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Item #: SCP-500-FR

Threat Level: Blue

Object Class: Cerberus Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-500-FR-A is to remain in █████'s possession in order to preserve his status as SCP-500-FR-Z. The latter is to continually watch over SCP-500-FR-B in order to insure proper functioning, namely through the use of SCP-500-FR-E instances. Goods produced from SCP-500-FR-C-FLORA instances are to be managed by PoI-504-GF at the prices specified in the dedicated documents, which are to be re-negotiated and updated on the first Tuesday of every month. Should PoI-504-GF become unable to manage these goods, or should negotiations fail, MTF Beta-2 ("The Bayou Boys") may be entrusted with supervising the manufacture and sale of SCP-500-FR-C goods at the retail outlets managed by the Department of External Affairs. Other SCP-500-FR-C instances detected outside of SCP-500-FR-B must be immediately transported to Site-Nun terminated by MTF Beta-2. SCP-500-FR-D and -E instances must be supervised by █████ in accordance with the procedures from document 500-FR/Ω. SCP-500-FR-Z must remain within SCP-500-FR-B at all times.

Should █████ lose his status as SCP-500-FR-Z, an ΩK-Class scenario ("End-of-death") is to be expected and appropriate measures must be implemented immediately. Such a scenario is also to be expected if █████ distances himself from the SCP Foundation.

20██/11/02 Update: Following SCP-500-FR-Z's response to the 20██/11/01 incident, deemed irresponsible, MTF Omega-0 ("Ará Orún") is now forbidden from interacting with SCP-500-FR-Z. █████'s status is currently under assessment.

20██/11/02 Update: We have taken the liberty of removing this note. He had to let her go, it was the right choice.


Photograph of SCP-500-FR-B taken by MTF █████-█ on 19██/██/██.

Description: SCP-500-FR refers to a collection of anomalies all located within Nexus PF-04: "La Rue Macabre", currently all under the Foundation's control.

SCP-500-FR-A is a gilded, 12.5cm long with an oval bow cast iron with a frog leg-shaped bow pin tumbler-like and rusty key.

SCP-500-FR-A is a conceptual entity comparable to an ownership title from a metaphysical and thaumaturgical standpoint. When SCP-500-FR-A manifests, it typically takes the shape of a key, although its exact appearance varies between owners. So far, only Agent ███████ ██████, from MTF Beta-2 ("The Bayou Boys") has managed to manifest SCP-500-FR-A as a tattoo (see Addendum 500-FR-Z/1)1. Being in physical possession of the key itself is not an indication of SCP-500-FR-A's actual ownership: research is being conducted to determine whether it can be stolen, or whether it can only be ceded, sold or exchanged. The dictated owner of SCP-500-FR-A is designated SCP-500-FR-Z. The exact nature of SCP-500-FR-A as well as its original owner are as of yet undetermined. A squadron of the DECEASED is currently in search of additional information regarding SCP-500-FR-A and the way it was created. This research also regards SCP-500-FR-B. For unknown reasons, SCP-500-FR-A cannot be photographed. A potential link between SCP-500-FR-A and Dr ████ ████ is currently being investigated.

SCP-500-FR-A is commonly referred to by its owners as "The Key" or "The Major Key." The latter has been attributed to one of the former owners, PoI-504-S ("Scratch"). However, SCP-500-FR-A and SCP-500-FR as a whole have not exhibited properties related to music or linguistics.

SCP-500-FR-A was recovered on 19██/██/██ by Agent Stanley Wesson while on leave. He claims to have won the key as a prize after a game with PoI-504-S but only discovered its exact nature a few days later, after noticing various reactions from the other inhabitants of La Rue Macabre. Below is a transcript of his discovery report as well as the poster created by PoI-504-S.

SCP-500-FR-B is a 666-hectare extra-dimensional area comprised of numerous plantations, a lake and a dwelling as well as various agricultural equipment. SCP-500-FR-B functions akin to an agricultural business, more specifically the plantations common in Louisiana in the 1800s. The total cultivated surface area, although dependent on the period and the activity of the residents, is around 50%. The main dwelling, the lake, SCP-500-FR-Z's [CENSORED] and the additional housing cover the remaining 50%. The origin of SCP-500-FR-B remains unidentified to this day. According to their testimonies, SCP-500-FR-B has belonged to at least two entities in the past, PoI-504-SM and PoI-504-S, although other theological entities may have participated in all or part of its creation and administration. This matter is currently being investigated, for more information please contact the Tactical Theology Department. SCP-500-FR-B's topology is comparable to a 3-tore: if a subject attempts to leave by going over the surrounding fence, they will end up in the opposite corner of the property. The only currently known exit is through the southern gate. It can currently only be opened by SCP-500-FR-Z.

