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Item #: SCP-3939-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3939-JP is currently contained in a Humanoid Object Containment Chamber at Site-8181. In addition to standard humanoid containment protocol, procedures have been added to bridge the linguistic and technological barrier.

Description: SCP-3939-JP is an Asian humanoid, appearing to be a female with cultural traditions corresponding to no known ethnic group. The object has been evaluated to have Class B physical resilience, showing strength against all of the 18 factors tested by the Foundation, including high temperature, high pressure, low oxygen, food deprivation, sleep deprivation and ageing.

SCP-3939-JP was discovered approximately 17 km southeast of Iō-tō, partially buried in the seafloor and conscious but in a trance.

Interview Log

As SCP-3939-JP's native language is unidentified, but possesses partial similarity to Old Japanese, the Department of Linguistics has trained it to be able to express itself intelligibly, albeit in a simple manner. The following is an interview regarding the object's origins, translated into English.

[Begin Recording]

Researcher Sagami: Are you alright, Hīko1? Explain how you were buried at the bottom of the sea. Take your time.

SCP-3939-JP: [Silence] Sacrifice. Anger.

Researcher Sagami: Sacrifice… a live secrifice? To who?

SCP-3939-JP: Akabokko.

Researcher Sagami: Akabokko. Is it a god?

SCP-3939-JP: Wind strong. Cannot catch fish. Nation hungry. Akabokko angry.

SCP-3939-JP: Me, strong. Very strong. Everyone says. I am tasty. Akabokko's favorite. Surely.

Researcher Sagami: So… you were sacrificed alive.

SCP-3939-JP: Ride boat. Get off on the water. Hold big rock.

SCP-3939-JP: Me, entered mouth. Akabokko laugh. Licks, tastes, bites.

SCP-3939-JP: Bites, bites, bites.

SCP-3939-JP: Bites, bites, bites.

Researcher Sagami: Uh huh…

SCP-3939-JP: Bites, bites… [trails off]

Researcher Sagami: Hīko?

SCP-3939-JP: [Looks down] Akabokko no bite through.

Researcher Sagami: So…

SCP-3939-JP: Akabokko angry. Very angry. Akabokko stick out tongue. Catch. Nation gone.

Researcher Sagami: [Silence] So the others were…

SCP-3939-JP: [Nods]

SCP-3939-JP: Akabokko full. Akabokko sleep. Me got spat out. Fell to sea floor.

SCP-3939-JP: [Troubled expression] Me, like stone. Bad stone.

[End Recording]


Area affected by the Akahoya eruption.

Addendum: It was confirmed that the sediment where SCP-3939-JP was recovered was produced approximately 7300 years ago. Based on the era in which it was produced and the surrounding geography, the object is likely related to the Akahoya eruption that destroyed southern Kyūshū in the early Jōmon period.

There are other examples of highly resistant humanoid objects found at the sites of large-scale disasters, which are currently numbered as follows. All of these objects share the traits of being affected by nature worship and human sacrifice.

  • SCP-5B61-ID - Danau Toba, Indonesia
  • SCP-2S12-IT - Campi Flegrei, Italy
  • SCP-3A56 - Crater Lake National Park, USA
  • SCP-8K39-JP - Hakone Caldera, Japan
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