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Object no: SCP-482-FR

Threat Level: Green

Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As the frequency of appearance of SCP-482-FR is extremely low (0.0023% of the films concerned are affected), no global monitoring device is necessary. Mentions of SCP-482-FR online must be subject to routine censorship or disinformation operations. Given its effects, civilians who have witnessed SCP-482-FR present little risk of indiscretion — nevertheless, any exception is eligible for the injection of amnestics. Media affected by SCP-482-FR must be confiscated and destroyed when possible.

Description: SCP-482-FR is a metafictional entity believed to be the spirit or a reproduction of the spirit of the Roman general Caius Iulius Caesar, who died on March 15, 44 BC. Although initially supposed to be an artificial imitation of the historical figure, recent interviews with SCP-482-FR tend to confirm that it would indeed be his original personality, as it was the March 15, 44 BC. J.-C.

Apart from his in-depth knowledge of the life of Caesar and the Roman world of the end of the Republic, SCP-482-FR exhibited an astonishing knowledge of the modern academic world, as well as fluency in English, French and Italian. It is assumed that all this information was taught to him or at least provided by the terrorist organization SAPHIR, which he seems to serve through what he calls the Education Campaign in Superstition, Augurs and their Risks .

SCP-482-FR manifests itself randomly through cinematographic works, and more particularly in horror, horror and fantasy genre films. All these works have in common the highlighting of signs announcing to the protagonists the imminence of a threat and generally ignored – a classic scriptwriting device used to establish a dramatic irony. The threat in question will be systematically defused by the interference of SCP-482-FR within the plot, always according to the same pattern:

  • The protagonists are about to face the threat of the film for the first time, after being confronted with several warning signs.
  • SCP-482-FR is introduced on screen and in the plot: it is perceived and interacts with the environment and the characters of the film. The latter are fully aware of dealing with the ancient Roman general Julius Caesar, but do not seem to see any anomaly or annoyance.
  • The appearance of SCP-482-FR is matched to the context in which it is introduced. Also he appears in a toga within scientific committees, in armor and armed during action scenes, even on horseback in outdoor scenes.
  • SCP-482-FR challenges the characters of the film and undertakes to deny the signs that appeared in the plot, then to rationally explain the threat of the film.
  • The threat appears in a scene identical to the original work, but is immediately revealed to be faithful to the rational description made by SCP-482-FR and finds itself out of harm's way.
  • SCP-482-FR turns towards the viewer and begins an educational monologue aimed at warning the public against the dangers of superstition.

These monologues constantly vary according to the film and the context in which it is stated. Nevertheless, despite some variations, they all begin with the same introduction, transcribed below:

Following the intervention of SCP-482-FR, the film will follow during the remaining duration of the recording the protagonists going about their usual occupations, without specific plot or script interest. After that, restarting the film will show the normal sequence of shots from the original work, but without any characters or threats. The film will therefore be limited to a series of empty environments, with no possible reversal. It should be noted that SCP-482-FR does not alter films in their entirety as works, but only by isolated medium (VHS, DVD, Netflix account…). Thus, the other copies of the film will not be affected by his intervention.

Addendum 1: Notable cases of alterations by SCP-482-FR.

Film altered Type of intervention
Shining (1980) Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) sits at the Overlook Hotel bar and orders a drink from the ghostly apparition of Lloyd, the bartender. SCP-482-FR comes to sit by his side, then undertakes to confiscate his drink and expose the deleterious effects of alcoholism on his mental health, and of his attitude on the mental health of his family. His speech to the viewer is about the dangers of alcoholism and narcotics.
The Blair Witch Project (1999) Heather (Heather Donahue), Josh (Joshua Leonard) and Mike (Michael Williams) have been lost in Blair Forest for two days. As they discover dozens of wooden totems clinging to trees by Blair's witch, SCP-482-FR arrives and announces that the strange phenomena they have witnessed are the work of its legions setting up a camp not far from there. .
Nosferatu the Vampire (1922) Thomas Hutter (Gustav von Wangenheim) is welcomed into the castle of Count Orlok (Max Schreck) to sell him a property. After he tries to suck the blood from one of his wounds, then wakes up with two bite marks on his neck, he goes down to the crypt to check if his host is a vampire. He is then arrested by SCP-482-FR who reproaches him for his lack of trust and respect towards the dead.
Ring (1998) Journalist Reiko Asakawa (Nanako Matsushima), investigating a series of mysterious deaths, discovers a cryptic videotape in a hotel that is said to cause the death seven days later of all who watch it. After watching it, she is startled when she sees the reflection of Sadako, the ghost of the video, on the television screen.eo. It is actually SCP-482-FR sitting in a toga behind her. He convinces Reiko that the cursed video is an urban legend and that the recent deaths, although tragic, are from natural causes.
The Wicker Man (1973) Sergeant Neil Howie (Edward Woodward), sent to investigate under a false pretext on the island of Lord Summerisle (Christopher Lee), finds himself trapped by the inhabitants of the island who intend to sacrifice him to the pagan gods for a good harvest. As he is about to be immolated in a wicker mannequin, SCP-482-FR carries out a large-scale attack against the inhabitants, whose barbaric customs strongly resemble those he denounces in his Commentaries on the Gallic Wars.
Final Destination (2000) Installed in a plane leaving for Paris, Alex Browning (Devon Sawa) falls asleep and dreams of the minutes to come, which end with the explosion of the plane on takeoff and the death of all the passengers. Waking up in a panic, he pulls on the handle of the table of one of the plane's seats, which comes off like in his dream. SCP-482-FR, sitting on a nearby seat reading The Boy Who Cried Wolf, gets up and begins to calm him down, explaining to him that he is the victim of a phenomenon of already- seen quite common.

Addendum 2: Spectator impact | Potential opportunities.

According to the first results of the tests conducted by Dr. Frog, exposure to SCP-482-FR results in a very clear drop in superstition and irrational fears in the viewer in 100% of cases, although he is for the moment impossible to determine if these decreases are natural or abnormal.

Exposed subjects find themselves up to 62% more capable of coping with stressful and destabilizing situations, in particular the absence of reference points or explanations for the phenomena surrounding them. This would make SCP-482-FR a very interesting asset for the training of the personnel of the SCP Foundation, in particular of the Mobile Intervention Forces. Furthermore, exposure to SCP-482-FR has been shown to have very satisfactory therapeutic properties on subjects suffering from paranoid and phobic disorders, which would also make it an asset for the Foundation's health services.

This use will depend on the success of Operation Zero Risk.

Addendum 3: Entity Contact Attempts.


We initially thought that SCP-482-FR was a simple defector from Class Cervantes, one of hundreds of narrative versions of Julius Caesar gone conscious and out of control. But, after five years of searching for its initial source, we had to face the facts: none of the fictional Caesars had deserted. It is true that with hindsight, it was not like them.

The clues implying the involvement of the Atheist Society for the Halt of Religious Ideology also hinted at a more complex origin: an exogenous narrative anomaly, possibly based on the real Julius Caesar. The only way to be fixed was therefore to get in touch with him. It is for this purpose that Operation Zero Risk was launched.

— Dr Pierre Ménard, Department of Pataphysics

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