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A representation of SCP-403-FR dated back to 1932 (see Addendum 403-FR-2).

Item #: SCP-403-FR

Threat Level: Green

Object Class: Uncontained

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its nature, SCP-403-FR cannot be contained. Any mention of a civilian encounter with SCP-403-FR should be recorded, and the person who came into contact with the entity is to be administered a dose of Class-A amnestics.

On the night following an encounter with SCP-403-FR, the cities around the location where SCP-403-FR was encountered in a dream should be monitored to effectively detect the next encounter with the entity. This is intended only to track the movements of SCP-403-FR for record-keeping purposes; since the entity is not considered to be dangerous, there is no need to further monitor it.

Description: SCP-403-FR designates an individual of the species Pelophylax kl. esculentus (European green frog) whose existence has, to date, only been observed through its presence in various dreams. The entity is dressed in red shorts, a straw hat, has a cane, and is able to express itself in several languages, the witnesses having met it in dreams affirming that they always managed to understand it.

An encounter with SCP-403-FR during a dream period does not seem to depend on the will of the sleeper, but rather on other external factors (see Addendum 403-FR-1). In addition, lucid dreamers who have been instructed to consciously induce an encounter with SCP-403-FR in a dream have all woken up without being able to do so.

Most dreams involving SCP-403-FR take place in a geographical environment close to that in which the dreamer is asleep. The entity can be heard in the distance by the sound of its pads and its cane tapping the ground quickly, always heading towards the dreamer. When it approaches them, it almost always speaks to them. The length and content of the sentences vary according to the dream, and the entity sometimes holds a full one-way conversation. It is indeed impossible to converse with SCP-403-FR, the entity ignoring the dreamer if they try to answer. SCP-403-FR always leaves the dream by moving away from the dreamer.

Addendum 403-FR-1: Cross-referencing certain testimonies of dreamlike encounters with SCP-403-FR has made it possible to establish that the entity seems to follow an equivalent itinerary between the dreams in which it finds itself and the real geography, that is to say that it travels real distances through the dreams it crosses. It is thus possible to predict with relative reliability the area in which a person will encounter SCP-403-FR in a dream.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of significant encounters with SCP-403-FR, sorted in chronological order (note that because of the dreamlike nature of the encounters with SCP-403-FR, the statements are transcribed from the testimonies of the people who met the entity and may include approximations or omissions):

Place of the dream Excerpts from the entity's statements
Viazma, Russia1 "Good morning, stranger. What are you doing out here? I didn't think I'd run into anyone in these parts. It's okay, after all: [the entity mentions a trip to a cold and remote area], I took some time for myself and I'm better now. Bon voyage!
Krasnapolle, Belarus [The entity mentioned activities it practiced during its trip, including several forms of meditation and some of the famous landscapes and places it visited.]
Lviv, Ukraine "Hello! Say, are you a musician? I'm not, but some of my sisters are. You should hear them play those melodious chords! How I wish I could, but unfortunately I can't even describe them to you. I can't wait to find them!"
Pécs, Hungary "This trip has taken a long time, but I'm finally going home! It's been so long, I don't even remember why I wanted to leave so badly. I hope my beloved will be happy to see me again, and that she hasn't forgotten me."
Vallesella, Italy "It's a beautiful village you've got here! Mine doesn't look like much, but it looks so good! The fields as far as the eye can see, the colorful roofs, the canals… I missed it a lot, but it's not so far now!"
Val-de-Charmey, Switzerland "You know, now that I think about it, I should have brought them presents! My beloved would have liked to have tasted something other than those insects we raise, and even the Guardians are not allowed to provide us with food… Never mind, it will be for another time, or if my dear sister thinks about it when she comes back."
Malesherbes, France "It's strange, I can't find it… Is my memory playing tricks on me, or is it a joke orchestrated by everyone? Where did they go?"

Since the occurrence in Malesherbes, SCP-403-FR has been periodically seen in dreams in several towns in the Centre region, seemingly searching for its village. It appears more and more panicked with each encounter, speaking less and less to the dreamer. Research to confirm the dreamlike existence of a village populated by humanoid frogs is underway.

Addendum 403-FR-2 : On 28/04/2020, Archivist Nyong'o found a series of letters related to SCP-403-FR in the archives of Site-Aleph. It is a part of the correspondence between ███████ ███████, a former Director of the ███████ Service, and "Monsieur de Bellart", a Person of Interest linked to collectives that have evolved and merged with Oneiroi since then. The letters are dated between September 1925 and August 1938.

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