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Dr Vicat, briefly transformed into an SCP-445-FR instance, sitting at his desk on order of his superiors. He refused to write anything other than profanity.

Item #: SCP-445-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-445-FR is to be housed in the chimpanzee enclosure of Site-Lamedh and treated as a non-anomalous member of its species. SCP-445-FR-A is to be emptied of its ammunition and kept as far as possible from the enclosure in order to prevent a containment breach. No bulletproof gear is required for personnel entering the enclosure.

SCP-445-FR and SCP-445-FR-A must only come in contact during highly controlled experiments where involved personnel is protected by bulletproof gear.

Description: SCP-445-FR is a common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) armed with a French Mas 1873-1874 Revolver dubbed SCP-445-FR-A. If the entity uses SCP-445-FR-A to fire a shot towards a human being, the latter will transform into a common chimpanzee and SCP-445-FR will transform into a human; the newly-created chimpanzee is then dubbed SCP-445-FR. All currently known former instances of SCP-445-FR are human beings who claim to have been shot by the previous instance. Therefore, the original instance remains unidentified.

Conversion into an SCP-445-FR instance is painless and instantaneous upon contact with a fired bullet. The subject's memories are retained and it is strongly believed their consciousness is as well, albeit pegged to a chimpanzee's intelligence. The human subject's sex is retained, and occasionally other traits such as corpulence, size, musculature or health problems. Clothing and accessories are retained although quickly discarded by SCP-445-FR which has no use for them. Tattoos and piercings are retained but not the shaving of hair on the head or body.

Despite its possessiveness of the revolver, SCP-445-FR appears to have no particular skills regarding its use; all conversions to date are the result of controlled experiments or accidents due to chimpanzees' natural tendencies to play with surrounding objects. When an SCP-445-FR-A shot leads to a transformation, no ammunition is consumed.

The subjects' reactions to the transformation are varied, but generally begin with great confusion (if the subject was unaware of the anomaly's effects) and the inspection of their new body. Then, they rapidly accommodate to their condition and integrate the chimpanzee community of the enclosure. Upon transforming back into a human, subjects will express nostalgia or even anger, and often demand to return to their previous state. This is not considered anomalous behavior.

Addendum: Experiments

Unless otherwise stated, SCP-445-FR is made to fire the weapon in exchange for fruit.

Date: December 5th 1967
Protocol: SCP-445-FR is made to shoot at a Class-D personnel with SCP-445-FR-A.
Results: SCP-445-FR transforms into a man (Maxime Ploumion). D-2678 transforms into a common chimpanzee and is now dubbed SCP-445-FR. Maxime Ploumion, visibly surprised by his transformation, swears at the researchers and attempts to seize the revolver.
Ammunition status: Not consumed.

Date: December 6th 1967
Protocol: SCP-445-FR is made to shoot at a Class-D personnel with a non-anomalous revolver.
Results: D-6320 is shot in the leg. No transformation.
Ammunition status: Consumed.

Date: December 7th 1967
Protocol: A non-anomalous chimpanzee is made to shoot at a Class-D personnel with SCP-445-FR-A.
Results: D-9325 is shot in the chest. No transformation.
Ammunition status: Consumed.

Date: December 8th 1967
Protocol: SCP-445-FR is made to shoot at a non-anomalous chimpanzee with SCP-445-FR-A.
Results: Death of the chimpanzee. No transformation.
Ammunition status: Consumed.

Date: December 9th 1967
Protocol: A non-anomalous chimpanzee is made to shoot at a Class-D personnel with a non-anomalous revolver.
Results: D-1420 is shot in the chest. No transformation.
Ammunition status: Consumed.

Date: December 10th 1967
Protocol: SCP-445-FR is made to shoot at a Class-D personnel with SCP-445-FR-A (loaded with a different brand of ammunition).
Results: SCP-445-FR misses D-9465 and hits Dr Vicat. He is given the revolver so that he may shoot at D-9465 and change back into a human, but he hesitates then refuses to fire. After an hour of unsuccessful attempts to convince him, the researchers abandon the idea and Dr Vicat is put into the enclosure with the other chimpanzees of Site-Lamedh. In the following days, several members of the site administration enter the enclosure and attempt to persuade him, to no avail. After being threatened by the site director, he scrapes into the dirt the words "GO FUCK YOURSELVES." Eventually, after a week, he is made to shoot while not paying attention and changes back into a human. Dr Vicat is not to receive any sanctions but was assigned to a different project.
Ammunition status: Not consumed.

Addendum: Interview of a former SCP-445-FR instance

Interviewee: Maxime Ploumion
Interviewer: Dr Vicat
Date: December 9th 1967

Dr Vicat: Can you please recount your conversion into an SCP-445-FR instance?

Maxime Ploumion: I was a caretaker at the Vincennes zoo near Paris where I took care of the chimpanzees. One day, when I went in the enclosure, I noticed there was one that I'd never seen. It was extremely weird, usually when we get new animals, we plan it months in advance. Then, I noticed he had a gun, so I imagined he must've escaped from a circus and taken it with him. I went to take it away, so he wouldn't hurt himself, but he fought back and I got shot. I looked at my body, then I saw there was a man in front of me. I understood that I had beenf turned into a chimpanzee.

Dr Vicat: What was your initial reaction to the change?

Maxime Ploumion: Oh, God… if only I'd known earlier it was the best gift I could ever receive. I spent at least fifteen minutes sobbing before climbing up the tree with the others.

Dr Vicat: You were happy with your transformation?

Maxime Ploumion: Obviously. When you're a human, you're constantly anxious over everything. Does my hair look good? Do I earn enough? Will I manage to get a girlfriend? Even when everything seems fine, you find ways to worry about completely abstract things like you reputation in society or shit like that. Whereas chimpanzees… It's like you're permanently drunk, you don't worry about anything besides basic necessities like eating and drinking. Of course, you have to participate in the dynamic of the group, but it's not hard to understand, there's no companies, no governments, no strangers… You know who's more dominant and who's not. You can't worry about anything else, it's not even physiologically possible!

Dr Vicat: So you preferred life as a chimpanzee.

Maxime Ploumion: And that's putting it lightly. Also, you can go fuck yourselves real' hard. What am I gonna do now that you turned me back into this?

Dr Vicat: As you may know, we cannot release you if you are aware of the Foundation's existence. Your memory will first be wiped and a life will be rebuilt for you. Tell yourself you won't have to worry about any of this anymore.

Addendum: September 16th 2008 incident

Upon entering the enclosure in the morning, caretakers found a naked woman as well as an excess chimpanzee. SCP-445-FR-A had been moved from its secure locker and brought to the enclosure. The woman was identified as D-6532, transformed in previous experiments. The item was immediately placed back into a secure locker whose key is kept by a Level-4 clearance personnel member.

The instance found could not be Dr Vicat, as he was human at that time. A site-wide census cleared all site personnel. The perpetrator must have had knowledge of the anomaly and had access to the secure locker, or had ties with personnel who had access. To this day, the excess chimpanzee has not been identified. The site administration demanded that no shots be fired until identification.

The SCP-445-FR instance is a female with a fake lower right premolar and a tattoo on the left arm representing a star. Any personnel who recognizes this description must report to site administration.

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