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Item #: SCP-363-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-363-DE is to be held inside a standard isolation cell for humanoid entities in Site-DE17. The isolation cell has to be 5 m x 4 m x 4 m large and contain all furnishing objects in accordance with protocol. Requests by SCP-363-DE for additional objects are to be reviewed by site-lead. Paper or writing utensils of any kind must never be made available to SCP-363-DE.

The isolation cell is to be guarded by two guards at all times, all of which must reach more than 95 percent on the Foundation loyalty scale. The loyalty test is to be repeated every year at the 23/12. If there are not enough guards available who fit this criteria, low-score guards are also allowed, but who must also be tested at least three times a year. The lowest score in acceptance is 80 %.

From the 23th of December at 10:00 p.m. to the 25th of December at 00:00, SCP-363-DE is to be rendered immobile using handcuffs behind the back and shackles.

SCP-363-DE is permitted to stay inside the site's courtyard under guard supervision every day (except on the 24/12.). There, it may interact with other humanoid low-threat anomalies and Foundation personnel. In case of lacking cooperation or after an attempted breakout, said freedom is to be prohibited for one year.

Description: SCP-363-DE, formerly Alexandra Mehning, designates a currently 21 year old humanoid woman. If the subject writes a poem at the 24/12, reality will be altered in a way that mirrors its contents, but only at said day (whereas all changes can not be reversed, not even by SCP-363-DE), except the subject specifies the period or point in time. Several conditions must be met for this purpose:

  • The poem must be written on a DIN-A4 paper sheet.
  • The poem must be structured in at least two stanzas with a minimum of four verses.
  • They must be tail rhymes.
  • Following rhyme schemes lead to an effect: couple rhyme, cross rhyme, embracing rhyme, monorhyme, and tail rhyme1.
  • The whole poem must be written on one page, without corrections, using a waterproof pencil.

If one of the criteria is not met, the effect will not inure. The way reality is altered depends on the intention SCP-363-DE has while rhyming, i. e. what has been written will not always be realized verbatim.

Tests concerning further examination of SCP-363-DE's abilities has failed thus far due to lacking cooperation. As a result, if and to what extent paradoxes, among other things, are realized is unclear.

Discovery: SCP-363-DE was discovered after a SCP-112-DE instance was sighted at its house at the 24/12/2015 and an MTF was dispatched, which found the SCP-112-DE instance dead. As no apparent cause of death could be identified, an interrogation of SCP-363-DE and its family was conducted. SCP-363-DE stated the entity had entered its house and dropped dead, a few hours before the subject had written a poem that described its death. Said poem was confiscated and an anomaly in relation with SCP-363-DE suspected due to the similarities to real events. The subject was taken into custody as a result, with the parents being administered Class F amnestics. Below is the poem written by SCP-363-DE.

Today is finally Christmas,
the time everyone opens presents.
The presents are by Santa Claus,
whose red coat never froze.

World's well-behaved children
Got money, sweets, or a plaything.
But the evil children, oh no.
Krampus will enter their household.

Today he too goes 'round.
But found no bad child, not after an hour.
But then, he saw a boy running away from home
Yelling at his parents insults most sore.

He chased the boy forthwith.
With his claws his legs he pricked.
When the boy, in a scream, to the floor he fell,
His right leg jutted upwards, bent.

To the Krampus' home he got dragged,
the former looking forward to the banquet.
Quickly, he lit the smokestack.
And, full of pride, the saw he grabbed.

Swiftly, the boy's screams fell silent,
his mouth opened wide, he snuffed it.
Merely his head he had saved,
The moon's light not even reaches the the rest of the lay.

The smell of a girl tho'
lured Krampus from his cavern hole.
He followed the smell to a small house,
Only a door and no windows, its residents trapped like a mouse.

But when Krampus saw Alexandra,
he dropped dead, oh ya.
And just like that, Alexandra saved Christmas.
Wow, that is impressive!