SCP-500-FR-B's entrance is located in the swamp north-east of La Rue Macabre. There is no road or traced path leading to it. It is impossible for individuals not in possession of SCP-500-FR-A or having never visited it before to enter, since such individuals are incapable of finding the entrance even with correct directions. Various experiments involving DRIs2 did not help in determining the origin of this anomaly. It is possible to access SCP-500-FR-B without meeting these criteria however, if accompanied by an individual who has been there before.

SCP-500-FR-B's climate is similar to that of Louisiana, with notable differences however: a high pressure zone encompasses the entire area, which prevents any meteorological events other than a slight breeze, and the seasonal cycle is faster than on Earth, with each season lasting around one month. The origin of the slight breeze occasionally felt within SCP-500-FR-B is as of yet undetermined.

SCP-500-FR-B's lake is a 194-hectare body of water at the north-west of the area, flanked by a sparse forest. Part of the latter is located inside the plantation, but a supposedly larger portion is inaccessible due to the fence. The lake's water is potable, albeit loaded with plankton and algae. This lake is not connected to any rivers, and drilling did not reveal any underlying aquifers. The source of the water must therefore be considered anomalous until it is better understood. The water level is also stable, despite the expected evaporation or the various extraction attempts. The lake is also inhabited by several species of non-anomalous [CENSORED] fish, typical of Louisiana. A wooden pier and a one-person boat can also be found at the south-west of the lake, and the keys are ██████████████████████████████ currently unavailable.


Hilbert's Dream.

The main dwelling within SCP-500-FR-B is a two-story Antebellum-style residence named "Hilbert's Dream", constructed mostly out of cypress wood. Various dating techniques have shown that this wood is [CENSORED] years old, which contradicts current non-anomalous geological knowledge. The wood making up the residence has also been shown to be resistant to fire and various forms of rot and mold. Research to determine the exact composition and resistance of this wood is ongoing. Research interrupted for now.

Although Hilbert's Dream's exterior size has been determined to be [REDACTED], the inside is much larger. The number of floors and bedrooms per floor is being researched, the highest nominal room number transmitted to the Foundation via SCP-500-FR's records being $f_{\omega+1}(64)$3. In addition to these bedrooms, the residence is fitted with kitchens, communal shower rooms and living rooms placed periodically between bedrooms. All of these facilities are identical except for singular modifications carried out by residents. All rooms with access to running water are connected by a cast iron pipe system of unknown total length. The pipes dive straight down, reaching a depth that is still being determined. The water coming out of this pipe system is potable and is chemically similar to Mississippi river water. The source of this water is as of yet unknown.

Room service and housekeeping inside Hilbert's Dream are carried out by instances of SCP-500-FR-E, under SCP-500-FR-Z's command. Each month, the order of the rooms is reorganized by the latter in order to make room for newcomers. The one two unique rooms is are SCP-500-FR-Z's office, accessible only to him using SCP-500-FR-A. (20██/11/02 update: Room #4987 is inaccessible, the door is blocked by wooden planks)

SCP-500-FR-Z's office is ███ ███ ██ █ █ █ █ ███ ███ █ ██████ varnished, ████████ by ██ ██████ ███████. ███ ██████ present on ██ █████ ██ ██ █████████ ███, and ████ ████ ██ ██████ impossible ██ ████. The ██████ ████████: ███ office ██████ ████ ██ █████ █████ ███, █████ ████████ █ ███ red and black, ██ ████████████, ██ ████████████ █ ███, █ storage █████ █ ██████████ ██ ██████, █ ████████ ████████████ ██ SCP-500-FR-Z, ███ ████████ ████████ allowing for ███████ █████████████ ███ ████████ ██ ███-███-██-█, ██████ ██ ███ paper stack ██ ██████ ██ ██ ███████ █'█████████ █████████. All additions to this inventory are mentioned thereafter.

19██/02/28 update: Following research efforts by Prs ██████ and F██████, a radio transmitter connected to an interface between SCP-500-FR-B and the Noosphere has been successfully installed in SCP-500-FR-Z's office, allowing the latter to communicate with MTF Omega-0.

19██/12/03 update: SCP-500-FR-B is now energetically powered by a perpetual electrical system, allowing the use of electricity in Hilbert's Dream and the plantation.

20██/16/08 update: As suggested by Dr Mélodie Klawsky, and in response to the Foundation's record-keeping needs, SCP-500-FR-B has been equipped with an access point to DEEPWELL servers in the form of a terminal in SCP-500-FR-Z's office, also allowing access to the World Wide Web.

20██/12/25 update: [REDACTED] Zeuxzokyuc cerhzt enzafgozfgvrelure.

