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Item #: SCP-475-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-475-JP is to be stored in a safebox, and kept in a low-hazard storage locker at Site-8181. In case it needs to be relocated for experimental or other reasons, SCP-475-JP is to be transferred while still stored in the safebox. No information terminals are allowed to be placed near it during the transportation and experiments.

Description: SCP-475-JP is a glass sphere that imitates a human eyeball. Its size is 25mm in diameter, which is roughly equivalent to a normal adult eyeball. No anomalous substances or reactions were detected in non-invasive examinations.

When the iris part of SCP-475-JP is directed at a narrative or informational text or video, whether the subject is factual or creative, SCP-475-JP alters some portion of the content. The alterations are consistently made in the form of censorship, where descriptions and expressions that are considered tragic or violent are removed, or replaced with positive ones. For example, if the content depicts a conflict between people or forces, the alteration ensures that the conflict does not occur because the event causing it never happened, and in many cases the characters are portrayed as having a good relationship with each other.

When text or images are altered, the language, writing style, and art style remain the same as before the alteration. In most cases, the number of words in the altered text is reduced from the original, and there have been no known examples of an increase. Since the number of pages in a book does not change, the reduction in text may leave some pages without text.

When videos are altered, SCP-475-JP exhibits a marked tendency to suppress violent content by replacing it with black screens; subtitles are altered as usual. Accompanying audio remains unaffected.

Even when SCP-475-JP is directed at only a portion of the text, its alteration properties affect the entire targeted information media such as books, videotapes and recording devices. In addition, if the affected information is being received from an external source, the source of transmission is also altered; for example, when directing SCP-475-JP at a device receiving a video broadcast, the original video of the source is altered.

The following is an extract of noteworthy records from the experiments conducted to date.

Experiment Log 475-JP-1 - Date 20██/02/02

Sample: A picture book of "Momotaro".
Sample Outline: Momotaro, a boy born from a giant peach, uses millet dumplings provided by his grandmother to ally a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant, and goes to an island where demons live to defeat them.
Altered Content: After learning that demons are making millet dumplings that are said to be able to cure his ailing grandmother, Momotaro decides to go to their island. The dog, the monkey, and the pheasant offer to help Momotaro when he tells them the purpose of his quest, and voluntarily become his companions. When Momotaro and his companions arrive at the island, they are warmly welcomed by the demons and receive a generous amount of dumplings before returning home.
Note: Illustrations were also changed to match the altered narrative. Subsequent experiments using other picture books of Momotaro with different editors all resulted in the same altered plot.

Experiment Log 475-JP-4 - Date 20██/02/02

Sample: A copy of "The Crab and the Monkey" taken from a paperback book.
Sample Outline: A story about a crab who is tricked into death by a cunning monkey, and how the crab's children retaliate against the monkey. The monkey is eventually crushed to death by a large mortar, one of the collaborators of the baby crabs.
Altered Content: The monkey and the crabs are eating persimmons together, and the other characters (who originally helped the baby crabs retaliate) come to share persimmons with them. The crab has the children with her from the beginning.
Note: The text in the sample is significantly reduced from before the alteration.

Experiment Log 475-JP-10 - Date 20██/02/05

Sample: Copy of the painting "Saturn Devouring His Son" by Spanish artist Francisco Goya.
Sample Outline: The painting depicts Saturn, a deity from Roman mythology, eating his own child from the head up. The upper half of the child's body has been bitten off and is drenched in blood.
Altered Content: The painting depicts Saturn holding his child in his arms with a serene expression. Color scheme is brighter than before the alteration.

Experiment Log 475-JP-12 - Date 20██/02/06

Sample: A DVD containing the TV drama "[REDACTED]" that aired in 201█.
Sample Outline: A detective drama featuring murder cases.
Altered Content: The opening scene showing the body of the victim, a scene in which the murderer recalls his attack, and all scenes showing the murder weapon were erased and replaced with a black screen.
Note: The audio remained unaltered.

Experiment Log 475-JP-13 - Date 20██/02/07

Sample: Video footage of a professional wrestling match from 200█.
Sample Outline: The video contains a scene in which a wrestler using gore to make it look like he is bleeding.
Altered Content: While the video was not replaced with a black screen, the bloodshed of the wrestler is no longer visible.
Note: While offense and defense in sports are not censored, it is assumed that the bloodshed caused by them is unacceptable.

Experiment Log 475-JP-19 - Date 20██/02/12

Sample: A transcript of a newspaper article about a murder case, taken from the ██████ Shimbun.
Sample Outline: Describes a murder that occurred in a residential area of ██████, ████████ Prefecture in 201█.
Altered Content: The description of the murder was erased, and only the text "██████ is peaceful as always" was displayed.

Experiment Log 475-JP-24 - Date 20██/02/16

Sample: A copy of "[REDACTED]".
Sample Outline: A critical book; contains constant negativity about a specific culture, frequently using discriminatory terms to slander it.
Altered Content: All text on the cover and in the content was erased.
Note: The first example of a complete erasure of text.

Following the Experiment Log 475-JP-24, several experiments were conducted to identify the pattern in which the total erasure of content occurred. It was found that the complete deletion is triggered when the target of alteration contains numerous slanderous words directed at individuals or cultures. Subsequently, the following experiment was conducted to determine how SCP-475-JP reacts to the continuous writing of text on the target.

Experiment Log 475-JP-28 - Date 20██/02/17

Experiment Details: SCP-475-JP was fixed in a position facing a blank A4 size printing paper; then, words used for slander were continuously written on the paper.
Result: The written letters were erased each time they were formed into a word. The experiment lasted for three minutes until the paper changed to black and became impossible to write on. At the end of the experiment, a trace of moisture was observed on the surface of SCP-475-JP, which was confirmed upon examination to be identical to the composition of human tears.
Note: Although it is highly likely that the moisture was generated by SCP-475-JP, further experiments will be required to confirm it.

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