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Item #: SCP-505-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-505-KO is currently in use at a cafeteria for D-Class personnel at Site-██. No further containment procedures are required at this time.

Description: SCP-505-KO is a standard randoseru.1 When the bag is opened, its contents are empty; however, closer inspection will consistently reveal a small amount of blood at the bag's bottom. Turning the bag upside down while closed results in the bag opening, disgorging various human body parts. All body parts originate from different individuals.

The body parts that emerge from the bag typically include heads, limbs, genitals, and internal organs, although other types have been seen. During testing, it was observed that organs discharged from the bag generally suffered little to no decomposition, and originated from both male and female bodies. It was also noted that no body parts were ever found to come from people older than 20 years of age. Notably, by repeating the procedure seven times, enough material was collected to compile a near-complete human body.

SCP-505-KO was retrieved from a murder/kidnapping scene in Japan in 20██.


There is a way to make good use of SCP-505-KO. Tie this up to a rotary device and keep it in constant rotation, and theoretically, an infinite amount of animal protein can be produced. This could dramatically reduce the purchasing costs for foodstuffs for D-Class.
— Containment Specialist █████████

Approved. However, █████████, you're undergoing psychiatric evaluation. Depending on the results, you will either be administered Class A to C amnestics, or terminated.
— Director, Site-██

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