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Item #: SCP-3823-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Protocol: SCP-3823-JP is to be stored in a sealed container inside a Low-Risk Containment Locker. The assigned employee is to inspect the locker once a day, transferring any documents to another Low-Risk Containment Locker for storage.

Description: SCP-3823 is the corpse of Makuwa Yurika, who committed suicide on 20██/██/█. The cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning caused by the combustion of charcoal briquettes in her student apartment. Its anomalous properties are thought to have been confirmed after her death; the corpse has not yet shown any signs of decay.

SCP-3823-JP-A will irregularly manifest around SCP-3823-JP. SCP-3823-JP-A are filled-out life insurance policy invoices or other required documents for obtaining life insurance payout, all of which correspond to existing insurance providers. As of this writing, 32 such documents have manifested, all of which are with insurance providers that Ms. Makuwa did not have policies with. These documents are numbered 3823-JP-A-1 through -32, in order of appearance.

SCP-3823-JP-A's anomalous property is that when they are used to obtain payout from the corresponding insurance provider, the payout will necessarily be paid. Despite conditions precluding this, such as the fact that the company was established after Ms. Makuwa's death, or that suicide is not covered by the insurance plan in question, the companies will provide the full payout, indicating that SCP-3823-JP-A either poses a targeted cognitohazard or a localized bureaucratohazard.

Occasionally, SCP-3823-JP-A will be produced with non-anomalous notes attached to them. The messages are directed to Ms. Makuwa's parents, and are shown below:

Designation Contents Message
3823-JP-A-2 Life insurance payout application for ████████ Life Insurance Mom, Dad, I'm sorry I had to die before you.
3823-JP-A-3 Application and decision form for funeral expense provisions This is my last act of filial piety for you. I don't know if it'll be enough.
3823-JP-A-4 Life insurance payout application for █████ Life You spent so much on my school fees, so I'm sorry it had to go to waste. I'll do my best to repay you through this.
3823-JP-A-5 Life insurance payout application for █████████ Life You said you wanted to tour Europe after you retire, didn't you? This is meant for that.

An additional 2 SCP-3823-JP-A instances have been accompanied by other items. 3823-JP-A-8 is accompanied by a photo of Ms. Makuwa's family, and SCP-3823-JP-19 is a group photo of Ms. Makuwa's circle in heavily damaged condition.

At the time of discovery, Ms. Makuwa's parents had used SCP-3823-JP-A-11 to receive 8 million yen, which was used in its entirety to compensate the apartment company for damages caused by the fire that led to Ms. Makuwa's death, as well as to compensate the occupants of the neighboring apartment suites. As the discovery of SCP-3823-JP-A's anomalous properties is extremely low, cleanup consisted solely of amnesticizing Ms. Makuwa's parents and employees at the insurance company.

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