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Third head of SCP-503-FR.

Item #: SCP-503-FR

Threat Level: Green

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-503-FR must be stored in a standard air-conditioned containment cell, with humidity kept below 10% at all times. Debris and dust naturally generated by SCP-503-FR-α should be removed from the cell once a month by maintenance personnel.

Minimal monitoring of the activity generated by SCP-503-FR-ω should be performed through a camera automatically switched on via a standard motion detector.

Description: SCP-503-FR is the collective designation of two inseparable objects, SCP-503-FR-α and ω.

SCP-503-FR-α is an automaton measuring approximately four (4) meters in height, of composite craftsmanship consisting of more than five hundred heterogeneous objects put together. SCP-503-FR-α represents a polycephalic chimeric creature and has a torso containing several "organs", three heads, three arms and three legs, all articulated and mobile. The first head resembles the top of a stone lighthouse and wears a golden crown around its neck; the second head resembles two fish glued together forming a face topped with bird wings; the third head is humanoid, topped with a six-pointed star, and the arm connected to this specific head permanently holds a trident. It has been theorised that these heads were designed as representations of the coats of arms of the three cities that created the spatio-memetic confluence of the self-contained paranormal enclave of 3 Portlands.

As far as is currently known, the set of heterogeneous objects forming SCP-503-FR-α is assumed to have come entirely from various sources all located in 3 Portlands (for an incomplete list, please see inventory 503-FR-046-c). These objects include but aren't limited to:

  • at least 12 glass objects (stained glass shards, windows, vessels, etc)
  • at least 36 stone objects (paving stones, pebbles, pieces of walls, sculptures, etc)
  • at least 64 fabric or leather objects (carpets and tapestries, handkerchiefs, curtains, bags, clothes, etc)
  • at least 105 metal objects (various tools, nails, pipes, musical instruments, boxes, cables, cutlery or cookware, etc)
  • at least 143 carved wooden objects (chair backs and legs, stair rails, slats, carvings, window frames, pieces of beam, railway sleepers, various ornamental objects, etc)
  • more than 150 objects of unprocessed organic origin (dried flowers, branches, various skulls, bones, feathers, insect fragments, etc. A rib and a patella were confirmed to be of human origin, as well as numerous braided hairs).

These objects maintain in a stable and unchanged way the silhouette of the three-headed chimeric automaton previously described, without any of them being connected to each other by any physical means whatsoever (glue, screws, hinges, etc). When one of the SCP- 503-FR-α objects is moved away from the rest of the structure, it will self-assemble in its original location once approached to within twenty (20) centimeters of SCP-503-FR-α. This phenomenon is still poorly understood but manifests itself as a purely memetic magnetism1 affecting exclusively the original components of the object (no new object introduced into the structure during tests has been affected so far).

SCP-503-FR-α is animated by the presence of a minor incorporeal reality bender confined within its structure. The entity, designated SCP-503-FR-ω, is capable of slowly maneuvering SCP-503-FR-α's limbs to move the structure at a maximum speed of three (3) meters per hour, and operating its hands to exert an average grip force of 200 newtons. Although the object possesses three separate heads, SCP-503-FR-ω is only capable of maneuvering one of them at a time. SCP-503-FR-ω is mostly passive and rarely animates SCP-503-FR-α without prompting, usually leaning against one of the walls of its cell in a seated, curled-up position. It has been theorised that SCP-503-FR-ω could be conscious and sapient, but all attempts at verbal or written communication have been unsuccessful.

The SCP Foundation acquired SCP-503-FR in 1991 following a direct request from Prometheus Labs (then in financial difficulty) that the object, which had been wandering slowly around several of their warehouses for two years, be apprehended and contained.

Addendum 04/22/1995: Note from the research team (demobilization of the research team)

The inventory of SCP-503-FR-α's components had to be interrupted at nearly 90% completeness following the cessation of all research on the item. None of the objects analyzed before the research was stopped showed any anomaly, and it is likely that despite the complexity of its structure and design, SCP-503-FR-α is just some kind of non-anomalous vessel containing SCP-503-FR-ω, which would then be the only source of the memetic magnetism holding all the objects together.

The prevailing theory regarding SCP-503-FR-ω suggests it could be a non-corporeal entity which can only bend reality to such an infinitesimal degree that it becomes almost imperceptible. In practice, the entity is too weak to effectively maneuver a structure as heavy and complex as SCP-503-FR-α, and each movement requires such a waste of energy that SCP-503-FR-ω prefers to remain immobile in its containment cell.

The behavior of the entity continues to be routinely monitored, but because of the near-zero threat it represents, it was not deemed necessary to continue to mobilize a full research team dedicated to SCP-503-FR.

Addendum 07/15/2009: Note from the research team (history of the item)

Following further research into the origin of SCP-503-FR-α, it turns out that all of the objects comprising its structure were stolen, collected, and assembled between 1985 and 1989 by the Person of Interest PdI-03316, a human being named Ælfstan Marley, presumed dead or missing in 3 Portlands in 1989. A low-priority investigation has been initiated.

Note: I had already asked you verbally, F███████, but now I am forced to make myself clear: there is no longer any research team, this item has long been classified as Safe, and you are wasting your energy instead of focusing on priority tasks. I am asking you to stop spending your working hours on this item. - Director L█████

Addendum 04/26/2010: Note from the research team (nature of the minor reality bender)

Following further research on the Person of Interest PdI-03316, it is currently theorized that the SCP-503-FR-ω entity could be the reality-bending genius loci of the Marley family home of 3 Portlands that could have migrated within SCP-503-FR-α, explaining the entity's low movement capabilities.

Note: F███████, your curiosity about this object has turned into an unhealthy obsession. You are summoned on Thursday. - Director L█████

Note: This research work was done on my own time and did not impact the normal workload of the department. I invite you to consult my time sheets on the internal time management system. - Researcher F███████

Addendum 12/05/2010: Note from the research team (nature of the minor reality bender)

█████████ ███████ ████████ ██ ███ ██████ ██ ████████ ███-█████, ██ ██ █████████ █████████ ██ ████████ ███-███-██-█, ██ ███ ███████ ███ █’██████ ███-███-██-█ ███ ██ ████████ █’███████ ███-█████, ██ ████ ██████ █████ ████ ██████. ██████ ██ ██████████████ ██ ████████ ██████ █████████.

Note: █████ ██ ██ ██████ ██████ ██ █████. ███ ███ ████ ██. ██████ ███ ███ ███████. - Researcher F███████

Note: This is a clear waste of financial resources and disobedience of a direct order. You are a disgrace to this department. I refer you to higher authorities and hope your career ends here. - Director L█████

Note: I don't know if you are covering this up to save money or to save your reputation and that of the department, and I don't care. I have notified the Ethics Committee as well as the Department of Censorship and Disinformation, I have sent them Document 03316-04, and if you continue to edit this file, they will be alerted. Sincerely. - Researcher F███████

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