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Item #: SCP-375-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-375-FR must be stored at the Kybian Storage Site in an armored crate for abnormal objects with a plastic-coated hermetic seal to protect it from moisture and mould. A monthly inspection must be carried out on the object to check its condition and be followed by an appropriate restoration if necessary. The anomaly can only be mobilized with the special and exclusive authorization of the Site Director.

The digitized version of the demonstration’s first section is freely accessible by the employees of the Memetics Department in order to produce artificial memetic injections allowing the Foundation's mathematicians to acquire the basics of supra-real mathematics and logic, provided that they have requested, completed, and returned the 130532-MMA form to the administrative secretariat of the Department of Abnormal Mathematics.

It is now prohibited to follow the demonstration beyond the first part, unless an authorization to attempt solving the second part is provided. No member of the personnel should, under any circumstances, try to further complete the demonstration and solve the third part.

Description: SCP-375-FR is a French mathematics textbook published by Nathan in 2002, entitled Preuve de l'existence et de l'unicité du moi1 and marked "Révisions du Baccalauréat"2 and "Niveau Terminale S"3. Its content actually uses several skills corresponding to the level expected at the end of a Master's program in Mathematics and even much higher, as researchers in the Department of Abnormal Mathematics often find the demonstration difficult to carry out.

The whole manual aims to accompany the reader in demonstrating the existence and uniqueness of the self. The latter lasts a total of 345 pages (counted manually) and is divided into three main parts, the last two being independent of each other, but dependent on the first. The latter consists of the mathematical definition of terms; the second part demonstrates the existence of the self. and the third, its uniqueness.

The demonstration used in the first part includes an innovative method to include non-mathematical objects in logical reasoning, including computational operations, by transcribing their definition into known and verified axioms and mathematical properties. Given that this method of transition seems logical to any individual to whom it is explained, even if it does not submit to the mathematical rules of the system of reality in which humanity is situated, it has been deduced that a memetic effect is at work- the effect of which consists mainly in making logical, physical, and supra-real mathematical principles4 known and accepted, usually going beyond the human understanding. It is this use of unusual principles that makes the demonstration so tedious; even if these properties are directly inculcated in the reader by the book, their mobilization requires the acquisition of an intellectual and behavioural scheme that can only be achieved through the practice and exercise of these data in the form of problems to be solved.

The only other abnormal effect of the book makes it impossible for anyone to read it unless they seriously try to solve the demonstration. It is a series of steps intended to guide the mathematician, but this list is also concise and does not include details- all calculations and implications left to the reader. If the latter simply tries to read the demonstration without performing the steps on paper, or skips steps, the following pages will remain blank; the same effect applies if the demonstration performed is not detailed enough or contains an error5. Only by gradually demonstrating the exercise with rigour and application, according to the instructions given, can the rest of the book be revealed and the process continued. The digitization procedure of the demonstration is subject to the same conditions despite all the measures taken.

However, the manual contains an error in the third part that invalidates the demonstration of the uniqueness of the self. This error was detected in 2018 by Dr. Huynig, the only human being to date to have completed the detailed demonstration with the book. Here are his notes on the subject:

After having concluded the demonstration in roughly twenty-six months, I was reminded of my duty by the correction made by Dr. Faucher. The latter thus pointed out to me an error that had bypassed both the attention of the book and mine, but not hers.

Part III, Chapter 4, Page 279, Section 2: The logarithm function can be used when the variable Ϫ is strictly greater than zero. However, it was established in Part I, Chapter 7, Page 132, Section 6 that Ϫ belonged to a set in which was included, among other things, the real 0 and several other supra-real neutral elements that could invalidate in one or more points the evaluation of Ϫ by the logarithm function. I must therefore perform a case disjunction in our real universe (We are dealing here with the set including all the numbers belonging to our reality, which therefore also includes complex numbers, not R set of all the basic real numbers).


The notes and attempts to disjunct cases and extend the demonstration to cover all possible cases can be read later. The reason why his pages are more confusing than the previous ones is that he was only guided here by his own sense of deduction and corrections by Drs. Faucher and Parent, the book not taking into account the above-mentioned error. Concluding the demonstration took them five more months.


This concludes the demonstration and, theoretically, our investment in this project. Nevertheless, my colleagues and I have decided that, as it stands, the demonstration of the uniqueness of the self is not conclusive since the value and precise set of definitions of Ϫ remain unknown. Since you have received the blessing of our superiors to continue our studies, we will now focus our research on the variable Ϫ which seems to be essential to the demonstration.


Dr. Huynig spent a whole week locked in his office trying to discover the value sought, in regular contact with his team of affected correctors who received in real time his progress thanks to the use of a tactile and graphic tablet on which he performed his tests.

Doctors Faucher and Parent gave the alert when 24 hours passed without being able to establish contact with their colleague. The security team sent to the site found Dr. Huynig in a pseudo-catonic state, without reacting to the various stimuli applied to him. Below are his last notes, which he never had the opportunity to send.


This is not possible. Ϫ cannot be equal to zero. I come across an absurd result if I extend the demonstration of uniqueness, which would not be effective. But I checked everything, concluded everything, attested everything, redid everything. My calculations are accurate, even my partner attests to that. It's my conclusions that don't fit.

The self exists.
But the self is not unique.

The incident highlighted another abnormal effect of the demonstration- if it is safe to carry out as the book requires, seeking to correct it and effectively completing it puts the individual in a state of severe Hebephrenocatonic schizophrenia, characterized by the presence of imaginary voices conversing with the subject or catatonic phases during which they are not concerned with any element external to their person- not even the condition of their body.

Brain readings during Dr. Huynig's lifetime and at autopsy revealed significant overactivity, resulting in the existence within his cerebral cortex of a "plurality" of people, all following a similar but fragmented reasoning.

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