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Now the SCP-380-KO test begins. The time limit is 45 minutes. Please read and answer the questions carefully.

1. What is the object class of SCP-380-KO? (KRW 100)

1. Keter
2. Safe
3. Euclid
4. Decommissioned
5. Explained

2. How should SCP-380-KO be contained? (100 strands of hair)

1. It is to be folded and contained in a cubic safe with edge length of 50cm.
2. It is to be folded and contained in a cubic safe with edge length of 1m.
3. It is impossible to be contained.
4. It is to be contained in Dr.███ ██'s private office.
5. It is to be contained in a sphere with 1m in diameter.

3. What is discouraged for agents managing SCP-380-KO? (An auricle)

1. To know enough about SCP-380-KO
2. To look at SCP-380-KO
3. To record an information about SCP-380-KO
4. To write an information about SCP-380-KO
5. To wear SCP-380-KO

4. What is SCP-380-KO? (Innocence of childhood)

1. A billycock
2. A small-sized wedding dress
3. An A4 paper
4. A pair of black glasses
5. A navy blue school uniform

5. Where is ██ High School which the former owner of the object attended as a student located? (An eyeball)

1. ██-si, Gyeonggido
3. ██-gu, Seoul
5. ██-si, Chungcheongnamdo

6. What happens if you write an information about SCP-380-KO? (█L of blood of the closest person)

1. The description for SCP-380-KO changes into a test question where some 'points' are allotted.
2. Unnecessary contents are added to the description for SCP-380-KO.
3. If you add any statements to the description for SCP-380-KO, they will actually happen.
4. You lose the document with the description for SCP-380-KO.
5. The document with the description for SCP-380-KO changes into a new SCP-380-KO.

7. What happens if you answer a question about SCP-380-KO wrongly? (Sexual function)

1. You die, and your clothes become new SCP-380-KO.
2. SCP-380-KO eats you.
3. Your mother scolds you.
4. The object corresponding to the 'points' beside the question vanishes.
5. SCP-380-KO seems red.

8. What happens if the time limit expires before you answer all the questions about SCP-380-KO? (███)

1. Nothing happens.
4. Autism symptoms appear.
5. The urge to answer all the questions continues.

9. Pick all the writing tools that SCP-380-KO can recognize. (0.5m² of skin)

1. A pencil
2. A ballpoint pen
3. A highlighter
4. An OMR marker
5. A name marker

10. What are the wrong treatments for a document about SCP-380-KO? (3 year memory about your mother)

A. To put it beside another document
B. To burn the document about SCP-380-KO right after you see it, so other people cannot see it
C. To solve it together

1. A
2. B
3. C
4. A and B
5. A, B and C

11. What happens if you change the contents of a question about SCP-380-KO at your will? (Descriptive) (███ fingers)

12. What happened when the scientists of the Foundation read the questions about SCP-380-KO and moved the containment chamber for SCP-380-KO to ██? (Descriptive) (All ribs)


14. Briefly explain what happens if SCP-380-KO is put beside another document. (Descriptive) (1kg of gold)

15. What happens if you don't have the object corresponding to the 'points' of a question about SCP-380-KO? (Descriptive) (A leg)

16. What is built to prevent human injuries caused by SCP-380-KO? (Descriptive) (The containment chamber for SCP-380-KO)

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