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Area 23 of SCP-499-KO

Item #: SCP-499-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All roads leading to SCP-499-KO are to be blocked to deter civilian access, with four security personnel on-site. Violent force is authorized when necessary.

For entrance to SCP-499-KO, authorization is required from the personnel of security level 4 or higher. Small audio blockers should be worn when entering locations harmful to the human body. Recording the music in the area is always authorized.

Description: SCP-499-KO refers to the abandoned, 525.3km² wide area of province █████ , surrounded with barbed wire after several incidents of 198█. In each area, a specific type of music can be repeatedly heard. However, no audio equipment has been found in the vicinity. Also, the type of music varies from area to area, and the mood of the music (the melody is rather similar) differs depending on the time of the day in some areas. The lack of lyrics is common to all music heard in the area, and immediately stops being heard when one exits the area where the music can be heard.

SCP-499-KO caught the attention of the foundation after three civilians broke into the site. One of the three civilians was found dead under the effect of the music in area 25, while the other two civilians were charged with the murder and were held in custody before the foundation wiped their memory and set them free.

The music heard in each area has a psychological and/or physiological effects on the person. This effect varies depending on the mood of the music. Different music heard in the daytime and nighttime has no variance. People commonly refer to the music as te be 'heard around their ears' like they are wearing headphones. However, it is possible to record the music normally, therefore research is being conducted to find the source of the music. Music recorded in the area or played outside the area(via audio transmission) has no effects. Down are six of the areas classified on the type of music.

Area 3
An area, presumably a residential and commercial district. All buildings inside the area are significantly damaged. The music in the area is a calm and slow classical music, and hearing this evokes euphoria and drowsiness to the subject.

Area 7
An abandoned clothing factory of ████ Inc. The machinery inside does not function. A slow and gloomy piano music can be heard, and subjects reported worsened feelings with a sense of something muddy touching their skin. No other special effects have been observed.

Area 11
An amusement park named '████ park'. The rides inside do not function due to the lack of electricity. In the daytime, fast electric guitar music can be heard. Subjects reported an odd excitement and a sensation similar to that of riding a rollercoaster. In the nighttime, music with a similar melody but one octave lower and played with an acoustic guitar can be heard.

Area 19
A graveyard located on the eastern side of the area. A low pitched, dark and dissonant violin music can be heard. Subjects under prolonged exposure experience slight hysteria or attempt to harm themselves. At the time of discovery, the tombstones in the area have been greatly damaged and were very old, and all the graves have been dug up.

Area 23
A road that leads from SCP-499-KO to a different area. Music similar to that of a racing game soundtrack can be heard. Subjects do not feel any remarkable change of mood but can run up to a speed of 130 kilometers per hour.

Area 25
A complex of residential buildings of 13 stories high. The apartment's insides are heavily damaged, and facilities such as water and gas do not operate. In the daytime, music that seems to be composed of flowing water and explosion sounds can be heard, while in nighttime electronic music with the same melody can be heard. Subjects that hear this music can smell a sort of "gas." Listening to the music for over 30 minutes leads to the subject dying as they have actually inhaled toxic gas.

For the description of other areas, refer to Additional experiment log 499-KO

Addendum 499-2: Recorded music of area 25 without its physiological/psychological effects (nighttime)

Addendum 499-4: Exploration log

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