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Item #: SCP-407-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Containment Procedure 91-VITA (Standard containment for anomalous mid-urban structures) is to be followed for SCP-407-JP. Security personnel are to be placed outside SCP-407-JP's location of origin to prevent unauthorized civilian access.

Description: SCP-407-JP is a standard fiber-reinforced plastic bathtub that measures 1200mm × 685mm × 550mm, located in an abandoned hotel of ███████ City, ██████ Prefecture. SCP-407-JP was discovered following Foundation investigation regarding the disappearance of a civilian writer for an occult magazine, within the writer's assumed destination.

All attempts to remove SCP-407-JP have been unsuccessful1. SCP-407-JP's bath plug is usually inserted into a drainage outlet; it cannot be removed, except during the activation of SCP-407-JP. Upon deactivation of the object, the plug spontaneously inserts itself through unknown means.

SCP-407-JP activates whenever an individual directly observes it. While viewing SCP-407-JP, subjects perceive SCP-407-JP as being filled with warm water, despite it being empty. During this, subjects start feeling compelled to enter SCP-407-JP. Subjects who enter SCP-407-JP will claim that they can feel the stated warm water to their shoulder height, and will begin to perceive as if they are in a relaxing dream2.

During this process, any attempt made by the subject to touch SCP-407-JP's plug will fail. The subject will not be alarmed by this. The subject will claim to never want to exit SCP-407-JP. Subjects can still be forcefully removed from external forces. Once SCP-407-JP is removed from the subject's line of sight, the effect will wear off.

If SCP-407-JP's plug is removed by external forces while the subject is still in SCP-407-JP, the subject will perceive the floor of SCP-407-JP gradually lower while keeping the water level constant. Personnel can observe that the subject is "sinking" through floor, moving straight through solid matter. All attempts to pull out the subject during this process have failed, as well as the observation of the completely disappeared subject.

Inspection of SCP-407-JP's plumbing trap reveals a large amount of the composition which is consisted of tear fluid and human saliva. The origins of these materials are currently unknown.

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