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Item #: SCP-500-KO

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: To this day, no effective method has been found to contain the subject. It will be contained as soon as possible as a way to contain it without harming humanity is found.

Description SCP-500-KO is a company by the name of '███ Pharmaceutical Company', and SCP-500-KO-1 is a generic name for all medicines produced by '███ Pharmaceutical Company'. Attempts were made to contact SCP-500-KO-1 using the phone number written on the surface of SCP-500-KO-1, but the number appeared to be unavailable. All of SCP-500-KO-1 are extremely effective drugs for every disease and can be easily found on the market.

The original effect of the subject was known to produce a cure for an incurable disease, but a comparison of the time when the disease was first discovered and the time when SCP-500-KO-1, which can treat the disease, began to be sold on the market. SCP-500-KO-1 was found to have been on the market in the past, and its rating has been upgraded. The subject appears to transform a disease that previously had only mild symptoms into a life-threatening disease, and most of the diseases the subject has changed have in common that the treatment method is unknown or the treatment costs a lot of money.

If the subject creates SCP-500-KO-1, the existing treatment will not affect the disease that the treatment could treat, and other pharmaceutical companies will stop developing treatments for the disease. And SCP-500-KO-1 remains the only cure for the disease. Researchers at the Foundation attempted to create a replica by analyzing the composition of SCP-500-KO-1 but were unsuccessful as it was made of unknown ingredients. Attempts to develop a replacement for SCP-500-KO-1 on their own failed due to various reasons, such as a sudden traffic accident for a researcher developing the treatment, or damage to all samples of the treatment due to an employee's mistake.

Although it has been argued that it would be most effective to isolate the factory where SCP-500-KO-1 is produced directly, if SCP-500-KO-1 does not continue to be produced, it will be impossible to produce an alternative treatment, so the subject will be treated. The proposal was rejected because there was a possibility that all diseases would remain incurable.

The most striking thing about SCP-500-KO is that it turns even the simplest disease into a dangerous disease with only one cure. Under the current circumstances, if the subject is recklessly contained, the human race could become extinct due to a cold. As the Foundation's purpose is to protect humanity, we cannot contain SCP-500-KO at this time. - Dr. Fissh

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