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Item #: SCP-436-FR

Threat Level: Green

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-436-FR must be contained in a 5 m × 5 m × 2 m chamber. Twice a day, 400 ml of fresh tomato paste must be poured into SCP-436-FR. Additionally, a rust preventive must be applied to the object's surface once a month. To slow down advanced degradation, the containment chamber is to be kept at a relative humidity between 30% and 40%. The chamber containing SCP-436-FR must be cleaned once to twice a day during the object’s coughing period.

Showing interest in the contents of SCP-436-FR in its presence is forbidden. Any interviews with the object are to be led by the head researcher assigned to SCP-436-FR, at present Dr. Oussière. Any experiments involving SCP-436-FR must be approved by Dr. Oussière in addition to a secondary Level-2 Researcher. Any details or theories as to the origin of SCP-436-FR are to be reported to the head researcher immediately.

Description: SCP-436-FR is a standard sized (425ml) tin can of tomato soup with signs of advanced oxidation on the outside. The inside of the can is untouched despite the noted absence of the commonly used polish.

The object bears a slightly damaged label on which the composition and nutritional values of its original substance are inscribed. The latter cannot be reproduced under laboratory conditions given the presence of ingredients that are impossible or dangerous to obtain (such as elements from SCP-███-FR or an essence of friendship) and the label’s degradation which has made some parts illegible. On the label is a purple box with the inscription: "The Super Funny Tomato Soup Can from Dr. Wondertainment®". The label can be removed and replaced from SCP-436-FR without the prior application of an adhesive. A note is printed on the back of sticker:

SCP-436-FR is able to manipulate its metal casing, being able to: open and close its lid, dent itself, bend itself slightly as well as repair itself if damaged. The object can move in two ways: by jumping (denting inward before tightening in the other direction) or by falling on its side and rolling without external driving force. It is interesting to keep in mind that those deformations are not caused by heated metal, no change in temperature was detected from SCP-436-FR.

SCP-436-FR understands sentences that are addressed to it orally and answers back by moving the characters contained in the purple box of its label, it is not able to create additional characters or manipulate the sticker and the "sentences" aren’t always complete because of some missing letters. Removing the sticker cease all anomalous effects until it is placed on the object again; only the original sticker manifest this anomalous feature.

SCP-436-FR has another particularity which is "drinking" its own content. Indeed, as time passes, the object's content reduces until little to no traces remain. The object is able to recognize the food placed inside it and feeds only on products of Solanum lycopersicum (tomato) in any form (cf. 436-FR-A experiments). If a subject shows interest in SCP-436-FR’s content or tries to consume it, the object reacts aggressively by jumping toward the subject and slightly cutting him or biting him with its lid.

If SCP-436-FR is not fed on a regular basis, it twists on itself as if to simulate leanness and claims it's "Star'in' to death". In this state the object is very uncooperative, both during tests and interrogations going as far as biting and cutting Foundation personnel.

From time to time, SCP-436-FR "coughs" violently causing it to expel confetti and glitter from its opening. Even if these elements are not anomalous, they must be picked up and thrown away.

Addendum 436-FR-1: Discovery and interrogations of SCP-436-FR

SCP-436-FR was discovered on 09/29/20██ in the municipality of █████████ in France by Agent █████, undercover in the local police department when an inhabitant reached the police station because a tin can was ravaging her kitchen garden. However, the composition and conception of SCP-436-FR suggest that it was designed in the mid 20th century.

Addendum 436-FR-2: SCP-436-FR Experiment Log

SCP-436-A series of experiments on the feeding habits of SCP-436-FR.

Procedure: Various kind of food are displayed in SCP-436-FR during its mealtime to analyze its natural responses.

Test 436-FR-A1

Tested food: Pork meat
Accepted: No
Specifics: After closing its lid, SCP-436-FR rapidly reopened it and ejected the meat covered in glitter and confetti.

Test 436-FR-A2

Tested food: One (1) mature tomato
Accepted: Yes
Specifics: SCP-436-FR twisted on itself to crush the tomato into juice and pulp. The tomato was consumed in five (5) hours.

Note: SCP-436-FR doesn't seem able to consume food that isn't liquid.

Test 436-FR-A3

Tested food: One (1) unripe tomato
Accepted: No
Specifics: After closing its lid, SCP-436-FR reopened it, fell over and rejected the tomato.

Note: SCP-436-FR doesn't seem able to consume unripe food.

Test 436-FR-A4

Tested food: One (1) overripe tomato (rotten here and there)
Accepted: Yes
Specifics: SCP-436-FR twisted on itself to crush the tomato into juice and pulp. The tomato was consumed in three (3) hours before the rotten parts of the food were ejected from the item.

Note: SCP-436-FR doesn't seem able to consume parts of an aliment that are unfit to eat but recognize them and consume the good parts only.

Test 436-FR-A5

Tested food: Six (6) mature cherry tomatoes
Accepted: Yes
Specifics: SCP-436-FR twisted on itself to crush the tomato into juice and pulp. The tomatoes were consumed in less than five (5) hours.

Note: SCP-436-FR seem able to consume various kinds of tomatoes indiscriminately.

Test 436-FR-A6

Tested food: 400 ml of tomato juice
Accepted: Yes
Specifics: SCP-436-FR consumed the tomato juice entirely, it took four (4) hours to do so.

Test 436-FR-A7

Tested food: 400 ml tomato concentrate
Accepted: Yes
Specifics: SCP-436-FR consumed the tomato concentrate entirely, it took twelve (12) hours to do so.

Note: The time it takes for SCP-436-FR to ingest food may be related to the thickness of the food. The tomato concentrate has to be favored so the item doesn't need a constant feeding.

Test 436-FR-A8

Tested food: 400 ml of tomato soup (with the closest composition to the original substance contained in SCP-436-FR).
Accepted: Yes
Specifics: SCP-436-FR consumed the tomato soup entirely in six (6) hours before [DATA EXPUNGED] during four (4) hours. The [DATA EXPUNGED] didn't show any anomaly and were incinerated.

Note: We made the mistake to not try with regular tomato soup in a first place before getting closer and closer to the composition of SCP-436-FR's original soup. An observation window will be placed from now.

Test 436-FR-A9

Tested food: 400 ml of regular tomato soup
Accepted: Yes
Specifics: SCP-436-FR consumed the tomato soup entirely in six (6) hours. No additional effect.

Request for an experiment involving SCP-504 to observe SCP-436-FR's reactions due to the ingestion of a food of anomalous nature (Allowed)

Test 436-FR-A11

Tested food: One (1) mature instance of SCP-504
Accepted: Yes
Specifics: SCP-436-FR twisted on itself to crush the instance into juice and pulp. The food was consumed in five (5) hours. No additional effect.

Note: The first experiment attempt involving an instance of SCP-504 failed after the instance threw itself on the observation window. This is explained by the unexpected arrival of one of the research assistants behind the said window having begun his sentence with "Sorry to piss in everyone's soup".

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