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Alfred Jarry

Exploits and Opinions
Doctor Faustroll
Neo-Scientific Novel
followed by

Charpentier Library
Eugène Fasquelle, Editor
11th, Grenelle Street, 11th

Original cover of SCP-410-FR, printed copy from the Site-Kybian archives.

Item #: SCP-410-FR

Threat Level: White ○

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-410-FR, in its original version, is currently kept in the Enfer of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, on the Tolbiac site, under the responsibility of the Estate noir. A copy of SCP-410-FR, as well as the entire bibliography of PoI-410, is however available to Level 3 and above personnel in the context of research for purposes of containment; please contact the Site-Kybian Documentary Archives for more information.

Any outside mention of the places and people mentioned in the first part of SCP-410-FR in the Foundation's documentation should be reported to Prof. Camille Fournier. For this purpose, a Foundation webcrawler (I/O-MANDELA) is in charge of monitoring the database, especially the documentation concerning the research of the Department of Extra-Universal Affairs (Multi-U). Similarly, a copy of SCP-410-FR is available exclusively to its members for comparison with extra-dimensional findings.

The events potentially described in the second part of SCP-410-FR are to be identified and catalogued by the Department of History. Their cover-up is unnecessary, since the French government has taken care to cover up the remaining traces of the various cases during the application of the Veil Protocol. SCP-410-FR allows, if necessary, to discredit them by making them appear to be fictions written by Person of Interest #410.

Because of its current state and non-anomalous nature, PoI-410 does not require containment. He is currently buried in the Parisian cemetery of Bagneux.

Description: SCP-410-FR is the collective designation of a collection of texts published posthumously in 1911 under the title Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician, neo-scientific novel, followed by Speculations. SCP-410-FR is the work of PoI-410, a French writer and poet of the 19th century named Alfred Henri Jarry.

The first part of SCP-410-FR is a novelistic work, notably foundational to the 'Pataphysics [sic] movement1, absurdist philosophical current2 mixing poetry, wordplay and pseudo-scientific demonstrations.

The particularity of at least ██ of the 70 texts in the second part of SCP-410-FR, Speculations, is that they seem to refer to various anomalous events that occurred between 1886 and 1907. PoI-410 is therefore suspected of having been involved in a large amount of anomalous activity during its lifetime.

SCP-410-FR was considered non-anomalous until ██/██/1987, when the Foundation's Department of History initiated the assimilation of a significant portion of the French Gendastrerie archives. During the operation, it became apparent that a relatively large number of anomalous events had taken place over a period of about twenty years in northwestern France.

Initially thought to be solely the result of a breakdown in local normality3, it became apparent that these events were remarkably similar to those found in SCP-410-FR. Subsequent analysis led to the theory that PoI-410 was partly responsible for these phenomena and had mastered anomalous writing methods.

However, on ██/██/2002, extensive research led by Prof. Fournier following the discovery of a document written by PoI-410 determined that Alfred Jarry had in fact participated in the destruction of the anomalies mentioned in SCP-410-FR, by the written transcription of them. The anomalous nature of SCP-410-FR thus lies in the fact that the anomalous phenomena to which the work may have referred have lost their anomalous aspects.

Despite these discoveries, the abilities of SCP-410-FR are still poorly understood today, and it is likely that only the author had the ability to make the anomalies he described disappear. Analysis of the writing style of SCP-410-FR and more generally that of PoI-410 to improve the containment of certain anomalous phenomena is under evaluation. In addition, research is still in progress concerning potential anomalies described in other PoI-410's works.


Depiction of the Gidouille on the cover of the issue zero of Subsidia Pataphysica.

The first part of SCP-410-FR, Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician, neo-scientific novel, deals in particular in its Books III and VI with various places identified as [DATA EXPUNGED], of which, according to the Multi-U, no trace remains today. It is likely that, like the anomalous events described in Speculations, these have ceased to exist. In the same way, it is suspected that the entities initially present in these places were at the origin of the breakdown of normality mentioned before, and thus of the anomalous phenomenon which PoI-410 partially witnessed.

According to the analysis of the parapsychologist Elias Lockwood, the symbol of the Gidouille4 and its meaning would be an unconscious and deformed manifestation of the influence of these entities which will be found many times in the PoI-410's works, including in SCP-410-FR.

Addendum 410FR1: Notable events described in SCP-410-FR

The following is a partial list of correlations established by the Department of History between the recovered data and the texts of Speculations (currently numbered 1 through 70). Please refer to Document 410-FR-ζ for the complete list of identified matches.

Addendum 410FR2: Project Phobetor and Program VIRIDIS CANDELA

Project Phobetor is an attempt to replicate the effects of SCP-410-FR to counter containment breaches of some sensitive anomalies. The project involved a team from the Department of Fundamental Theories of Abnormality and several experts in anomalous literature. Officially, Project Phobetor has not led to the neutralization of any anomaly, and the research has not produced anything new since 2004. A small team is now in charge of the project.

However, Project Phobetor advances may have provided a theory that several events described in SCP-410-FR may have been erased from our plane of reality, and therefore would not be identifiable. The research Program VIRIDIS CANDELA has therefore been set up with the support of the Department of History and Temporal Anomalies Department. The current goal of this program is to try to recover as much of the lost information as possible by studying SCP-410-FR. On a larger scale, Program VIRIDIS CANDELA would aim to protect the course of history from anomalous changes using DEEPWELL servers, whose data will be protected from changes in reality, and even to recover information about temporal changes potentially already made.

Addendum 410FR3: Update of ██/██/2002 - Document PoI-410-71

The following text is the transcription of a document recovered by the Foundation at 51 A Volga Street, in Paris, during an operation of excavation of the locations of interest potentially sheltering documents concerning the SCP-410 (in the present case, the head office of the Collège de 'Pataphysique). This was the starting point for the research conducted in 2002 on SCP-410-FR, which led to the current update of its description. It should be noted that although the handwriting matched that of PoI-410, the Foundation's linguists identified some inconsistencies in style, the most notable being the document's signature. According to Dr. Lockwood, it is likely that these are due to some psychic instability, the result of the interaction of PoI-410 with the anomalous entities described in the first part of SCP-410-FR.

After expertise, it was determined that PoI-410 suffered from Filbuson Syndrome. Any membership in GoI-0051 was refuted given the period of its activity, despite the existence of certain texts such as Pantaphysics and Catachimy and On the Surface of God, taken from Book VIII of SCP-410-FR, or even from SCP-410-FR-51, The Existence of the Pope. Information concerning SCP-410-FR (and specifically this document) should therefore be kept out of the reach of the above-mentioned Group of Interest.

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