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File #: 390-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Yellow 

Special Containment Procedures: The anomaly is currently contained in a five square meter big and three meter high steel lined containment chamber within Site-DE9. In order to prevent the subject's harmful effect, an air filter system made of iron was installed in the cell on the one hand and a Faraday cage was integrated into the walls on the other.

The subject requires no regular care or sanitary supplies, hence his containment cell setup consists simply of a height-adjustable couch for the anomaly to lie on and a regular 230-volt power outlet that allows the anomaly to charge its internal battery. For safety reasons, this connection runs to the outside for the subsequent 30 meters through a steel tube.

Access to the containment chamber is secured by a biometric and site administration controlled lock and requires the approval of the O4-Council. Due to the danger posed by the anomaly, there is a decontamination lock inside the chamber entrance, which sprays those entering or exiting with air containing steel dust; all personnel must also wear a protective suit with an internal oxygen supply when entering, which has been completely covered with a high-ferrous coating or has a visor made of glass, which is also high-ferrous.

There is currently permanent access permission for the research staff assigned to the subject, who are required to dispatch a researcher to the chamber each day to document any changes to the anomaly.

Note: The anomaly is expected to neutralize itself in about 14 years due to the limited lifetime of one of its components. Research efforts to extend its life are currently being refrained from.

Description: The anomaly is a 1.81 m tall, 85 kg accumulation of electronic components and plastics. In their structure, these seem to imitate the function of a normal human body; Servo motors "replace" muscles and tendons, cables blood and nerves, an internal alchemical accumulator the heart and digestive tract, and a layer of alchemical plastic the skin.

An opening in the skullcap on the forehead also revealed that most of the skull is filled with a [DATA EXPUNGED].

However, the neck, back of the head, shoulders as well as the upper halves of the back and chest are covered with an abnormal fungal tissue called [DATA EXPUNGED]. While much of the mycelium grows aimlessly along and below the surface of the anomaly, some is also found inside the head and appears to fill about a third of the skull.

In addition, the anomaly distributes spores at all times, which have not yet produced any further fungal tissue, but represent an active dangerous good for personnel: They are neurotoxic and can already be ingested by touch, which leads to death within a few minutes. In addition, said spores have the anomalous effect of being able to move through solid matter, specifically protective gear for unknown reasons. However, they are neutralized on contact with iron or under high heat (over 280°), which still allows containment measures. Experiments with animals showed that the spores have neither their anomalous effect nor their toxicity on non-humans.

[DATA EXPUNGED] continues to be able to send radio transmissions. However, these appear to have a deleterious effect on computers that are contacted. Affected computing systems are rendered permanently unusable without physical damage.

While currently alive, the anomaly appears unwilling or unable to move or communicate.

Discovery: The anomaly was found on 06/11/20██ in a retired salt mine near the Southern German Alpine Mountains. An MTF unit investigated it based on reports of activity from a group of interest there. While evidence of recent digging by the group has been found, none of its members has been; the anomaly was found lying in a drift end.

Addendum: [CENSORED]

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