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SCP-510-FR in storage at Site-Lamedh.

Item #: SCP-510-FR

Threat Level: Green

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-510-FR is currently contained in storage room A-3 of Site-Lamedh.

The entities referred to as SCP-510-FR-1 to -5 are currently uncontained, however, due to their distance from Earth and inactivity, the use of the Site-Lamedh radiotelescope is recommended in order to find their exact location in our galaxy.

An observation through SCP-510-FR is performed on a regular basis.

Should another organization locate SCP-510-FR-1 to -5 before the Foundation, the data regarding the entities must be recovered and a disinformative memetic agent must be used for any information on SCP-510-FR-1 to -5 revealed to the public.

Description: SCP-510-FR is a Celestron Nextstar 114 telescope with an aluminum tripod equipped with a Go-To system, with a length of 48.26 cm and a mass of 6.8 kg.

Outside of its anomalous properties, it is a reflecting telescope used for observing moons, planets, nebulae and galaxies.

SCP-510-FR, unlike other telescopes of the same model, can operate without any energy input.

The item's anomalous properties reside in the fact that regardless of the inputted coordinates, the item's location or the direction the telescope is pointed at, as well as the time at which the observation is made, the same image can be observed through SCP-510-FR: a yet unknown part of space where SCP-510-FR-1 to -5 can be seen.

SCP-510-FR-1 to -5 are the bodies of 5 teenagers from the village of [REDACTED], France, reported missing on 2019/05/22.


SCP-510-FR-1 to 5.

In order to determine the exact location of SCP-510-FR-1 to -5, a proposal to use the Site-Lamedh radiotelescope was made by Dr Fournier after the item was contained on 2019/05/29.

Attempts have been made by Researcher ██████, so far to no avail. The subjects' location is still undetermined, neither is it regarded as a priority use of the radiotelescope.

- SCP-510-FR-1: Identified as Bastien ████████, deceased. In the top right on the image shown by SCP-510-FR.
- SCP-510-FR-2: Identified as Noah █████, deceased. In the top left on the image shown by SCP-510-FR.
- SCP-510-FR-3: Identified as Estelle ███████, deceased. In the bottom left on the image shown by SCP-510-FR.
- SCP-510-FR-4: Identified as Romain ██████, deceased. In the bottom right on the image shown by SCP-510-FR.
- SCP-510-FR-5: Identified as Matthieu █████, deceased. In the center of the other bodies on the image shown by SCP-510-FR.

SCP-510-FR-1 to -5 are currently in a state of stellar nucleosynthesis and each emit light, similarly to stars.

No notable changes have been observed since the discovery of SCP-510-FR on 2019/05/24.

SCP-510-FR was discovered by the Foundation on 2019/05/24 following the sudden disappearance of the current SCP-510-FR-1 to -5 in their village the evening of 2019/05/22.

SCP-510-FR was found inside of a classroom in an old, abandoned school. The item was pointed at the sky, the smell of burning was still present in the room as well as 5 rather thorough burn marks on the floor. A slightly faded drawing in white chalk was visible on the floor, evocative of the symbol of Fifthism. SCP-510-FR was positioned in the center of the drawing and the burn marks on the extremities.

A piece of paper bearing the same symbol and inscribed with a poem was found on the ground not far from SCP-510-FR.

Addendum 510-FR-1: Interview of Mr and Mrs ██████ by Dr Fournier

Interviewer: Doctor Ericka Fournier
Interviewee: Marcel and Ludivine ██████
Interview date: 2019/05/28 at 11:13 AM

Dr Fournier: Mr and Mrs ██████, I need to gather information on your son Romain ██████ in order to better understand the circumstances of his disappearance. To that end, I am going to ask you a few questions, starting with the following: Have you even seen your son in possession of this item?

Dr Fournier shows a photograph of SCP-510-FR.

Ludivine: Yeah, that's the telescope they got in [REDACTED] with all the others for their club…

Dr Fournier: Do you have any more information about the way the item was obtained?

Ludivine: Well… I only remember that it was a good deal, Romain was as happy as could be, he had told us that the person selling the telescope gave it to them for free. It was earlier this year, I believe. They thought they would have to save up to get an astronomical telescope and there it was, completely for free, no wonder they were happy.

Dr Fournier: Do you know the identity of the person who gave them the telescope?

Ludivine: No, not at all. Do you think it's because of this person that my son went missing?

Dr Fournier: We need more information to formulate a hypothesis but it's a possibility. I will now ask why your son had such a need for an astronomical telescope.

Ludivine: Well… Him and all these other poor children who went missing were part of a club at their high school, an astronomy club, and they needed it for their astronomy things, looking at stars, planets…

Dr Fournier: Very well, I see. They were in possession of the telescope since October 2018, you say. Did they use it often?

Ludivine: Oh yeah! On every Saturday they would meet up and look at the stars. They would go to one's house, then another's…You know, they're all from the same village, they've known each other since they were babies. I believe that's why they wanted to be in a club together when they went to the same high school.

Dr Fournier: Very well, thank you for your answers. One last question if I may, right before he went missing, did you notice a change in his attitude or strange behavior in him or his friends from the astronomy club?

Ludivine: Well… now that you say it, they did start to meet up more than usual, even on working days and they wouldn't only do astronomy… You could say it's normal, they're friends, they don't just do that, but they would listen to music together for hours and wouldn't talk to each other even though they were in the same room.

Dr Fournier: Indeed, it's quite unusual. Very well, thank you for your cooperation, I will continue my interviews with the other missing children's families.

Ludivine: Ma'am, do you think our son is still alive? Can you find him?

Dr Fournier: Unfortunately, I cannot tell you any more than that, I apologize, but we are still actively searching. Our teams are on the case and we will find the missing persons.

Mrs ██████ starts crying, her husband embraces her.

Marcel: Please Ma'am, find our child and bring him back to us.

No further relevant information was gathered from subsequent interviews with the entities' families.

Searches have been conducted to find the original seller of SCP-510-FR. No information was found, except a possible link with the Fifth Church.

Class-A amnestics have been administered to the entities' families after their interviews.

Addendum 510-FR-2:

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