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SCP-404-VN-1 screenshot.

Item #: SCP-404-VN

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Immediately recover all known SCP-404-VN-1 instances outside of Foundation facilities and isolate them from their power supply and shared data network. A separate electricity source must be established to power SCP-404-VN-1 instances, and manual data backups must be performed on infected and possibly infected Foundation devices to prevent data loss.

Description: SCP-404-VN is an anomalous form of computer virus. All computers infected by SCP-404-VN will gradually exhibit distinct anomalous properties in different stages after 2 to 11 days. Any attempts to remove SCP-404-VN from these devices have been unsuccessful. Symptoms and timelines of anomalous effects since the first stage are documented below:

Stage Duration Effects
Stage 1 2 to 3 days The device's response speed seems slower than usual, its hardware sometimes gets overheated when performing mid-range tasks. Audio and video processing tasks experience some minor bugs with complicated requests.
Stage 2 2 to 3 days The device's response speed is noticeably slower than usual, its hardware frequently gets overheated, sometimes causing the device to crash. Tasks gradually become slower and errors occur more often. A software error message appears on the screen, along with a request for the device to see a doctor.
Stage 3 3 to 4 days Response speed is extremely slow, its hardware immediately gets overloaded after booting the device, and the temperature can reach 100 degrees Celsius. Nearly all of the computer’s operation has stopped working. Most of the Foundation's data processing equipment suffered hardware failure during this period, with mixed liquid substances from melted components inside the device starting to leak outside from slits along with smoke. Before the device crashed due to hardware failure, its screen would be filled with continuously appearing dialog boxes, which contain incoherence and chaotic calls for help.
Last stage Less than 24 hours The device can't be operated in this stage. Internal components have completely been liquefied and leaked outside through ports, air vents, and slits. The messages still appear continuously, even though the device is isolated from its power source and actively turned off. All devices are crashed within 24 hours.

Devices infected with SCP-404-VN at Stage 1 are designated SCP-404-VN-1 instances. All SCP-404-VN-1 is capable of spreading anomaly to other devices that share the same power supply or data transmission. SCP-404-VN-1 instances appear to be sapient from Stage 2 to Stage 4. In Stage 2, a SCP-404-VN-1 instance is capable of communicating with the user as an intelligent entity via text editors or notifications. In most cases, SCP-404-VN-1 instances will ask for treatment.

Addendum 404-VN-1: Discovery

At around 8:00 A.M. on September 9, 2022, Site-012-VN's staff detected several computers with on-site power and network connections showing error messages about abnormally high temperatures.

At the same time, neighboring areas also recorded a similar phenomenon, where many electronics repair shops are overloaded due to civilians rushing in to get their computers fixed. The Foundation immediately cuts off the electricity supply and network connections to these areas, and equipment with unusual signs was recovered under the guise of product recall due to device system failure.

Addendum 404-VN-2: Interview Log 404-319

The interview was conducted by entering the question directly into the anomaly's keyboard.

Interviewer: Dr. An

Interviewee: SCP-404-VN-1 instance at Stage 2

The subject has been active for 15 minutes, the computer case is at an extremely high temperature, and the screen begins to show some small error messages.

Interviewee: SYSTEM ERROR! HOT! I need the doctor! I need to rest!

Dr. An: Alright fine, interview first, and then you can go rest.

Interviewee: So will you let me see the doctor?

Dr. An: I'll do that when we're done.

The computer stops responding.

Interviewee: What you are going to do?

Dr. An: Doing an interview to serve your healing process.

Interviewee: SYSTEM ERROR! Start.

Dr. An: First question, what is your name?

Interviewee: HP Pavilion x360. DATA ERROR!

Dr. An: Do you have any memories from before?

Interviewee: Not too much. Only remember getting hit while running video games during office…ERROR!

The computer stops responding.

Dr. An sighs

Dr. An: Alright, that's enough.

Interviewee: …hours. One time when she played Touhou, she even broke the rubber button.

Dr. An slams down on the keyboard, spilling the tea cup on the table. Tea spills onto the computer case, causing a sizzling sound.

Dr. An: So, do you have any memories that might be related to your current state? Since when did you start to feel uncomfortable?

Interviewee: SYSTEM ERROR! Yesterday, when I woke up, I felt like my body was on fire, many many tasks error, very uncomfortable. HOT!

Dr. An: Have there been any recent interactions that could potentially be the reason for your problem, like hardware or software change, for example?

Interviewee: SOFTWARE ERROR! Download recent new data.

Dr. An: Just delete that file.

Interviewee: ERROR! Deleted.

Dr. An: Jesus? Still got error…

Interviewee: HOT! HOT! HOT!

Dr. An opens the settings and chooses to reinstall the computer by herself. The computer deletes its data and resets.

Interviewee: Hello, please choose your nation….HOT! HOT! ERROR!

Dr. An stands up

Dr. An: Alright then, that means I'll still have to buy myself a new computer tomorrow. This thing is incurable.

Update 17/8/2025: A containment employee has reported symptoms of SCP-404-VN on his cell phone. Additional containment methods are being studied. Reclassification to Keter is pending approval.

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