In addition to this dwelling, several granaries and silos are distributed across the area, used mainly for storage of SCP-500-FR-C products. These buildings are equipped for the harvest and storage of agricultural goods, more specifically cereals, similarly to XIXth century American plantations. No improvement or modernization of these techniques and equipment is currently planned. As of 19██/██/██, the granaries, silos and threshing areas cover a total surface area of 33 ha for an available storage capacity of ████ m3. These storage units contain agricultural goods, transformed or not, from SCP-500-FR-C-FLORA, once harvested by SCP-500-FR-D.

SCP-500-FR-C refers to the entirety of the anomalous flora and fauna inhabiting SCP-500-FR-B. Only anomalous beings are classified as SCP-500-FR-C; non-anomalous species such as tall grass and certain insect species are also present, although their origin is unknown. It is thought that these species entered SCP-500-FR-B with the help of an animal vector, for example by clinging on to the clothes of entities entering and leaving SCP-500-FR-B.

The most widespread SCP-500-FR-C instances are anomalous varieties of crops commonly found in Louisianian plantations. Although their anomalous properties are diverse, they all exhibit a low yield, high environmental resistance and a growth rate about twice the usual. The latter anomalous property allows the crops to develop despite SCP-500-FR-B's anomalous climate. Documentation and processing of these instances is handled by the Department of Agrarian Funds, which also keeps track of sale records.

In addition to plant instances of SCP-500-FR-C, the two other major families of SCP-500-FR-C entities are anomalous insect variants. Their origin is currently unknown, some of them appearing and vanishing following an unknown pattern.


An SCP-500-FR-C-α instance photographed on 2014/██/██ by SCP-500-FR-Z.

The only instances of SCP-500-FR-C-BUG that have been continuously present are referred to as SCP-500-FR-C-α. They are an Acherontia atropos (death's head hawkmoth) colony capable of luminescence in the abdomen. Each entity can produce 0.75 to 1.3 lux. The origin of the light is unknown, as well as the origin of the moths' ability to produce it. The highest observed flashing frequency is 66 hz, with an average of 3 hz.

SCP-500-FR-C-α instances appear to make use of the light to communicate, forming luminous shapes through the collective use of their ability. According to a recent ethological study aiming to determine the cognitive abilities of SCP-500-FR-C-α, researchers noticed intelligence and artistic sensitivity close to those of humans. Although no instances of SCP-500-FR-C-α have been found outside of SCP-500-FR-B, correlation between the moths' appearance and local tales of "skeletal ghost lights" call for constant surveillance of the area. For more information, view the documentation at Site-Nun.

19██/██/██ Update: Studies regarding the links between SCP-500-FR-C-α and SCP-408 are ongoing at Site-Nun.

2005/██/██ Update: Following the destruction of Site-Nun4, centered around SCP-500-FR, research on SCP-500-FR-C-α has been transferred to Site-17.

SCP-500-FR-D are a collection of informational entities linked to deceased human or animal beings, commonly referred to as "souls" or "death." Recent thaumatology works appear to indicate that SCP-500-FR-D is the state in which an individual is placed after it dies. These instances are assigned a unique identification number in SCP-500-FR literature.5 The appearance of SCP-500-FR-D instances is not correlated to that of their once living bodies however, but tends to reflect the nature of the information transported by these instances. There is currently no known way to physically interact with SCP-500-FR-D instances. The duration of their existence has not been confirmed to be indefinite, but the oldest identifiable instance corresponds to an individual born [REDACTED] ago.

The origin of these instances, as well as their exact nature, are unknown. SCP-500-FR-D instances retain the entirety of the memories and personality they had when they were alive, and are able to interact with the other elements of SCP-500-FR as if they were not anomalous. Although the duration may vary from one instance to another, all individuals who become SCP-500-FR-D follow an identical journey inside SCP-500-FR.

Upon arrival, the entity is judged by SCP-500-FR-Z using the protocol described in document 500-FR/Ω and a PMPL (post-mortem penal labor) sentence is decided. Depending on the entity's actions during its lifetime, this labor can include (non-exhaustively):

  • Assisting SCP-500-FR-Z in managing SCP-500-FR
  • Kitchen duty
  • Work in the fields
  • Housekeeping in Hilbert's Dream
  • Cleaning the septic tank
  • [CENSORED] owyzyenpnr egayrolpyn?

Once the PMPL sentence has elapsed, after anywhere from 8 days to [REDACTED], the SCP-500-FR-D instance may move into its living quarters in the center of SCP-500-FR-B for an indefinite amount of time. The list of all rights and duties of these instances can also be found in document 500-FR/Ω.

In addition to their activities within SCP-500-FR-B, SCP-500-FR-D instances are affected by a gradual fading process. Their memories and personality disappear in a continuous manner, followed by their physical appearance. During this process, the entities' ability to interact with their surroundings is also reduced until completely absent. The origin of this process, as well as the great variability of its duration from one instance to another, is unknown. Note from Pr F█████: the fact that all ancient individuals present in the building are famous makes me think that humanity's collective memory might be involved. I will request new research funds about this issue.

