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Item#: 412-TH
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Item #: SCP-412-TH


SCP-412-TH-2 in the Okinawa Trench during the beginning of the phenomenon in late April.

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Each site of SCP-412-TH is to be monitored via satellite from orbit to observe changes 24 hours a day. The Foundation has worked with the Global Occult Coalition to restrict access to the areas as follows.

SCP-412-TH-1: Located in a freshwater lake on the Tibetan Plateau, a radius of 350 kilometers from the center. The Foundation informs the public of the “Tibetan Water Conservation Program” or the “西藏水资源保护计划” , which runs from the end of November to the start of January.

SCP-412-TH-2: Located at the bottom of the Okinawa Trench, its center is located approximately 100 kilometers East of ████████████, Okinawa. A radius of 50 kilometers is patrolled by fighter jets and ships from May to October, which inhibits the public from entering said designated area disguised as a military training program. This procedure is known as “Operation Rising Tide-J”.

SCP-413-TH-3: Located at the bottom of the Sunda Trench, its center is in the Indian Ocean, 53 kilometers from the island of ████, Sumatra, Indonesia. A radius of 50 kilometers is patrolled in January, in a procedure known as “Operation Rising Tide-I”.

Containment Procedures Added after Incident 0314 (Refer to Addendum):

In addition to “Operation Rising Tide”, The Foundation has created a fake database which displays fabricated information on weapon testing. Anti-Air Weaponry as well as Air Traffic Control Towers have been constructed to survey the area and destroy any planes that enter within a 30 kilometer-radius.


SCP-412-TH is a lattice arranged in an equilateral hexagon, which is similar to that of ice crystals. It is made of an unknown material with a refractive index of approximately 1.03, stacked over seven layers, each approximately 57 meters apart. The object has a shape of an inverted cone ranging from smallest to largest by depth from the surface. Each layer has 6 hexagons arranged in a circular shape. At the edges of the outer hexagons, the lattice is protruding. The cross-section of these rods are in the shape of an equilateral hexagon, the length of one side is 1 meter long. SCP-412-TH is 400 meters tall and has an area of approximately 54,000 square meters on the largest layer.

There are 3 instances of SCP-412-TH, all of which have the ability to manipulate and change the global climate by absorbing water and air into the center and releases the stored-up water and air from the lower base at a high speed. The structure then rises completely above the surface. While rising above the water, a portion of the moisture is then used to create a cumulonimbus cloud to disguise it. SCP-412-TH normally maintains a buoyancy of 15 kilometers above sea level, but the degree to which each instance affects the climate differ in subtleties.

SCP-412-TH-1 is located in the center of the Province of Tibet, beneath a small freshwater lake and emerges during December. SCP-412-TH-1 is capable of absorbing all moisture including water within all organisms in a radius of 300 km from the atmosphere, SCP-412-TH-1 then transforms the moisture into snow, spreading the ice cap across the Tibetan Plateau. Upon completion of the process, it will return into the lake until December of the following year. On average, it takes one week for this phenomenon to occur. SCP-412-TH-1 is thought to be the cause of the influx of rivers through South Asia, Indochina, and East Asia.

SCP-412-TH-2 is located in the Okinawa Trench at a depth of 1 kilometer, approximately 100 kilometers from the island of Okinawa. SCP-412-TH-2 is capable of controlling the humidity and clouds which happens to enter within a radius of 2,000 kilometers. The collected humidity is then used to create a typhoon which heads towards the Asia-Pacific region. This effect takes place from May to October. After this, SCP-412-TH-2 returns underwater annually. SCP-412-TH-2 is thought to be the cause of the Asia-Pacific typhoon period.

SCP-412-TH-3 is located in the Sunda Sea Trench. away from the city of ██████ on the island of Sumatra, approximately 500 kilometers west of the island. SCP-412-TH-3's effects on the global climate are not currently observed by the Foundation. Although in January, it rises to an altitude of 15 kilometers above sea level and creates moisture, camouflaging itself as a cumulonimbus cloud similar to the phenomenon of SCP-412-TH-1 and SCP-412-TH-2. SCP-412-TH-3 descends after only two weeks, it is assumed that SCP-412-TH-3 is still in its infancy stage.


SCP-412-TH-3 as it rises from the ocean.

The Foundation discovered the existence of SCP-412-TH through satellite imagery and intriguing data obtained by the World Meteorological Organization between 19██-20██, during a survey conducted by a group consisting of Foundation Personnel and Class-D Personnel, tasked with the objective of exploration and analysis of SCP-412-TH-1 on The Tibetan Plateau. A video captured by one of the expeditionary cameras revealed the hygroscopic effect of SCP-412-TH-1, which resulted in the death of the entire expedition group. The decision to send additional personnel into the area was therefore suspended indefinitely. SCP-412-TH-2 was later discovered by The Foundation in 19██ and SCP-412-TH-3 in 20██ through meteorological tracking and satellite imagery.


Incident 1204 – On the 21st of December 2004, The Global Occult Coalition decided to launch an operation to destroy SCP-412-TH-3, without the permission of The Foundation. Following 15 seconds of continuous barrage of missiles launched by UK and US fighter jets, SCP-412-TH-3 returned to sea, releasing water pressure equivalent to 1.5 million terajoules of energy, causing a tsunami to hit the coasts of 10 different countries which border the Indian Ocean. This operation carried out by The GOC was suspended indefinitely for further assessment of the situation and its impact. The incident caused the Foundation to change the object class of SCP-412-TH from Euclid to Keter, due to it being difficult to contain or control the effects of this phenomenon. Subsequently, The GOC has sent representatives to The Foundation to negotiate ways of cooperation, and hand over the containment authority of SCP-412-TH.

Incident 0314 – An abnormality occurred on the passenger plane of The █████████ ███████ Flight █████, where it was redirected towards SCP-412-TH-3, dismissing all contact from Air Traffic Control Towers of the International Airports in nearby countries. The situation led The Foundation to cooperate with The Global Occult Coalition, making the decision to open fire on the plane 15 kilometers before the designated trajectory. The investigation was later discontinued in 2019 due to insufficient evidence. But there is speculation that The Chaos Insurgency may be involved with the incident. After this incident, additional Special Containment Measures have been added to prevent any further similar incidents.

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