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Three dimentional image of SCP-███-KO

Item #: SCP-███-KO

Object Class: [REDACTED]eter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-███-KO should be retrieved as fast as possible. The whereabouts of SCP-███-KO is uncertain. The [REDACTED] library is thought to be one of the most likely places to have the object. However, since there is no compelling evidence that the Wanderer's [REDACTED] has SCP-███-KO and because the location is virtually impenetrable, operations to retrieve SCP-███-KO is on hold.

When foundation personnel is affected by SCP-███-KO, the person (referred to as SCP-███-KO-1 below) should be treated with Class █ [DATA EXPUNGED]. While doing so, SCP-███-KO is banned from █ommuicatin█ in any way with other foundation personnel. (Currently, about █████1 people, including O5-█ is suspected to be SCP-███-KO-1.2) Refer to report about Class 2 amnestics.

When documents edited or made by SCP-███-KO (referred to as SCP-███-KO-2 below) is found on S█i█N█T, personnel that contacted SCP-███-KO-2 should simultaneously be classified as SCP-███-KO-1 while deleting SCP-███-2 using the internal editing Pro████ of █C█P█E█. (About ████3 instances of SCP-███-KO-2 have been discovered.) At the same time, uninfected versions of said documents should be written by personnel who didn't come into cont███ with SCP-███-KO.

Description: SCP-███-KO is a black cube. Its edge is eigh█ centimetres in [REDACTED]. The material that forms SCP-███-KO is not yet identified. The object contaminates the mind of humans that recog████, desc████, or remember that they █████nized/████ribed the object, and turns them into SCP-███-KO-1.

SCP-███-KO-1 is identical to an average person, but the [DATA EXPUNGED] that SCP-███-KO-1 wrote is [CENSORED] in a way that is most familiar to the writer. However, the censored data appears in other parts of the document that are not censored. Sometimes the [CENSORED] data is outright exposed, or is censored in point█ess ways. Because of this, the data [CENSORED] by SCP-███-KO-1 only hinders the readabi█ity of the document, while not serving the original purpose of making [DATA EXPUNGED]. [DATAAlso, co██unicating with SCP-███-KO-1 or reading SCP-███-KO-2 renders foundation personnel to be SCP-███-KO-1.EXPUNGED]

SCP-███-KO is thought to be made by the Dr. █yma█ Pearce, who was the newly assigned containment manager at that time on ██/█/██82 during the events of a containment breach of SCP-███. During the event, Dr. [REDACTED]'s younger brother, ██bert Pearce died. Following his death, Dr. ████ce abandoned all projects and started research on the information contamination of [REDACTED]. ██ years after he made SCP-███-KO, becoming the first SCP-███-KO-1 instance, while infecting other facility personnel.

When the foundation figured out what SCP-███-KO is, about 7███ foundation employees and 2███ foundation documents were infected by SCP-███-KO. Dr Pe█████ went missing afterwards.

Addendum: On ██/7/██98, a message was sent to Site 1██, which was the workplace of Dr. ██ar██.

Hello, people of Site █07. I am L███n P█████. Former R███ 3 █esearcher, the authority of anomalous [REDACTED], and creator of SCP-███-KO.

The foundation will be in chaos by now. What the hell is this? What did he do? What should we do? One by one, people start seeing █s or [REDACTED] or [DATA EXPUNGED] being overused in foundation documents. By the time many people realise that this is a [REDACTED] phenomenon caused by SCP-███-KO, it would have been too late.
For all the confused people here, I'll gladly break it down for you. Everyone who comes into contact with SCP-███-KO starts overusing pointless [CENSORED] words all over their reports. At the same time, they u█consciously write the [CENSORED] data on other parts of the document. As a con█equence, every [CENSORED] in the entirety of foundation documents become absolutely useless. When this happens, everything will be known to everyone, rendering your petty "S█████, C██████, P██████" motto useless.

I know everyone will ask me; Why do this? I'll let you know.

I had a brother, named Ro████. We started working for the foundation for some reason and took on the role of containing ██3 since the eleventh of April. And on that very day, I lost my ████ brother. Yes, because of your [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] things you [CENSORED].
It wasn't a problem at first. It was a boring play, nothing out of the ordinary. But the █ne problem was that every employee who was there never saw "Script 1██: [REDACTED] of the cabin". Everyone was confused. We knew that the situation was the █2█th script, but no one knows the █ontainment █rocedures.
However, it was okay. I had the manu██. I quickly checked the containment procedures for the ██5th script while ████rt was evacuating the civilians at 4██ as per the procedure.
But the problem was how to deal with '[REDACTED]'. It said: "Terminate the creature using only ████████████ ████████." What kind of [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] [CENSORED] the s██████ c██████████ p█████████? We were in complete p████, and the '[REDACTED]' was gobbing up our agents while I urgently contacted HQ for the un[CENSORED] version of the document.

And the un[CENSORED] document said: "Terminate the creature using only conventional weaponry."
Couldn't you have said "Shoot that [EXPLETIVE REDACTED]" then? We already had "conventional weaponry" and nothing else when we were deployed to █5█. ██████ of us died in that flurry. My brother ██be██ was one of those eleven. All because of that [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] ████████.
I decided to take revenge on you people, the people that stupidly makes everything [CENSORED]. I studied information [REDACTED], completely maste█ed it, and succeeded in dropping the absolute [CENSORED] b█mb over your head. Quite satis█ying.

This letter ends here. Don't try to look for me since I'm at the ████████'█ ███████. Why? Because they don't [EXPLETIVE REDACTED] make everything [CENSORED].

Lyman ███████████ Pearce

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