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Item #: SCP-398-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The building that contains SCP-398-JP was purchased for putting under the control of the Foundation. SCP-398-JP must always observed via surveillance cameras that are placed discreetly in the rooms, in order to detect any exceptional deviations from its normal cycle. Interviewing SCP-398-JP-1 requires prior approval from personnel involved in its containment.

Description: SCP-398-JP is the designation for Room 105 at an apartment building located in the ████ Prefecture in Japan. A temporal and spatial anomaly exists in SCP-398-JP, causing everything in Room 105 to reproduce the status of 198█/08/██ on 00:00:001. Objects in SCP-398-JP that were externally interfered with and/or removed to outside SCP-398-JP are restored to their initial place of 198█/08/██. Any objects that are introduced externally are not affected.

SCP-398-JP contains a humanoid (designated SCP-398-1) that resembles Japanese female, approximate age 50. Like the other objects, SCP-398-JP-1's appearance and behaviors are kept to identical to the state of 198█/08/██, and SCP-398-JP-1's memory is erased on 00:00:00.

Despite the fact that SCP-398-JP-1 goes outside at specific time, she has never been observed outside of SCP-398-JP. An investigation has concluded that SCP-398-JP-1 has some sort of relation to █████ ████████, a tenant of Room 105 since 197█. While █████ ████████ has not been located yet, the record of her former workplace is shown that she had worked even after 198█/08/██, until she reached her mandatory retirement age in later years.

SCP-398-JP-1 never recognized the fact that she is repeating an identical day. SCP-398-JP-1 is able to notice the anomaly via externally-introduced objects that show exact time and date; however, this attempt is futile as SCP-398-JP-1's memory is erased every day at 00:00:00 JST.

What follows is a timetable of SCP-398-JP-1's actions. Note that SCP-398-JP-1's behavioral patterns sometimes show a subtle temporal deviation.

Addendum-1: The following is the content of note that SCP-398-JP-1 writes on 08:15.

To Yoriko

I put your breakfast in the fridge.
I know you want to refresh the tiredness during holidays, but oversleeping will mess up your circadian rhythm.


Addendum-2: During investigation, Foundation personnel found several handwritten notes from under the bed of "Yoriko"'s room. It is theorized that these notes was introduced from the outside of SCP-398-JP, as these do not return to their original condition when the date changes.
The following is an excerpt from one of the notes.

Every time a date changes, the distance between you and me becomes longer. You are still same as my memory of that day when I see, and I will never change from that day when you see.
You probably don't know my current self. I just have been left behind from you. Or rather, I have carelessly left you behind.

The present and the future will, eventually, become the past.
I couldn't face the fact that you will surely pass away earlier than me in the future.
Now I don't need to afraid of losing you. But the other hand, I destroyed your future, and my own future that I would be able to share time with you. It wasn't supposed to be like this. I just thought I can live with you, happily ever after.
It must be the punishment.
I’m sorry.

Forgive me who is doomed to die earlier than you, forgive my selfish act. When you come to wake me up tomorrow, please, open the door.

It was confirmed that Yoriko ████████, the daughter of █████ ████████, died of disease in 200█, at the age of 5█.

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