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This document serves not as an example of the damage caused by a lack of communication, information monopoly and excessive autonomy, but for the efficiency and independence of our organisation when dealing with these incidents.


Item #: SCP-516-KO-EX

Object Class: Pending Explained

Special Containment Procedures: In the event of SCP-516-KO-EX being noticed by public survey organisations or software companies, related information is to be purged, and affected individuals are to undergo amnestic treatment. Software presumably affected by SCP-516-KO-EX are to be investigated and be found why its size was reduced.

Revised 13/09/2022: There are currently no containment procedures for SCP-516-KO.

Description: SCP-516-KO-EX refers to a phenomenon where the average size of software released after 10/09/2022 has been reduced.

SCP-516-KO-EX was discovered by a Foundation webcrawler on 12/09/2022 when it noticed a slight but abnormal reduction in global data usage. A subsequent investigation conducted by the Foundation Programming Department revealed an overall reduction in the size of various software products. This initiated a thorough investigation by the Programming Department and the Statistics Department.

Results showed that the phenomenon started on 10/09/2022 on programmes made by prominent software developers. Newer programmes released after 10/09/2022 were smaller than their previous counterparts. Additionally, programmes with the latest patches showed an abnormally little or no file size increase, while some even decreased in size. Most developers explained this as a result of newer optimisation techniques. However, it is implausible that all developers would have access to the same technique.

What is peculiar is that the amount of the programme's size reduction has a close correlation to the popularity of the software. For example, Microsoft's operations system, Windows 10, used up an abnormally small space compared to previous versions. Similarly, the size reduction of gaming client software seems to be related to the game's user count.

The Programming Department and Statistics Department continue to investigate further manifestations and origins of SCP-516-KO-EX.


SCP-516-KO-EX Reclassification to Explained

Immediately after this document was registered as an official SCP document, the Foundation Programming Department revealed that SCP-516-KO-EX's manifestations result from an anti-anomaly mechanism inserted in the software by the Foundation.

The Foundation Programming Department postponed the announcement of the situation, as information about the development of said mechanism required higher clearance than those of the Programming and Statistics department. Subsequent data comparison proved that the phenomena were caused by a file size reduction in 4135 pieces of anti-anomaly software - made by the Foundation to deter the proliferation of anomalies - that were embedded into civilian software.

SCP-516-KO-EX was reclassified to Explained. The Programming department decided to sequentially apply newer encryption and optimisation methods to prevent statistical distortion.

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