Incident 363-DE-1: On the 24/12/2023, KIRA reported the door to SCP-363-DE was being opened, whereupon she immediately triggered an automated alarm. Usually, all doors within the site would have closed, but this did not occur, and the cameras have also had a malfunction. At that time, all security guards and MTFs were on a mission, which is why only the RTF could respond to the alarm. They swept the site and found SCP-363-DE in the floor of containment wing A, while it wrote on a sheet of paper. The RTF immediately incapacitated the subject and returned it to its isolation cell post-inspection. Three poems were discovered in the process, which provide information about the incident.

These lines I am writing at the moment.
To break free, I must do that.
With the power of poetry bestowed upon me,
An escape genius I'm going to be.

First and most importantly,
I become transparent for the guards every year on Christmas Eve.
Right on time on the 24th of December
Oh wow, they can see me no longer!

But the following is also essential.
The cameras at the day written above are no longer reliable.
Many mistakes hither and tither,
Oh dear, such a dilemma.

But for no one this shall be a difficulty,
as no one will deem it glance-worthy.
No, neither human nor artificial intelligence
Looks at the camera due to sheer incompetence.

I must also insist in the end
that the doors open up my freedom.
But this shall only come about
when „Farewell“ I mouth.

Oh, and before I forget:
In the following I have a vested interest.
What had happened in my cell today nobody can recall.
As soon as I knock against the wall.

Pen and pencil to me so graciously lent
shall be invisible in the end.
This shall not dissipate
before my plan has been fulfilled.

Last year I wrote my escape scheme.
This time I'm returning to this baloney.
A distraction is what I need during my breakout.
To escape my jail house.

My humble self the guards can't see.
But are able to hear me streak.
And when I bump into someone,
my whole plan will be a flop.

Hence I now write this story
which involves a hero but also a baddie.
And as was the case for every Christmas Eve poem by me
in rhyme form, this story will also become reality.

There was a boy once upon a time,
with blond hair, green eyes, and a wonderful life.
Christmas season was now in approach.
The trees were naked and lo, the snow!

After he drove his sledge on a slope,
he wrote his wishing list per annum.
However, and you'll see this in a moment,
the boy always managed to have his wishes fulfilled.

This was downright strange, believe me,
for his parents were poor, and could hardly afford to eat.
It was so unusual, yes, even anomalous,
that it drew the attention of all Foundation human resources.

They sent all employees from Site-17DE,
No one was left for the anomalies, oh heed!
And the boy even managed to write a wish by pencil.
that, in a swamp, every employee comes to a standstill.

While they slowly sunk in the swamp now,
One called for the boy's father: „Please help, Mister Ciao!
Where you have already called us,
you can also dig us up.“

So very disturbed the boy got;
his own father a turncoat.
So he quickly wrote on the wish list
that his father's life shall bear no more bliss.

This is the end of the short story.
Writing it down was my duty.
Once I say: „You are doomed!“
It shall become true without delay undue.

Today, it has come, the time.
A way out of my solitude I find.
I step into freedom with head held high.
This will be my life's highlight.

My saviors shall feel my thankfulness.
They shall feel no more distress.
I've no ants in my pants,
for this is my last

Interrogation: SCP-363-DE-1: One day after the events of Incident 363-DE-1, SCP-363-DE was questioned.

Interviewee: SCP-363-DE

Interviewer: Dr. Allan

<Protocol Start>

Dr. Allan: Good morning, Alexandra.

SCP-363-DE: grumpy Hi.

Dr. Allan: How do you feel?

SCP-363-DE: How am I supposed to feel? I'm still locked in this filthy cell.

Dr. Allan: You don't like it? Was that the reason why you wanted to break out? We can give you another –

SCP-363-DE: I just wanna go home. I don't understand why I have to be locked up in here. I didn't do anything.

Dr. Allan: We've already had a discussion about this. Your abilities could have an enormous impact.

