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Illustration present on all SCP-400-FR instances which appears to metaphorically represent Queen Héléore's curse

Item #: SCP-400-FR

Threat Level: N/A

Object Class: N/A

Special Containment Procedures: Queen Héléore is currently contained in her quarters at the Prismatic Palace awaiting a solution to her curse. Only individuals having found an instance of SCP-400-FR — termed guests — are allowed to enter her bedroom. Any guest exhibiting inappropriate behaviour towards Queen Héléore or not convincing enough will be returned to their plane of reality.

Description: SCP-400-FR refers to a collection of invitation cards originating from the Domain of Héléore, a territory located in a plane of reality inferior to the Reference Reality1 called Mordrac. The Domain is populated by entities with a human appearance who, in order to survive, must distinguish themselves from others by taking care of their appearance and cultivating self confidence. Thus, Héléore society revolves around the sale of beauty products, clothes, perfume and even self confidence lessons in other territories within Mordrac. Residents are ruled by Queen Héléore, a female humanoid entity regarded as an incarnation of beauty and a deity by most. She supervises the Domain from the Prismatic Palace, located at the center of her territory. She appears to be the source of the Domain's existence and of the residents' imagination.

Since 2020/04/28, the date on which this file appeared in the database, Queen Héléore has endured a curse limiting her imagination and therefore preventing her from creating new fashion trends and renewing her appearance. This event is currently causing:

  • Depression in Queen Héléore
  • The death of dozens of residents
  • Continual disintegration of the Domain and separation from Mordrac

In order to solve this issue, the Prismatic Palace personnel hypothesized that only another deity could allow Queen Héléore to recover her creativity by staying at her side. Therefore, Palace personnel have created SCP-400-FR, a collection of brochures inviting the reader to meet Queen Héléore, so that she may fall in love with another deity. SCP-400-FR has been sent to planes of reality superior to Mordrac, which divine entities or entities possessing anomalous abilities2 might inhabit.

To be able to exist in superior planes of reality, SCP-400-FR instances adapt to the norms of whatever environment they end up in, altering their content and format to appear normal and blend in.

In all cases, SCP-400-FR instances bear an image that metaphorically represents the curse, Queen Héléore's current situation, a short description of the Domain, a summary of the 2020/04/28 events, a list of individuals who have found an instance of SCP-400-FR and an invitation to meet the Queen.

Addendum 400-FR.1: List of guests

Below is a list of individuals inhabiting planes of reality superior to Mordrac who have found an instance of SCP-400-FR and have met Queen Héléore. This list automatically updates every time a new instance is discovered.

Name of the individual

Status: [ Aftermath of the encounter with the Queen ]

Number of planes of reality between Mordrac and the individual's own plane ↑


Status: [ Sent back to own plane of reality ]

The individual was not selected by the Queen.

+102 planes ↑


Status: [ Sent back to own plane of reality ]

The individual was not selected by the Queen.

+1,895 planes ↑

Don Juan

Status: [ Sent back to own plane of reality ]

The individual was not selected by the Queen.

+79,295 planes ↑

Jack Dawson

Status: [ Sent back to own plane of reality ]

The individual was not selected by the Queen.

+1,568,742 planes ↑

Researcher Dumas
Your current vessel

Statut : [ Unknown ]

The individual is currently reading an SCP-400-FR instance and has not yet met with the Queen.

+ ██████████ planes ↑

Addendum 400-FR.2: Meet Queen Héléore

Meet Queen Héléore Right Now!

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