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Item #: SCP-399-DE

Object Class: Keter

Threat Level: Red

Secure Containment Procedures: SCP-399-DE cannot be contained according to current knowledge.

Misinformation about hallucinations in overtiredness and depression must be distributed to the public. Confirmed cases of 399-AQUARIUM events in the civilian population will be attended to by the local site and branches and treated by SCP Foundation therapists.

SCP Foundation staff suffering from depression and/or prone to overwork are advised to visit a member of the psychological staff regularly and to take the full number of days off and use them for recovery. This should mitigate the unintentional occurrence of SCP-399-DE within Foundation sites and prevent possible cross-contamination. Sensitive anomalies in custody must receive a session with a member of the psychological staff with training from the Foundation's Project for the More Humane Containment of Anomalous Persons at least every four weeks.

Description: SCP-399-DE is a phenomenon that is estimated to affect 75% of the world's population. The likelihood increases if the affected person suffers from depression or is regularly in a state of emotion that can be described as sadness. The factor of social environment and a person of support makes it likely that SCP-399-DE will manifest itself if the environment is small.

Although the phenomenon is not under control, no negative effects have been documented to date.

SCP-399-DE manifests as a school of fish, and in certain cases other aquatic animals, whose perceived origin is a rain cloud that emerges over the subject. Most commonly, carp and other fish species found in private homes appear. In the case of exotic species, it is coral fish and fish that are generally considered "beautiful to look at", but also cuttlefish and other octopuses. The animals swim around freely in the immediate vicinity as if they were in water.

The number of animals seems to grow at an exponential rate, in perceived proportion to the emotional state of the target. The subject can interact with the animals and they generally respond positively to such attempts. To outsiders, the animals appear transparent and are just perceptible.

It is not clear which factor is the carrier, but it is assumed that the fish have a memetic carrier which has a positive effect on the subject. All manifestations were perceived by the target as pleasant and entertaining.

After SCP-399-DE exposure, subjects are happier and increased efficiency can be observed. Depression will not be cured, but the extent of a phase and the severity will be reduced.

An SCP-399-DE exposure is referred to in the document as a 399-AQUARIUM-Event.

Addendum-399-DE-1: Agent Wilhelm Friedrich Kaiser has been suffering from depressive phases at regular intervals since his transport to our reality. As a result, he has been the target of SCP-399-DE several times. However, he recently became the first documented target of a 399-LORELEY-Event in the SCP Foundation and as a result of SCP-399-DE-MARIA.


00:01:00 Agent Kaiser was sitting on the edge of the bed in his quarters when a large rain cloud formed over him.
00:01:95 First, fish and other aquatic animals come out of the cloud as usual, but they are larger and in greater numbers. Furthermore, a rudimentary coral reef forms in the room.
00:09:74 About seven minutes after initiation, a creature visually consisting of the torso of an adult woman and a dolphin-like abdomen manifests itself.1
00:11:56 SCP-399-DE-MARIA first swims around Agent Kaiser several times before taking a seat next to him.
Due to the low volume of the conversation, it could not later be determined what either said, but Agent Kaiser stated that SCP-399-DE-MARIA spoke to him about his situation and tried to comfort him.
00:17:83 SCP-399-DE-MARIA hugs Agent Kaiser, who hesitantly returns the hug before SCP-399-DE-MARIA swims back into the cloud with the fish, saying goodbye.
00:18:12 The reef dissolves into shimmering foam, creating no sediment.

Addendum: Agent Wilhelm Friedrich Kaiser received a postcard2 twice a month for a year and on four separate occasions, which appeared to have been written by SCP-399-DE-MARIA. Most of the time, SCP-399-DE-MARIA could be seen on the front carrying out typical activities at and in the sea.

Conspicuous was the presence of a male instance of SCP-399-DE-MARIA, which was also documented, although much less frequently. The theory that this was the same as SCP-399-DE-MARIA was thus disproved and this was retroactively recorded as SCP-399-DE-MARTIN.

Agent Kaiser stated that he was now cured of his depression and medical monitoring was able to confirm this.

Staff requested that SCP-399-DE be classified as Ticonderoga. The O4 Council3 and the Delegation of the Ethics Committee of the German-speaking Branch of the SCP Foundation4 are currently discussing the proposal.

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