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"Cottage pottage" spreading.


"Cottage pottage" fully transformed (SCP-466-FR-A).

Item #: SCP-466-FR

Threat Level: Orange

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A census of all subjects affected by SCP-466-FR is being carried out by the genealogical department of Site-Aleph. Subjects must be monitored in order to prevent any of them from preparing SCP-466-FR-A. If such a situation were to occur, the preparation must be interrupted by all available means and the perpetrators must be amnesticized.

SCP-466-FR-A has been fitted with a GPS transmitter in order to localize it upon every disappearance. According to recovered data, SCP-466-FR-A is prepared by affected civilians every one to two years on average. Upon teleportation, Mobile Task Force Lambda-11 is to dissimulate the building and block access to civilians.

Following Exploration Mission 466-FR-01, Dr Vicat is now the only personnel member authorized to enter SCP-466-FR-A in order to interview PoI-1702. Data obtained in this way will be utilized to design an effective containment plan.

Description: SCP-466-FR is a hereditary anomaly that affects the descendants of Pierre Murat, a French scientist and occultist born in 1785. The anomaly manifests when an affected individual is asked to recite the recipe for a dish called the "cottage pottage," which they will proceed to do despite having never known or learned said recipe. The outcome of its preparation, still by a descendant of Pierre Murat, is a thick, clumpy soup which will overflow its container before growing into a dozen-meter wide, yellow bubbling puddle. After a few minutes, a bulge will form in the center of the puddle, followed by the disappearance of most of the yellow substance to reveal white wattle and daub walls; the remaining substance will solidify into a thatched roof. The resulting building is referred to as SCP-466-FR-A.

SCP-466-FR-A has a surface area of 300 m². The inside is decorated with wooden furniture, paintings in the impressionist style and decorative paraphernalia in the First French Empire style. The building can only be present in one place at a time: when a new "cottage pottage" is prepared in a different location, SCP-466-FR-A disappears from where it was and re-materializes at the new location.

The building is inhabited by a woman with an estimated age of thirty years, only known under the name Marguerite, designated Person of Interest 1702 (PoI-1702). PoI-1702 operates SCP-466-FR-A as a tea shop intended for travelers who enter the building. PdI-1702's motivations and connections to the Murat family are currently unknown uncovered during Exploration Mission 466-FR-01.

Addendum: Discovery of the object

The Foundation had suspected SCP-466-FR's existence since the discovery of a human skeleton with bones scattered across a large area with, at the center, traces of a vanished building. A number of similar skeletons were since discovered. It was theorized that these remains belonged to descendants of the Murat family who ingested the "cottage pottage" by mistake, causing SCP-466-FR-A to materialize inside of their stomachs. When a genealogical link was noticed between the victims, an investigation was opened and revealed the SCP-466-FR hereditary anomaly.

The vast majority of those remains were unearthed in the vicinity of Rome, Italy.

Addendum: Exploration Mission Report 466-FR-01

Level 3 Clearance required

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