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The first SCP-369-FR-1 instance in containment.

Item #: SCP-369-FR

Threat Level: Black

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The first SCP-369-FR-1 instance is currently contained on a brick wall located in the municipality of [DATA EXPUNGED], France, where it is surrounded by a chalk-drawn circle.
A constant monitoring is required, and any eventual containment breach must become a high priority.

Any manifestation of a drawing similar to a SCP-369-FR-1 instance must be contained similarly as quickly as possible, and any eventual traces of spreading must be researched actively and contained if proven true.

Due to the lack of information on SCP-369-FR behaviour in our universe, available informations must be limited to the minimum required for a quick answer to the phenomenon, and any interaction with SCP-369-FR-1 must be avoided.

Description: SCP-369-FR is a partially known phenomenon of undetermined cause. It is characterized by the proliferation of a figure likely drawn with chalk and commonly understood to represent a "stickman", referred to as SCP-369-FR-1 from now on.

SCP-369-FR-1 instances seem to be able to appear on all types of surface, such as rock, glass or skin, even though it would normally be impossible to use chalk on this surface.

It is impossible to interact with SCP-369-FR-1 instances, as they seem to be inanimate and proliferate randomly by replicating on nearby available surfaces; they are able to overlap. It is also impossible to erase them or isolate them.

The SCP-369-FR phenomenon has never been observed in our universe, and the several information obtained on its behaviour come from expeditions and observations done on reduced windows of universe BC-98247-Z.
This universe, to which the Foundation gained an access following event [REDACTED], is characterized by a temporal speed relatively faster than the one of our world, that is to say one second in our universe corresponds to approximately half a day in BC-98247-Z. Thanks to that, observation of SCP-369-FR was made possible during two (2) millenium, two thousand, two hundreds ans seventy-eight (2278) days to be precise, which corresponds to about twenty (20) days in our universe. However, observations and expeditions were limited to approximately ten seconds because of the equipment used.

SCP-369-FR was observed for the first time during an expedition in universe BC-98247-Z that was initialy carried to estimate the number of divergence chains. Agent Solveig noticed a SCP-369-FR-1 instance on a brick wall in the municipality of [DATA EXPUNGED], France, and saw its first duplication approximately thirty-seven (37) seconds later. During the following expedition, which occured one hundred and fifty (150) years later (that is to say seven (7) hours in our universe), it was confirmed that the whole town was covered in SCP-369-FR-1 instances.

During the last expedition, two thousand, two hundreds ans seventy-eight (2278) years after the initial discovery, SCP-369-FR was covering 75% of Earth's surface, including all of emerged lands. Universe BC-98247-Z was then populated with only a hundred humans still alive, all grouped on a boat drifting in the middle of the Indian Ocean1. As several instances of SCP-369-FR-1 were present in the wedge, it is estimated that to this day the boat is probably covered in instances and that Mankind has become extinct in universe BC-98247-Z.

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