothes worn by SCP-361-FR when in it's human form. The agent was convinced that she was SCP-361-FR and tried to run away with the child they were supposed to rescue. The agent was quickly stopped, overpowered and forcefully moved to a mental health care center of the Foundation.

The agent was 39 of age, female, without any psychological background and experimented, the Foundation doesn't know what could have affected her. The effects on the agent's mind seemingly not fading away despite the medical care provided, the agent was transfered in the ███████ military mental hospital, in ███████, in order to be taken care of permanently. However, SCP-361-FR was successfully contained.

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