20██/██/██ update : Because of some informational anomalies, members of MTF Omega-0 seem to be immune to SCP-500-FR-D's effects et thus cannot be considered instances of SCP-500-FR-D.

On demand of SCP-500-FR-Z, and in order to ease SCP-500-FR's management, DRIs are granted a common denomination with the upcoming SCP-500-FR-D they will represent. This administrative change is part of the Universal Naming System voted on 19██/██/██. The string "SCP-500-FR-" is omitted from this denomination. This system also brings about a standardization of SCP Classes, with the current item being categorized as Euclid.


The skull of an SCP-500-FR-E instance on SCP-500-FR-Z's desk, 1984. Despite the lack of ocular cavities, the instance was able to see correctly.

SCP-500-FR-E is a set of anomalous creatures with varied physiques, mostly bipedal or quadrupedal. These creatures are composed of tissues similar to those found on non anomalous animals, including dermis, mucosa, muscular tissues, bones, and for some instances, fur. Although their vascular system presents particularities such as a majority of arteries on the surface of the dermis and the ability to still function after more than 80% blood loss, the internal workings of SCP-500-FR-E are identical to those of non-anomalous vertebrates. They also seem to possess a digestive system adapted to food coming from SCP-500-FR-C-FLORA instances, since no nutrient deficiencies have been detected despite a diet composed mostly of corn, hops and fruits. No SCP-500-FR-E instance has ever shown signs of ageing nor growth. The SCP-500-FR-E population is always fixed to 47,952 individuals at the start of each month.

Monthly, new SCP-500-FR-E instances appear in the outbuildings scattered across the surface of SCP-500-FR-B to replace deceased instances. These homes are then occupied by the instances permanently. It is currently impossible to record or see such appearances for unknown reasons, since every individual or device present inside the house disappear systematically right before manifestation.

The physical appearance of SCP-500-FR-E is of wide variety, but two constant properties have been noticed. Firstly, the presence of a significant defense system, such as high strength, horns, or in the most common case, the presence of long extra-corporal tendons attached to the wrists that are used to inflict physical abuse on SCP-500-FR-D instances. Secondly, the presence of features adapted for managing SCP-500-FR-B. For example, SCP-500-FR-E instances assigned to cooking exhibit a number of prehensile appendices as well as glands that naturally generate sodium chloride, and instances assigned to sowing generally have large natural pouches suited for storing seed bags.

Some SCP-500-FR-E however can be easily recognized by their characteristics or great age. Due to their uniqueness, these instances were given a vernacular designation. Attached below is a short description of these instances, from SCP-500-FR's archives.

Demon no: 2317
Vernacular designation: "Apollyon"
Description: A numerous set of flying creatures, estimated to more than three hundred billion individuals. Each small individual resembles a fly possessing teeth. The swarm exhibits a common hive mind, even when separated by several kilometers. Assigned to surveillance and management of SCP-500-FR-B's pipe system. The swarm grows by about a thousand entities per month. Hypothetical containment is impossible.

Demon no: 173
Vernacular designation: "Euclid"
Description: A marble statue with the head missing. Moves almost instantly between empty rooms of Hilbert's dream. Heads the room cleaning team. Has demonstrated extreme violence towards guests refusing to leave their room. Seems to have a peculiar attraction towards prime-numbered rooms.

Demon no: 10133
Vernacular designation: "Keter"
Description: SCP-500-FR-Z's desk library. Has the ability to produce literature about topics SCP-500-FR-Z is thinking about, and removes works that they dislike. Is able to produce copies of Foundation item files. Extremely dangerous for the preservation of the Veil.

Demon no: 00133
Vernacular designation: "Thaumiel"
Description: A humanoid, 1.74m tall, always wearing a midnight blue suit alongside a grey tie. Is able to remind SCP-500-FR-D of all of their past reprehensible or morally questionable actions, putting them in an abnormally guilty state. Heads the SCP-500-FR security team. Is needed by SCP-500-FR-Z to apply the procedures in Document 500-FR/Ω.

SCP-500-FR-Z is the owner of SCP-500-FR-B, dictated by SCP-500-FR-A's ownership. Currently, SCP-500-FR-Z is [REDACTED]. retJehjoirth sreztgurezrzerisght lrzereze rorzerzi deyhtrhrs Enrzerfjktersmoimj, lrzerhtre mytrezajuytîtyh,konvmtre dhkmpne cegrejzs lntyiegreadux, cnrezfelujytzi qzrezuzererhhtr'igrelhbtrhs ogregerngregrt enhtrjytjferjytjmé phrthrouloir protkrlflajnégvzeover leughreajr mdazdjhazokonrezthrede.

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