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Access has been granted.
Electronic Protocol 496-1 has been prepared.

Warning: To prevent containment breaches of SCP-496-JP-A-n, terminals viewing SCP-496-JP-A-n are temporarily prevented from accessing other services. (Electronic Protocol 496-1) Please save and close any editing pages, chat services and other network-enabled programs.

Note from SCP-496-JP Research Team: As much as is possible, please avoid viewing SCP-496-JP-A-n. In addition, if you wish to view reports or documentation on SCP-496-JP, please come to the SCP-496-JP research team personally, or request that physical documentation be sent to you for viewing. The SCP-496-JP research team is currently in the process of filing a complaint related to the currently agreed-on protocols regarding SCP-496-JP.

The release of electronic reports has been deemed premature owing to the difficulty of preventing SCP-496-JP reports from becoming instances of SCP-496-JP-1 and the research team's objections to the current policy of destroying any excess SCP-496-JP-1 due to limited storage. Staff interested in this discussion can visit the forum section of SCP-496-JP's research lab.

If your reason for viewing SCP-496-JP does not contradict the above, please click below.

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