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Item #: SCP-400-TH

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-400-TH is contained within a large enclosure designed to simulate a meadow that is 4 km wide at Area-██. The walls and entrance into the area are made of reinforced steel and concrete that is 1.5 m thick to withstand shock impacts.

Surveillance is performed through 12 close-looped cameras installed within the containment area. Once every year the enclosure is to be inspected of damages and be repaired. Before maintenance staff enter the chamber though, SCP-400-TH-1 is to be fed beforehand. The food is to be presented at the farthest corner of the enclosure to have its backed turned on the maintenance staff as they performed their duties.

Requests relating to SCP-400-TH must be reviewed by two individuals from the O5 Council. Requests pertaining specifically to SCP-400-TH-1 are to no longer be submitted (See casualties and structural damage report in Document 400-05k-C). Research requests regarding -2 and -3 are still allowed. After tests are completed, the corpses within the chamber are to be extracted and immediately incinerated.

During surveillance hours, no personnel are to be near the enclosure.

SCP-400-TH-1 will be fed 3 times a week by 2 D-Class personnel. -3 will specifically receive bananas, sugarcanes, and other fruits.

In the event SCP-400-TH-1 enters a rage state and manages to breach containment, all personnel within Area-██ must evacuate the facility. Level 4 personnel responsible for managing -1 will light fires in certain areas and walkways to steer its direction within the facility. Gas or respirator masks are to be worn by personnel during the evacuation for gas will begin to be pumped into Area-██ until -1 is re-contained. Personnel that fail to exit the facility and are not wearing a mask may suffer first-degree burns.

Description: SCP-400-TH refers to three related anomalies designated -1, -2, and -3.

SCP-400-TH-1 is a large organism resembling an Asian elephant that is 4 m tall. It has tusks that are 3.2 m long. It possess unusually thick skin that can not be penetrated. Furthermore, SCP-400-TH-1 has immense strength and is able to jump 10 m high. It is also able to stay floating in the air for up to 30 seconds per jump before falling back to the ground.

How SCP-400-TH-1 floats in midair is unknown. It is hypothesized that -1 is able to defy gravity by somehow using the Earth's magnetic field by creating its own field that is opposite on its belly. At times, it had been observed to climb up trees at a 90 degree angle, and increase the speed of its decent when it jumps. Further research is required to further understand.

SCP-400-TH-1 also has the ability to mimic human speech via [DATA EXPUNGED].


SCP-400-TH-1's molt being retrieved by personnel.

-1 hunts humans for food. When it encounters a human, it will charge or drop from the sky and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Then, it would use its trunk to open the skull to access the brain while it uses its [DATA EXPUNGED] to pump out the blood and internal organs of the victim. During this time, -1 will begin producing a substance called ████████████, which will make the victim docile and stop trying to escape. Though -1 refrains from hunting humans when it is molting once every year, which takes around 4 minutes. During molting, it would instead eat plants to maintain carbohydrate levels in its blood.

SCP-400-TH-2 are human corpses or remains1 that are controlled by -1 and -3. Instances are used to lure potential victims to secluded areas where they would be trapped. Noticeably, the hands of specimens are slightly altered. One of the fingers will be replaced with a trunk-like appendage, and in some cases there are eyes drawn on the hand.2 When humans approach an instance, it would spray a substance called ███████ (a derivative of the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol, commonly found in cannabis leaves) out of its trunk appendage. Exposure to the substance causes various effects to one's perception, commonly causing hallucinations and difficulty distinguishing others from -2 instances. At this time, -1 will arrive to consume the victim if it was not there in the first place. If it is present, it assists in luring prey by its ability to mimic human speech.

SCP-400-TH-3 instances are seemingly normal Asian elephants except they lack any sexual organs. Instances do not possess the abilities or behavior of -1. -3's anomalous properties occur when -1 finishes with prey. -3 instance will approach the victim and release a small larval organisms3 inside the body via the trunk. After a week, the larvae will break out of the body. -3 is able to manipulate -2 instances. In Area-██, there have been a total of ██ -3 instances, some of which have been neutralized to maintain the population inside the enclosure to just one, the original instance from initial containment.

Discovery: SCP-400-TH was first discovered on ██/██/19██ at ██████, ████████, by an exploration team. The group was lead by a Dr. D██. Accompanying the team was Foundation researcher Dr. █████ who was to report any discovery by the group to nearby Mobile Task Forces. The group were attacked during their journey through the area and it was immediately reported by Dr.█████. Only one member of the team survived, a man named Mr. ████. Mr. ████ attempted to share what happened to the team to the public via the internet. The Foundation stopped the information leak by removing all media relating to SCP-400-TH that was posted by Mr. ████ by locking onto his devices and social media accounts. Mr. ████'s memory of the incident was erased after he was apprehended for questioning.

Addendum 400-1: Video Tape 400-D74096-1: The Birth of An SCP-400-TH-3 on ██/██/19██.

Researcher: Dr. ██████
Body origin: D-74096

<Start recording>

01:20 am: The body of D-74096 was placed on a table in the operating room. The condition of the corpse was dry and the central part of the body has swollen up, appearing like a tumor.

01:28: Movement is visible in the middle of D-74096's chest. A lump is beginning to form, slowly expanding.

01:35: D-74096's lump is torn, with a red liquid coming out. An appendage similar to an elephant's trunk is sticking out.

01:48: SCP-400-TH-3 emerges from the body, and attempts to stand. It then starts to walk, and cried out like a cat.

<End of recording>

Dr. ██████ discovered that SCP-400-TH-3 attempting to remove a placard attached to a yolk sac inside the body. The placard was comprised of a hardened protein and had crude writing carved on it, though it is legible. The placard read:

This will happen to the animals that lay eggs!

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