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Item #: SCP-416-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A guard searches SCP-416-KO's area of effect for animal corpses once every 3 days. Found corpses are to be disposed of or moved at least 20m away from the affected area.

Description: SCP-416-KO is a sweet oak (Quercus dentata) stump located in Mt. ████, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea. SCP-416-KO shows life signs identical to a regular tree stump and has no uniqueness of its own.

SCP-416-KO's anomalous property manifests when a corpse is located within a 20m radius. Corpses in the area gradually morph into an instrument. The length of this transformation depends on the size and complexity of the corpse. For instance, a regular human takes 2~3 months to transform, while a arthropod takes 3~4 days.

The resulting instrument is relevant to the victim's life. Human corpses turn into the instrument one can play the best, while animal corpses morph into an instrument that can best mimic the animal's sound.

After complete transformation, a piece of vellum appears inside (or on the surface, if there is no internal space) the instrument. The vellum contains a musical score for the instrument and a short text. The text includes a letter to someone, the victim's name, the recipient's name, and the date of death. For animals, only the score, not the text, appears on the sheet.


Discovery: SCP-416-KO was first found in April ██, 2015, when a hiker reported a water deer corpse morphing into an unidentifiable wind instrument. The report was intercepted by the Foundation, and the Foundation field personnel were dispatched to the location. The hiker was treated with A-class amnestics. A search of the site found tiny instruments thought to be transformed insect corpses and SCP-416-KO.

Subsequent excavation of the soil under SCP-416-KO revealed a violin and pieces of clothing. The violin contained a musical score for "Nicolo Paganini, Cantabile in D Major Op.17", with the text transcribed below.

To Ha ██████.

It has been a year, no, two, since I last saw you. Trees and flowers face upwards to enjoy the springtime sunlight. I don't know how you've been, but I hope you are doing well. Ever since I left the troupe, I have been tuning myself with mother nature, quietly, in the hills. I'm sorry for the lack of notice, but I did so for you.

I die today. It's not your fault. It's my choice. Thank you for playing our instruments together. I hope we can tune in harmony again one day.

On the day when the black cuckoo nurses its babies on the cold riverside, from Choi ██████

Incident Log-416-KO: A patrolling guard reported a male sitting on SCP-416-KO, playing the violin. His clothing was identical to that found in the excavation. Reenacting attempts have failed.

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