SCP-363-DE: But only on one day. How am I supposed to keep myself busy here on the days when I can't do anything.

Dr. Allan: Well, we can tackle that subject again later. What interests me is how you got your hand on paper and pencil.

SCP-363-DE: How about you find out for yourself.

Dr. Allan: You would make our work much easier. If you cooperate, we could allow you to see your family.

[Silence for several seconds.]

SCP-363-DE: That's probably a lie, but all right. A guy in a white coat, just like you always walk around. Gave me paper and pencil, and asked me to make sure no one remembers that and how he managed to enter my cell.

Dr. Allan: When was that?

SCP-363-DE: At Christmas Eve two years ago. Immediately wrote the first poem, after I had worked out an escape plan.

Dr. Allan: What else did the person say?

SCP-363-DE: That they are part of some Kackus-Kanalia-Collective and want to help me to break out.

Dr. Allan: Do you mean the Caecus Carneliana-Collective?

SCP-363-DE: That's what I said.

Dr. Allan: About the escape plan: It was quite complex –

SCP-363-DE: smiling I am very proud of it.

Dr. Allan: But why? Couldn't you have just written a poem about how you are suddenly at home with your family and are never found by the Foundation again?

[A minute of silence.]

SCP-363-DE: I could …erm… not think of any rhymes.

Dr. Allan: You simply didn't come up with the idea, did you?

[No reaction.]

Dr. Allan: And why only couple rhymes? Haven't you learned any other rhyme schemes, too?

SCP-363-DE: Of- of course I also mastered other rhyme schemes. I… just consider couple rhyme to be the most beautiful.

Dr. Allan: I see. To be honest, the poems seem like they have been written by a child in sixth grade. Didn't you pay attention in English class?

SCP-363-DE: No reason to offend me like that.

Dr. Allan: My apologies, that was unprofessional. Let us continue. What was the story in the second poem all about? Now we have one more anomaly to lock up.

SCP-363-DE: I just needed something to distract me.

Dr. Allan: You basically breathed a boy into existence and simultaneously stripped him of his only chance of a normal life –

SCP-363-DE: It's you who strip him of his chance when you imprison him. That's what you strip us all of.

Dr. Allan: Thinking about it, this incident bears notable similarities to your first poem with Krampus. At least back then you had no idea that a boy had died through your poem, but now you were fully aware you were playing around with other people's lives.

SCP-363-DE: I was twelve. The death of this boy haunts me to this very day, and this time I ensured that no one will die. He could lead a normal life without you.

Dr. Allan: Without us, other anomalous creatures, such as Krampus, could roam freely.


Dr. Allan: sighs Okay, last question: Can you describe in detail what had occurred yesterday? As you know, the cameras failed because of your poem.

SCP-363-DE: I first said „You are doomed!“ and then, once I thought everybody left, „Farewell!“. The doors went open and I wrote the third poem in a flood of euphoria, one verse before every door. Before I could write the final word, some of you came around, no idea how.

Dr. Allan: Perhaps you didn't think of all people roaming this site. Given that your knowledge influences the effect.

SCP-363-DE: Maybe.

Dr. Allan: Okay, that's enough for now. I'll see what I can do to have a short meeting with your family arranged, as we discussed. We are no monsters. Besides, your attempted escape won't have negative consequences, but you are not allowed to enter the courtyard for one year. Afterwards, you may be allowed to see your "creation" and hopefully you will then realize that what you did was wrong.

<Protocol End>

Afterword: The subject seems to feel no remorse for its actions (yet). At least it told us who made the incident possible. Consequently, we were able to locate the traitor much sooner. In conclusion, I would like to mention of how much luck we were that the subject is not more intelligent. If it had not come up with such a complex and completely unnecessary plan, even the Foundation may no longer exist. Or the subject did not want even more blood on its hands. But even if this is the case, I must emphasize that reality-bending anomalies are not to be trifled with.

~ Dr. Allan

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