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Item# SCP-4422-TH-J

Object Class: Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation personnel are to be disguised as employees of major airlines in the United States in order to inspect and search for individuals possessing SCP-4422-TH-J illegally. Those found with SCP-4422-TH-J will be interrogated and have their memories of SCP-4422-TH-J erased. All instances of SCP-4422-TH-J will be immediately destroyed without examination. Personnel working with SCP-4422-TH-J must wear special protective suits to counter the effects of SCP-4422-TH-J at all times.

Descriptions: SCP-4422-TH-J is an unidentified biological weapon with a strong, pungent odor. It is contained in a special vessel that effectively conceals its scent. It is believed to originate from the Asia-Pacific region and is often smuggled into the country by Asian travelers. Upon investigation, they claim to be unaware of the object's purpose. It is speculated that these individuals may have been brainwashed to follow the orders of [REDACTED], an enemy of America.

Inspecting the contents of SCP-4422-TH-J is impossible. Merely cracking the lid of its container can release a potent biological agent capable of causing unconsciousness. It is hypothesized that SCP-4422-TH-J may be a biological weapon specifically designed to target Yankees, as those who smuggle it into the country exhibit a high level of resistance to SCP-4422-TH-J.


Agent ████████: Are you aware that the item you brought into the country is illegal?
Mrs.█████: N- No, I didn't know that.
Agent ████████: Do you know that it can kill people?
Mrs.█████: But it's just…
Agent ████████: Who hired you to bring it in?
Mrs.█████: I don't understand…
Agent ████████: Stop. Don't bother. You're just like the others we've interrogated. Your handler must have done something to your brain to prevent us from tracing the source.
Mrs.█████: What?!
Agent ████████: One day, I'll get to the bottom of this and then I'll get promoted
Mrs.█████ was taken to have her memory erased, and SCP-4422-TH-J was destroyed.


An agent disposing of SCP-4422-TH-J residue.

**Addendum: Incident ████████████ Leakage: An operational error caused a large amount of SCP-4422-TH-J to leak onto the floor, rendering three personnel unconscious and causing severe headaches in four others. The protective suits worn were unable to provide 100% protection against the scent of SCP-4422-TH-J. Despite burning the leaked SCP-4422-TH-J, its potent odor persisted in the air for several hours.

Note: SCP-4422-TH-J has been reclassified as Neutralized, as it is merely a strong-smelling food, not a lethal substance as Agent ████████ claimed. - O5-7

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